A shoe organizer is a necessity in any household, especially in a large household, or if you have a large collection. The best solution is to have a shoe rack for a small number of footwear. This keeps the shoes in good shape. With additional numbers, the storage requirements also increase, to scale up, there are ways to share space without adding more furniture.

There are plenty of tips on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media on how to store shoes. Some require more than just a shoe organizer or a shoe rack to sort and stow their footwear.

1. Create a Shoe shrine

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What you can do to your shoes is to remove them from the floor of your closet where they are buried under a bunch of hanging clothes. However, taking them away from the floor is simply not enough. The problem is how to fit multiple pairs in a small space and still be able to see each of them?

Here’s a trick for you. Build a shoe shrine. No, it’s not a religious area where you will worship your shoes. It’s just a piece of thin yet strong aluminum shelves which gives you the maximum space you need to keep your shoes inside, even in limited space. What’s great about this storage is it is adjustable. You can adjust these shelves so you can fit your mid-height heels, boots, and flats – and they work perfectly in small areas like closets.

2. Build a Shoe Ladder

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The idea behind a shoe ladder as storage is ingenious! With this, you can store your footwear in an organized way even if you have limited space. You can put this in your closet or make this a decorative ladder in any part of your house – in the entryway, bedroom, hallway, or almost anywhere. Shoe storage doesn’t have to be boring and dull, this shoe ladder is innovative, unique, and fun. This is a simple solution for a shoe collection. Alternatively, a hanging shoe or a 24 pocket shoe holder can be placed behind the door.

3. The Revolving Shoe Tray

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Are you one of those people who don’t know what to do with the dead corners in your house – whether it’s in your walk-in closet, pantry, kitchen, or living room? This concept of shoe storage is perfect to finally put those dead corners into use. The revolving shoe tray is creative storage that can perfectly fit in the corners of your closet or any part of your house. When you need to store your footwear just inside the house, this shoe organizer is very convenient.

What’s amazing about this revolving tray concept is you can store your pairs and access them without any trouble. The revolving feature of the tray allows you to instantly get the shoes that you want to use during the day, by simply turning it around. You can also return the shoes in the tray without any hassle. This will keep your footwear organized.

4. Closet Tension Rods as Shoe Rack

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Your households have hidden storage areas that you never know what you can use. For example, unused spaces behind your doors. What you can do transform those into a clever storage area for your shoes is to buy cheap closet tension roads and attach them in between the wall niches. This storage idea is inexpensive, yet it will hold a number of your shoes and hide them away behind your door. Shoes rack in this manner is cost-efficient.

5. Alternate Shoes In Your Shoe Shelves

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This trick right here will cost you zero money. Notice how the front part of your shoes is wider and the back part is thinner, now try alternating them and watch how your shelves instantly gain more room for other shoes. This is an easy yet useful trick to share and free up space in your shoe shelves without the need to spend a lot of cash. You can easily add up to 25% more space with these shoe shelf ideas.

6. Install shoe drawers under stair treads

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This trick is perfect for newly-constructed tiny houses where every available storage space needs to be maximized. To do this, shoe drawers under stair treads is the way to go. This is an exciting project that gets rid of unused spaces and utilizes them in good use. Since stairs are usually located near the door, it only makes senses to place the shoe storage right there as well. A one-off project, the idea is to share space under the stairs. This project is practical and inventive.

7. Create a personalized shoe rack

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Typically, houses have 39” wide hallways or entryways. If you think about it, these spaces could be used as shoe storage – if you wanted to be greeted with a graveyard of shoes. They are too big and placing footwear in these areas is an eyesore. What you can do is to build a personalized shoe rack. You get to decide on the size of the rack to accommodate the pairs of shoes that you have. For example, you can build a 7 ½” deep x 65” high shoe rack that could hold at least 15 pairs. You can alter the measurements and make it smaller or bigger, it’s totally up to you. If you need to share a shoe collection, you don’t need separate shoe racks, just one will do.

8. Invest in slide-out shelves

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Utilizing your depth can be a great way to get additional shoe storage in an existing place. For instance, if you invest in slide-out shelves that is 18” to 24” deep – or depending on your shoe size – you can store additional 2 pairs of shoes in your closet or any storage area you have at home. Slide out shelves are creative storage solutions wich can take the place of shoe cabinets. Store the shoes and slide the shelves back in, stowing these away till their next use.

9. That classic huge shoe drawer

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Some of the storage tricks aforementioned in this article are either smart or weird – but hey, they work. The shoe rack, shoe ladder, shoe shrine, and other systems introduced above work effectively inefficiently storing your footwear. Now, it’s time for something familiar to you because it has been the most common storage feature in the house, even in the past years. At this point, you might already guess it – it’s the big old shoe drawer. This shoe organizer allows people with shoe collections to easily see all their shoes in one glance.

One thing about storage is you also need to take advantage of the height available in your house. Installing a huge shoe drawer is the most straightforward way to store your footwear – you come in, place your shoes and you are done. Preferably, you can place it in your entryway or hallway – where you can easily store your shoes the moment you come in. You can also use it as a wide bench where you sit while donning the footwear. But, you can also put it in your kitchen or at the back of the front door. 

10. Making use of shoe cubbies

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Shoe cubbies have this reputation wherein they are not practical for storing high heels, boots, and mid-height shoes. But still, they have their purpose. If most of your footwear consists of white sneakers and flats, then this storage unit is perfect for you.  Shoe cubbies are communal and they share space between different shoes. A shoe cubby looks like a small open shoe shelf.

11. Skateboards as shoe shelves, yes!

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Old skateboards tend to lose their purpose once your son has a new one. In this case, get that old thing and repurpose it into shoe shelves. The graphic design on the board will look great on your wall and can double as décor, aside from being a practical storage unit.  Or paint the boards white to fit the room’s motif. The board allows space between shoes to share with the different members of the family.

You can also place them in your son or daughter’s room to add a fun and decorative accent. The board serves as as bench affording easy access to the footwear. Now, there’s no excuse for them to place their shoes on the shelf, especially because this artsy stackable storage is hard to ignore.

12. How about flat adjustable shelves?

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Shelves are functional and all but when it comes to flexibility, most of them don’t have it. This is a common problem among shoe shelves at home. You can’t adjust them to be taller or wider to fit a certain pair of shoes you want to store. 

Generally, shoe types and styles changes as times go by. The fashion industry works non-stop to come up with the latest design of footwear and your stackable shoe shelves should be able to keep up with it. It should be versatile enough to adjust to the height of any pair of shoes.

Since the height of footwear always changes as new trends hit the market, it’s essential that your shoe shelves can adapt with your shoe type. This is the main reason why you need to invest in adjustable shoe shelves. With a laminate closet system, you can utilize the ‘increment’ holes located on the side support panels to adjust the height of your shelf anytime. Additionally, the shoes share space more efficiently.

13. The hardest trick: Donate your unused shoes

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The thing about having numerous pairs of shoes is you always think that you might use them someday, when in fact you don’t! For most people, it’s hard to let go of the footwear they no longer use. When you share your shoe, you benefit from the free space, while somebody else will use it. However, they will only end up as a huge pile of dusty, old, and unused footwear – which is not a good sight in your closet. 

Hard to swallow fact: you don’t need all the shoes that you have. You only need about 6 pairs or less for some people. If you wanted to make room for new ones, declutter old shoes and throw away or donate them. Donating them will help someone else and isn’t that a good thing to know? You’ll have more shoe storage space and you can help other people – it’s a win-win situation. 

So, dig into your closet right now and find that unused footwear. Share those shoes you no longer wear. Erase the idea that you might need them in the future and donate them to the ones who can use them every day. 


That wraps up everything that you need to know about shoe storage. Out of all these clever, unique, and functional ideas, which one do you like the most? Whether you find one idea helpful or more, may this article motivate you to finally organize your shoes and store them efficiently. You can pay the favor forward when you share the above tips on Twitter, Instagram and other social media.