Looking for living room ideas? Rustic is the way to go. The rustic theme for home interiors is a classic that will never go out of style–and for good reason! Out of all possible themes and designs, the rustic theme is the coziest, most inviting, and warmest. It’s also elegant yet accessible, stunning yet homey. What more can you ask for in a living room? You’ll love entertaining and kicking back and relaxing in your very own rustic living room.

You can achieve this very distinct look using furniture and accessories from many different price points. Only your budget, and your imagination will limit your interior design vision. Whether your space or your budget is big or small, you can have a stunning rustic living room.

Just check out Pinterest and other sites where people share photos! You won’t find a shortage of stunning country living room ideas. Rustic design is actually very easy to achieve for your living room, if you adhere to some key principles. Stick to a neutral palette of taupes, browns, white, and creams. Incorporate nature into your interior design by using plants, animal inspired furniture and decor ideas, and designs inspired by the landscape. This includes stone or wood furniture or accessories. You can DIY your rustic decor, scour through estate sales or vintage shops, or check out popular home and living stores.

If you’re flirting with the idea of adopting this  gorgeous, traditional look for your living room, we’ve collected 10 rustic living room ideas, country inspired interior design, and that you will love. We included rustic living room ideas you can do yourself or ready made pieces.


1. Mason Jars

Easy-peasy and inexpensive, the simple mason jar is usually found in stylish kitchen cupboards and pantries, but this versatile decor that is also a mainstay in a rustic or country style living room. Use it as a vase, a light fixture, a terrarium with stones, a lamp stand, and many more.  Paint it white or other neutral colors or leave it as is. It will look great in your rustic living room either way.



2. Stone Fireplace

Nothing says “rustic” better than a stunning stone fireplace. If you’re remodelling your living room, add a fireplace with a rustic design on the top of the list for your contractors. Can you imagine spending your nights getting warm and toasty in front of the fire? If you’re  lucky enough to already have an amazing stone fireplace in your living room, make the most of it with the right rustic style accessories, such as a floating shelf made of wood, a country wreath you can easily DIY, and vintage candlesticks or candelabras.

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3. Driftwood Furniture

A dramatic and stunning driftwood is a worthy centrepiece in your rustic living room. Be it a coffee table or a lamp stand.  Especially if it’s a big piece, it’s good to keep the rest of the living room furniture and accents clean and simple. That way, your room will remain elegant. Interior design principles will tell you that restraint is important when designing a living room with a distinct theme.

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4. Distressed Wood Accents

If your space is small and your budget limited, opt for inexpensive, store-bought rustic living room ideas. This includes trays, candles, wreaths, picture frames, and art pieces for your walls. For instance, distressed wood accents. You can find photo frames or mirror frames with this design. You can also have it custom made, better yet, you can do it yourself. There are many video tutorials that will teach you how to sand wooden furniture to give them a distressed or a well-loved and well-worn look. You can make a chest, a magazine rack, or a coffee table or side table using faux distressed wood.

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5. Pallet Furniture

As you can probably tell by now, wood is a key element in a rustic living room. But hard wood furniture and pieces can be expensive and hard to come by. Faux distressed wood accessories can look tacky if you don’t choose carefully. Enter pallet furniture. It’s inexpensive and stunning. It will fit perfectly in your rustic living room. You can paint it white or leave it with its natural finish. Coated with the appropriate varnish to make them sturdier.

6. Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are stunning and versatile. They will fit right into any interior design theme, including for a rustic living room or a country style design. Add a cozy throw and plush pillows to make your sleek leather sofa more inviting. If you don’t want a sofa, a leather love seat or a cozy leather chair will also work.

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7. Cozy Area Rugs

A great area rug can bring a rustic living room together. Rugs made from natural fibers will fit right in. Throw a faux animal skin accent for a stunning and truly rustic touch. It will instantly elevate your rustic living room. You can also find a lot of vintage animal skin accents in thrift shops that will look stunning for the floor or two hang on the wall.


8. Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Lighting and lighting fixtures can make or break your rustic living room design. Choose an appropriate light fixture that’s functional but keeps to the theme. The wagon wheel chandelier is a perfect choice. It adds drama and authenticity to your rustic interiors. You will love looking up the ceiling to this beauty. It comes in different sizes to fit any living room size. You can buy one ready made, have one customized, or upcycle an authentic wagon wheel for this.

Lacey 30" Wide Round Black Chandelier

9. Basket and Wicker Accessories

For truly inexpensive rustic living room ideas, go for basket accessories, such as a wicker tray for your center table, basket pots holders for your plants, and raffia wooden balls. You can make them yourself from materials readily available in craft stores, or you can purchase them ready made.

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10. Exposed Wooden Beams

Exposed wooden beams do a lot for any room. It can add height, depth, or warmth. Some living rooms are lucky enough to have exposed beams while others opt to install faux beams. They are not necessary for structure or engineering-wise, but they sure look stunning! For a truly rustic living room, leave the exposed wooden beams unpainted.


Those mentioned above are only ten among many rustic living room ideas. For more rustic decor ideas and inspiration, check design blogs, Pinterest, and DIY sites where craft-loving people share stunning photos their creations with a step by step guide of how to recreate them. The very best rustic designs or rustic style accessories that you can easily create on your own, armed only with  glue gun and some ingenuity.

Remember to choose one visual focal point, such as a stone fireplace or a large chandelier, and build the design elements around it for a rustic living room that’s on theme but tasteful. This theme is appropriate for any house and any location, whether you live in a log cabin in the mountains or a high rise apartment in the middle of a concrete jungle. Your rustic living room will feel cozy and warm, and it’s destined to be your favorite room in your house.