We know you wanted stylish bathtubs, sinks, showers, vanities, and other bathroom amenities. Don’t worry because we got every master bathroom ideas you need. If you want some inspiration on how you can put together a chic, vintage, industrial, or contemporary bathroom, we have designer bathroom ideas. Read along to find out the hottest master bathrooms this 2019:

1. Floating Vanities

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Who would’ve thought that floating vanities would be a trend this year? Before, this piece of furniture was considered too modern. However, it took some time before designers upgraded to it and altered its style. This is a source of inspiration for a white master bathroom. Beautiful wooden floating vanity inside the master bathroom will give you that minimal and clean finish. They will make your bathroom look airy which is a nice feeling especially if you are preparing for the day or retreating for the night. Perfect for a minimalist black and white bathroom. It is a clean design, and it would not look out of place with food bedside the lavatory. Plus, they are extremely easy to clean, even if it is a white bathroom. So, give yourself a favor and install one of these in your master bathroom ideas.

2. Rounded Rectangle Vanity Mirrors

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The rounded rectangle will take over master bathroom ideas this year and we are feeling it. Though the huge circular mirror never goes out of style, it’s time to upgrade your bathroom and give way to this rustic yet dreamy mirror master bathroom design. It is a perfect combination of a strong yet luxurious feel. On top of that, it is compact and it sits well in any part of your master bathroom. It has its source in art decor influences, especially if it has an all-white bezel or frame. And, if you are asking for a medicine cabinet or any other traditional touch, you decide whether it is still a trend to store things behind the mirror and if it fits your master bathroom ideas.

3. Wall-Mounted Toilets

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First, there’s floating vanity and now the floating toilet? 2019 ideas master has a lot of unique and exciting master bathroom ideas. Wall-mounted toilets used to be in ultra-modern residential areas but times have changed and all we see is this master bathroom design essential dominating 2019. This is just one of the design ideas for bathrooms we didn’t expect we would see in our homes and we can’t blame ourselves. This bathroom fixture works well with ultra modern freestanding bathtub ideas. This year is becoming more inclined to Bauhaus influences as a source of inspiration, everything is modern now, in black and white and that includes our toilet.

4. Console Sink Vanities


An ideas master knows these vanities in your main bathroom are out there, but the design pays off. This gorgeous vanity is almost like a freestanding unit. It is the right way to add detail to your traditional bathroom. Its structure is supported with a leg but it is still open and well-lit. You can have a Scandanavian, Bauhaus, or Art Deco inspiration as a source for master bathroom ideas, and you would find white console sinks. A white porcelain console works wonders in the master bathroom. This is the perfect addition to your master bathroom, but make sure you don’t have a lot of products since this is a no-storage vanity. You also have to take care of the bathroom flooring. This is the perfect place to start your day or do your bedtime routine at night. No matter what bathroom master style you have in mind, there are a lot of interior design ideas coming in this year so you’ll surely find one that will fit your bathroom theme.

5. Side Mounted Faucets

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Whether we like it or not, the side-mounted faucet is here and we kind of love it. It’s not only a cool addition to your master bathroom, it is also an ultimate space saver for those that have narrow sinks. An ideas master would find this quaint but workable. This standard take on a beautiful bathroom fixture is bound for lots of great things and we can’t wait to see how people will patronize it. This is a classic for master bathrooms and would go well with a chandelier. Though it looks controversial, there’s nothing wrong with trying out weirdly-designed fixtures and other strange master bathroom ideas. Who knows, this might be a source to provide others with bathroom inspirations and other decor ideas for your guests.

6. Floor-to-Ceiling Shower Glass Enclosure

Floor-to-Ceiling Shower Glass is one of the 2019 master bathroom ideas we are very excited about. If you are into drama and impeccable design and bathrooms inspiration, then you need to remodel your master bathroom with this in mind. This is something that you will see in master bathrooms and you need to incorporate it in your own comfortable space. This is usually custom-made and we can’t get enough of its aesthetic feel. It shows a lot of real estate. White walls or marble and shale walls would work fine with these master bathroom ideas. Worth the hype! Stop worrying about that small bathroom you have at home, one way to make it look super tall and big is by building a custom-made floor-to-ceiling shower enclosure. Even if your bathroom is not that spacious, it would make the master bathroom look high-flying and picture-perfect.

7. No Shower Dam

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Make way because the seamless and dam-less showers are here for your master bathroom needs. It is neat, spacious, and very stylish. It works white walls and black flooring. We are not asking you to skip your dam right away but if you are one of those who like to incorporate modern bathroom ideas, why not give this a try? This look is somewhat similar to those master bathrooms you see in mountain houses. So, if you want to remodel your bathroom and make it look like you are always on one of those mountain vacations, why not? This design screams effortless and chic. However, you might want to focus on the construction as well. The floor of the shower has to slope down towards the linear drain, so the water won’t pool in your main bathroom area. Make sure you have a pretty good construction plan to go with these ideas. When doing this, new ideas master planning goes beyond the fixtures. Remember, the that less mess results in less stress.

8. Long Skinny Tiles

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Another sought after trend this 2019 is the long skinny tiles. This works better with black tiles, rather than a bathroom white with traditional ideas. Though it was just introduced by the end of last year, it became the top bathroom trend among decor ideas this year. Remember the double-stacked staggered? Skinny tile is like a sister to that traditional subway tile. Both tile designs are incredible but the latest one is more refined and fresh. It looks cooler compared to other classic tiles in the market. If 2018 was all about the tile stacking in various sizes and shapes, 2019 is the year of slender and long tiles master bathroom ideas. With this being said, I think the only skinny legends we will praise this year are the skinny tiles in our master bathroom.

9. Using Marble as Art

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Marble will make a comeback this 2019. Way back the 90s, marbles were utilized in the stone art world and design. Marble tables, kitchen island, and tiles are also sought after before. But now, it came back and it made its way to the bathroom which proves how versatile this material is. Mimicking an abstract design, think about marble as an art installation in your bath. Way to put two and two together right? This makes a lot of sense for any ideas master. Marble is an aesthetically pleasing feature in your bathroom but it also cost a lot in your budget. But if you crave stylish designs for your master bathroom ideas and you wanted to spend a little bit more than your budget, marble is a good investment. Marble is a traditional building material for bathrooms. It usually goes well with a chandelier, but check the marble color or striations, to see if that combination works in the bathroom. Source your ideas for marble in classical Italian architecture. You don’t need a lot of complicated elements to incorporate in this material, the marble itself is modish enough. If you are into minimal bathroom design designs and ideas but you want everything to be flawless, don’t be afraid to try out the latest marble trend this 2019.

10. Polished Nickel

Time to wave goodbye to the lustreless brass we used to love and welcome clean and polished nickel to your modern bathroom. We are not claiming that brass is out because we still can’t imagine this industry without that material. However, we are saying that 2019 is going to be the year for a glossy and satin nickel. What’s attractive about this piece of master bathroom design is it has a warmer shade compared to chrome. It will look high-end and classy in your bath which is what this year is all about: modern and luxurious. This is the most popular material used by experts in making master bathrooms in Portland. Silver-toned nickel blends well with fixtures since the color is a little muted. Brass is a bold choice and it also goes well with polished nickel, a combination that’s widely anticipated by designers. It also works well with traditional white tiled bathrooms. We think this trend is more about collaboration than taking over. Polished nickel is here to enhance and add a touch of elegance to any master bathroom space. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, this material is perfect because it goes well with any space that’s already built-in your bath.

These are the top 10 master bathroom trend this 2019. You might notice that we have a mix of new and old bathroom designs. You can source your master bathroom ideas from whatever inspires you, including architecture, the kitchen design, sunshine through the windows, or even food. Some of our predictions already dominated in the past but managed to snag a place as one of the stylish trends this year. But, we also welcome new and fresh designs that will surely make a statement in any bathroom. If you are planning to remodel your master bathroom, you have a lot of options that you can choose from. You can upgrade your vanity, toilet, faucet, tile work, your entire shower space and the rest of your bathroom. It all depends on your bathroom style and liking. What we love about bathroom design is it is always changing and enhancing, always adding new ways to spice up the look of any bathroom, so take advantage of that.

If you have other trends that you think could be a hit this 2019, let us know in the comment section down below and don’t forget to tell us which bathroom ideas you like the most.