Placing houseplants inside your living space will uplift your mood and help purify the air. Though you might think that you need a huge space to grow houseplants, that’s where you got it all wrong. Like our bodies and homes, house plants also have different sizes and shapes. However, those who reside in condo units, apartments, lofts, or other small living areas have a hard time choosing the best house plants to tend. Among indoor plants to consider snake plants, peace lily, air plant, zz plant, a fern or two, and succulents. You can make an indoor garden with all the choices. Good thing there are a wide array of ideal houseplants for tight living quarters just like apartments.

Qualities of Ideal Apartment Plants

Don’t just buy whatever plant you fancy, instead know how big it will grow, its light requirements, and how much care it needs. For your new plant to thrive inside your living space, take your time in choosing the ideal variety for you. If you have adequate space, you can splurge and create an indoor garden. Here are several tips to consider when looking for apartment plants:

  • Apartment plants don’t require a lot of effort to take care thus they are low-maintenance. They just need watering and a dose of fertilizer from time to time.
  • They are not sensitive and they can instantly rekindle once you forget to water them.
  • They don’t make a lot of mess since they don’t bloom or drop their leaves everywhere.
  • They live longer.
  • They don’t produce flowers with a strong odor that could spread throughout the apartment.
  • They are smaller – specifically floor-sized.
  • They are flexible when it comes to their light requirements.
  • They are unique and appealing.

Below are 15 best plants for apartments:

1. The Happy Bean or Pincushion Peperomia


The Happy Bean is one of the favorite houseplants among apartment dwellers. It can only grow up to 10 inches tall and it needs bright yet indirect sunlight. This houseplant has hefty, succulent leaves that are shaped like green bean pods. You have to water it every day but it should be placed in the dry area of your apartment. You only need to fertilize it once every three weeks from May up to August using a liquid organic houseplant fertilizer 

2. Silver Sprinkles

image 1

Silver Sprinkles has small, silvery leaves that aren’t much larger compared to a mustard seed. It’s extremely low-maintenance, perfect for a bookcase shelf or side table. This houseplant thrives in the ground when placed on its natural habitat, but when treated as an apartment plant, this is best placed in a decorative container. Maintain proper moisture and don’t let this get too dry since it has a tendency to drop its leaves everywhere and you’ll end up with a pile of silvery leaves.

3. Panda Paws

image 10

Is it a thing that apartment plants have adorable names? Panda Paws didn’t get its name for no reason, it has leaves that look like the paws of a fuzzy panda. And just like the furry creature, this plant is well-loved by kids and adults. Enveloped in soft, fluffy, white hairs, Panda Paws is a variety of succulent that needs to be kept dry after watering. It also needs to be placed in an area that receives bright light, not necessarily direct sunlight – preferably in the west or south-facing window. This can grow up to two feet tall but you can keep it shorter if you want to. This is one of the most resilient house plants on the list, as long as it is given enough supply of sunlight.

4. Dwarf Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant

image 7

You can never go wrong with a Snake Plant because it is one of the most fail-proof indoor plants for apartments you can have. It is easy to care for. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, your success rate with this one is quite high. Forget to water this? No worries, this will even make it happier. Just remember to keep in on the dry area of your apartment.

5. Zebra Plant

image 8

Zebra Plant is small, low maintenance, and tolerant to limited light, which makes it one of the most popular apartment plants nowadays. This little guy has a tentacle-like, stuffy, green leaves with white stripes. Over time, this can grow into a little clump with young offsets that could be separated from the mother plant and easily repotted. Note that this needs to be kept dry after each watering session to avoid turning it into a gooey overwatered plant. Zebra Plant is a great addition in your bookshelf, kitchen table, or bathroom vanity. It’s even an ideal choice at the back of your toilet tank, provided that you have a window in your bathroom.

6. Heart-leaf Philodendron

Heart-leaf is a classic apartment plant. This gorgeous living thing exhibits slightly variegated and shiny leaves. They flow down the edge of the plant container or the vines can be assisted to grow upwards in a long shelf or curtain rod. When it comes to low maintenance growing, this houseplant is difficult to beat, since it only needs a little amount of sunlight.

7. String of Bananas

image 11

The String of Bananas belongs to the family of succulent plants and it has lengthy, drooping tendrils full of little, 3-dimensional, banana-like leaves. It is somehow related to one variety of succulents named String of Pearls, which displays round, pea-shaped foliage. It requires medium to bright light and it should be placed on the dry side. The vines of String of Bananas can grow up to four feet long but you can always trim it shorter.

8. Wax Vine

image 2

Wax Vines are peculiar, trailing apartment plants that have thin vines with leathery foliage. You can let the vines spread out of the pot or train them to thrive in a topiary form. When this houseplant is well-taken care of, they create a bunch of star-shaped flowers. The flowers are glossy and waxy, with a subtle yet pleasant smell.

9. Devil’s Ivy Pothos

image 12

Devil’s Ivy Pothos is one of the best apartment plants that’s straightforward to grow since it doesn’t need a lot of sunlight. This plant has heart-shaped monochromatic foliage and it sits well in dim hallways, home offices, and any apartment area that doesn’t receive much sunlight. The perk of growing Devil’s Ivy Pothos is it will tell you when it needs to be watered. Once you notice that the entire plant is starting to wilt, that’s your cue to saturate the roots in water. You need to water these indoor plants before it loses all of its moisture, however, there’s no reason to worry if you miss it once in a while, since it can bounce back instantly.

10. Wandering Jew

image 5

Wandering Jew has a signature purple foliage which makes them perfect to display inside the apartment. Its multi-colored leaves stuff the insides of a hanging basket and it beautifully cascades down the edge of plant stands or shelves. This is one of the spider plants and is easy to cultivate, provided that it receives moderate to bright sunlight.

11. Silver Philodendron or Satin Pothos

image 9

Satin Pothos is a trailing house plant with heart-shaped leaves that doesn’t demand a lot of effort to take care. If you are intimidated to grow indoor plants for apartments, this one is very forgiving and it won’t give you a hard time.

12. Arrowhead Vine

image 6

Arrowhead Vine comes with variegated, arrow-like leaves. It is simple to grow and very low-maintenance. Compared to other varieties of indoor plants, this guy grows much larger.

13. Chinese Evergreen

image 4

Chinese Evergreen is quite popular in the plants market. It has several species, which makes it hard to choose a favorite. Some species display solid green leaves, while others are variegated with red, pink, white, and soft orange. What’s good about this apartment plant is it is incredibly easy to tend. Green species thrive in a low light environment without any issue, while multicolored varieties need medium light – preferably for windows facing east or west.

14. Dragon Tree Dracena

image 13

Varieties of Dracaenas are plants best fitted for apartments, but the most colorful option is the Dragon Tree Dracaena – according to the opinion of horticulturists. This grows a bunch of slender and strappy leaves that sit on top its thin stems. As these apartment plants age, it starts to look like the tree illustrated in Dr. Seuss book. There are a lot of varieties for this one but the most popular choice among apartment owners is the vibrant pink-streaked leaves. Best for housewarming presents too!

15. Rattlesnake Plant

image 3

The Rattlesnake Plant has lengthy, tongue-shaped leaves with one of kind variegation. It has a beautiful burgundy red-purple undersides and green patterns above its paddles, almost similar to the skin of a rattlesnake. This apartment plant thrives well in humid areas, such as kitchen or bathroom.

Picking the Best Apartment Plant

Shopping for apartment plants is an exciting and enjoyable chore. But, don’t rush into purchasing without inspecting the growing environment in your apartment and choosing the ideal plant that goes well with its condition. Note that even if apartment plants are low-maintenance and easy to tend, there will be cases where some of them won’t make it. Don’t stress over it, instead grab that opportunity to get yourself a new one. This time, you’ll know how to take care of it properly.