You bathroom is a private space that not many people will get to see, unlike a kitchen or a living room which will see a lot of visitors and foot traffic. This is what makes designing for an en suite bathroom extra special and deeply personal, because the only preference you need to consider is your own and no one else’s. How fun and exciting is that?

Below, we collected just some among many of the unique, eclectic, elegant, and even practical bathroom ideas that we absolutely love. For sure you will, too. Enjoy looking at these gorgeous bathrooms. Ideas and inspiration abound.


1. Mermaid Tiles

Many people, girls especially, harbor a secret obsession for these mystical creatures of the sea. It’s something that they never really outgrew from childhood. But if Disney’s The Little Mermaid is a little too young and childlike for your current taste, check out this amazing tile work inspired by a mermaid’s tail. It’s the perfect blend of whimsical and sophisticated. The time you spend in the shower will be extra magical with this to look at. Choose different shades to add dimension and a cool gradient effect. A tip, limit this tile art to one wall or to one corner and keep the rest of the room simple and plain so it’s not too overwhelming on the eyes.


2. Iridescent Tiles

For master bathroom ideas, do be afraid of color and sparkle. A little sparkle never hurt anybody. When choosing tiles for your shower area, consider a mosaic of iridescent tiles on a gold base. Imagine looking at this shimmery piece of art as you shower. This bathroom tile work is ultra feminine and magical with a touch of eclectic. The rest of the bathroom decor should be equally whimsical, such as a colored tub and some dramatic lighting.


3. Mirrored Walls

If you’re having a hard time coming up with bathroom ideas, start with the necessities. After the water closet, the shower, and possibly the tub, if space permits, the next most important would be the bathroom vanity, particularly the mirror. Mirrors are essential, so why not go all out and opt for floor to ceiling wall mirrors. Mirrored walls can also make a small space appear bigger and brighter. If you can’t do all the walls, a single mirrored wall will still work. This will look especially impressive in an all white bathroom and bathroom decor.


4. The “Invisible” Tub

A beautiful bathroom isn’t complete without a great tub. If you’re not really feeling the standard ceramic tub, go for the “invisible” tub. It’s a thing of beauty. Glass panels for the tub so it’s transparent, sleek, and ultra modern. Bath times will never be as cool. It may look simple, but you can’t easily DIY this. This needs to be installed by professionals who will handle safety and water-proofing.


5. Clawfoot Tub

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to decor and interior design ideas? Bathroom decor should follow suit. A classic claw foot tub is the way to go. It’s roomy, charming, and elegant. It will look great paired with white marble tiles. But even a modern bathroom could use the classy touch with a claw foot tub. If you have a large space for your bathroom, this tub will look great in the center of the room. If your space is more modest, you can place it against a wall. The tub will still look as attractive.


6. Chevron Tiles

The bathroom is actually a great room to live out all your Art Deco fantasies. Go for a black or white chevron bathroom tile work paired with gold or copper fixtures. The result is simply fantastic. Go all out with the bathroom lighting and bathroom decor to keep with the fancy and decadent motif. You can also incorporate marble on the floor, walls, and counter tops. If you have ample space, why not add a tufted divan. Now that’s a bathroom fit for royalty.


7. Rainfall Shower

Your bathroom should be pretty, but it should also be functional with a state of the art shower system. When thinking about ideas for bathroom, don’t neglect this part. After all, this is the whole purpose of a bathroom. A good shower system will not only get you clean, it will also massage your body with strategically designed jets of water. You will appreciate these functions even more after a long and tiring day.


8. His and Hers Shower

It’s harder to come up with bathroom ideas when you have to share. You need to take into account another person’s wants, needs, and preferences, as well as to compromise your own. But when it comes to bathroom design, we believe there’s always a happy medium where everyone’s needs will be addressed. His and hers sinks are pretty common, so why not his and hers showers? This is great if you have space for a large shower area. You don’t have to have separate shower enclosures for this. Side by side shower will for just fine.


9. Turquoise Bathroom

A turquoise-tiled bathroom will have you feeling like you just walked in a Tiffany and Co. store. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this hue? Turquoise is a bold shade that’s lively and invigorating so do try to keep the rest of the bathroom lighting and bathroom decor simple. Stick white paint and accessories and sleek silver-tone fixtures. Just imagine yourself soaking on a large tub and eating macarons while binge watching your favorite show or listening to good music.


10. Zen Bathroom

Spa-lovers will definitely love this idea. What could be better than a relaxing bathroom decor that will make you will feel like you just got a deep tissue massage? Spas sure know what a good bath room design entails. Take inspiration from this zen image and recreate it in you own bathrooms. Use a lot of natural materials like wood and wicker, as well as nature inspired bathroom decor. As some incense, votive, and scented candles. You’ll have a bathroom that attracts all the senses.

11. Closet Access

If you have a walk-in closet in your bedroom, the most logical layout choice is to connect it to the bathroom. Imagine how convenient it is to have your bathroom vanity and your closet all interconnected. You can get dressed immediately after your bath or shower. Not only that, it’s also easier to get organized and to keep your bedroom neat with such a well thought out layout design. This kind of layout also offers a lot of privacy, which is great if you happen to be sharing the room with someone else.


12. Outdoor Bathroom

If you have enough space in your home and if the climate permits it, consider an outdoor shower and bath. This type of design will make you feel like you are vacationing in a luxury resort, when in fact, you are in the privacy of your own bathroom. Keep the flooring natural by using stones to form a walk way and make sure you have a good drainage system. What’s not to love? This design will especially appeal to nature lovers who enjoy the great outdoors. This beautiful bathroom is the best way to a year round warm or tropical climate.


13. Open Bathroom

Keep an open mind when it comes to your bathroom design and consider an open plan design. This airy and modern ideas for bathrooms are hugely popular in luxury resorts with amazing bathroom fixtures and suite-sized rooms. But it is not just for resorts or large spaces. This can also work with a modest size bedroom if you make use of clear or even frosted glass walls as a divider. You can retain the open plan design while keeping the shower and water closet areas separate. In fact, this design can make a small room look and feel much bigger.

Like a kitchen, a bathroom needs to be functional. Your bathroom design ideas need to be practical and it should serve you. It pays to put a little more effort and thought into your bathroom designs. You will be spending your most private moments in this room and it needs to be a place of comfort and convenience, while being pleasing to the eyes. Try any of these tips and ideas for a bathroom you’ll truly love. You might never want to leave it!