Bathrooms are one of the first things guests notice when they come over for a visit or a sleepover. Not all homes have a guest room with a private bathroom, so it’s most likely that the guest will have to use a common bathroom or a designated guest bath. What can be a little challenging is making this area look comfortable and welcoming, especially since it is usually smaller and rarely used. When expecting adult or even a child bathroom guest, prepare for it in advance by listing down a few ideas to make bathroom decorating easy, inexpensive, but thoroughly effective.

Here are 10 smart suggestions that won’t break the bank.


1. Make it look lived in

Bare walls and floors can make the bathroom look cold and impersonal. Unlike other bathrooms in the house which are used by members of the family, a guest bathroom needs a few personal touches to make it look lived in. Besides adding fresh bath and hand towels, you can also add a hair dryer, some shampoo, scented soaps, and other toiletries. Depending on how many guests are staying, make sure there are enough towels, toothbrushes and toilet paper for everyone to use.

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2. Make it inviting

Look at your personal bathroom and see what elements you can replicate on the guest bath. Do you like having a diffuser? candles? a choice of magazines or books so you can relax and be comfortable while doing your daily ablutions. Every little detail in the decoration of bathroom can help your guest feel more welcome regardless of how long or how short he will be staying.

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3. Check the lighting.

If the bathroom isn’t used regularly, you may need to check the lighting to see if it still works well. Replace the light bulbs if they look a little dim or if they’re still incandescent lights. Replacing the bathroom light with LED lights will make it brighter and cleaner looking. It also saves on electricity consumption.


4. Update the fixtures

If your guest bathroom hasn’t been used in ages, you may need to update the fixtures since the faucets and shower heads may already look old and corroded. If you have guests staying for more than a week, it’s important to make sure that everything works – including the drains, the flush, the lights in the dresser, the electric outlets and so on. You can take a look at pinterest facebook for inspiration since a lot of people are into DIY projects lately.

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5. Make the bathroom safe

If you have elderly or older guests, securing the bathroom is a top priority. Safety handles and grips near the tub or bath area is one of the good tips to share for anyone having guests over. You don’t need to do a bathroom remodel to install grips and handle bars. They can be bought in any hardware store or home depot. They are easy on the budget and on the eyes too! You can buy them in silver, chrome, or other patterns and designs.

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6. Add color and details.

If you have an all white bathroom, you can add a colored shower curtain and bright mats on the floor for color contrast. For minimalist designs, you can add black curtains under a clear or transparent shower curtain for some character. This is ideal if you’re having difficulty decorating a guest room and bathroom occupied by a male guest.


7. Decorate the bathroom vanity.

No bathroom design project will be complete without updating the vanity. When it comes to design ideas for bathrooms, the vanity is always a top choice. It is one of the focal points of the bathroom and it’s also one of the most used. If you have the luxury of time and a budget to spend, you can replace the sink or the faucet in the vanity. If not, a simple touch up paint job will do the trick. You can add borders, floral designs, or do quite the opposite. For a rustic bathroom design concept, you can strip down the paint in the vanity and other cabinets and let the natural wood show through.

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8. Mirrors for more space

Other decorating ideas include adding gilded mirrors or wood-framed mirrors inside the bathroom. Not only does it add light and give the illusion of more space, it also is functional. This decor for bathrooms can also be adapted for powder rooms in other areas of the house.

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9. Add art.

Paintings, pictures, or artworks are also great ideas for inexpensive decoration for bathroom. You don’t have to have expertise in interior design to pull this one off. Go with your personal taste and preference. If you like landscapes, nature shots, tourist attractions, or even still life images of food, people, or animals. They can be made from various materials – framed art, canvas prints, photographs, mosaics and so on. You can be as creative and as imaginative as possible.

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10. Make it white.

Yes, this may seem contradictory to the earlier tips and ideas we’ve shared, but adding more white elements is a good rule of thumb for bathrooms. For example, you can have colorful tiles and decor but be sure to keep the toilet and tub white. Alternatively, you can opt for white walls, tiles, and ceilings and choose to have everything else in bright shades or bold prints. White is an ideal color for bathrooms because it is clean and looks sanitary and hygienic.

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Lean to make smart and practical choices

Just like food finds and kitchen hacks, you can find more guest bathroom decor ideas or themes by going on pinterest facebook. You’ll find plenty of photos which you can use as a springboard for your ow designs. If the guest bedroom and guest bath will be used frequently afterwards, you can invest a bit of money to transform it to an ideal guest bedroom for both young and old. More than the just the bathroom, you can make adjustments on the bed, linens, closet space, carpets and even set up an extra space in the kitchen and dining area.

It’s better to prepare for the arrival of guests early rather than later. It’s embarrassing to host them on the couch and have them use the bathroom in the kitchen area because you’ve failed to prepare one for them. Plan ahead for extended vacations and be the best host you can ever be!