The living room or the family room is the heart of any home. It’s where you entertain guests and enjoy quality time with those who matter most. As such, the living room should not only look inviting and presentable, it should also accurately reflect the personalities, style, and preferences of the people living in the home. What you want is a room that’s both Instagram-worthy and comforting.

Are you thinking about redecorating your living room? We collected 15 living room ideas that can offer inspiration and practical design ideas for when you start designing or redecorating your own living room and living space.


1. Scandinavian-Inspired

Scandinavian inspired interiors are perpetually popular because of its clean, contemporary, and non-fussy aesthetic. It’s easy on the eyes and relaxing. It’s just the kind of living room you can picture yourself retiring to after a long and hectic day at work. It’s also extremely versatile and accessible. You can adopt this style on any budget, designer or not. To keep your living room from looking too sparse and impersonal, add a statement-making piece in the mix. This could be a unique lamp, coffee table, framed photos, or personalized pillow cases.



2. Red

Fashion icon Diana Vreeland famously had an all-red living room in her New York City apartment that was lovingly dubbed the “living room from hell.” This color is beloved by designers and other creatives, though it is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s ok. But if you find yourself drawn to bold and invigorating red, there are many ways to tone it down and make it more liveable and less shocking for your living room. Start by being strategic about where to use the color. You may opt for a red wall, a red couch, or a red area rug, but keep the rest of the furniture and accessories in a neutral tones like grey, taupe, white, or ecru.

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3. Farmhouse

Another one of the perennial home decorating ideas is the farmhouse chic. This look is popular because it features white and other neutral tones, and “repurposed” industrial accessories and decorations, whether authentic DIY or store-bought. The result, a room that’s stylish yet cozy, and inviting. It’s the ideal living room, with a lot of wood elements, plush couches and pillows, and lots of warmth. If you’re currently redecorating and are stumped for ideas–living room, kitchen, or bedroom, go for a good old farmhouse or country chic theme. You can’t go wrong with this classic.

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4. Kid-Friendly

For a family with young kids, every space in the house should be designed with them in mind, living room included. It’s not only important that you childproof your home and make sure there’s nothing in your home that is potentially dangerous to them, it’s also important to design for their enjoyment in mind. You’ll love seeing their eyes light up when they enter a living room that takes their need for play into account. Allocate a wide space with good, thick rug where they can get down on the floor to sit and play. Choose tables and other furniture with rounded edges to avoid accidents. Add fun pieces like bean bags, teepees, and decorative pieces that double at toys.

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5. Pet-Friendly

When thinking about decorating ideas for your living room, don’t forget to take into account your fur babies. The living room should be a place where all members of the family is welcome. You don’t have to install elaborate cat tree, although your sweet kitty will surely love that. Start by choosing pet-friendly furniture. Don’t pick couches with loose weave fabrics where animal fur can get stuck in. Certain breeds of dogs and cats shed heavily. Don’t choose decorations that can easily be toppled over, cats are notorious for knocking things off shelves.

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6. Open Concept

The open concept design is great for small spaces and large spaces alike. It’s airy, modern, and it allows for more opportunities of bonding among those sharing the house. There is, quite literally, less walls to divide rooms and people. It’s also easy to entertain with an open concept living room. Your guests can easily go from the living room, to the dining room, to the kitchen, and get food and drinks. This design will look great in photos and it will make your home look larger than it is. You can create visual boundaries by using light fixtures, area rugs, and through creative placement of furniture.

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7. Convertible

For living room ideas for smaller homes with no extra space for a guest room, consider a designing a living room that can easily be converted into space for guests. First and foremost, choose a convertible pull-out bed or a sofa bed. That way, you won’t have to set up an air mattress or sleeping bags. Opt for light or wheeled coffee table and side tables that can easily be moved aside, rearranged, and returned to their original position. Your guests will also feel better with a screen or a shelf that can offer them a bit of privacy.

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8. Photowall

For ideas for living room, especially when decorating homes for large families, it’s always a great idea to put personal touches. You don’t need designer items or creative ideas. Living rooms are best when they feel homey, comfortable, and warm. Set aside a plain white wall of your living room and add beautiful photos and images that are special to the family. We think it will look best frameless and printed on canvas. You can hang it on the wall or place them on a shelf. Install appropriate lighting to better show this memory wall.

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9. Print on Print

Some people feel a little hesitant about using prints for their living rooms, especially multiple prints. But when done right, it looks eclectic, artistic, and creative. It’s a room that will make you feel energized and alive. If this kind of commitment scares you, keep the walls neutral and keep the prints on things you can easily replace if you get tired of it, like the drapes, pillow cases, couch covers, throws, and rugs. Choose complementing colors so you can mix an match the prints. It will turn out better if it has a “thrown together” look.



10. Greens

For living room ideas that are inexpensive but stylish, turn to nature. Plants can have a huge impact on your living rooms overall look. Indoor plants have many benefits. They also happen to look amazing. There are many kinds of plants that will do well indoors. They require very little sun exposure and water. But if you don’t have a green thumb and you’re not prepared to take care of low maintenance plants, you can always go for succulents or fake plants. It won’t have some of the benefits, but they still look pretty.


11. Book, Books, Books!

When designing a book lover’s home, decorate with his or her book collection in mind. A bookworm’s collection deserve a place of honor in a home library, home office, or the living room. Install a sturdy shelf that can accommodate books, be it works of fiction, recipes, coffee table books, and magazines. Whether they are built in or stand alone shelves, the important thing how many books they can accommodate. Function over style. Floor to ceiling shelves will look great with a moveable stepladder attached.

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12. Statement Art

Designer furniture and expensive pieces of art is nice if you can afford it. If not, you can still achieve a stylish living room with carefully chosen furniture and accessories. For your living room, go for a large, statement making piece of art. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful and meaningful to you. One of our favorite decorating ideas for living rooms is blown up photos or an image that is special to you. Large scale portraits or photographs will look best with simple frames that won’t detract from the image inside.

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13. Think Pink

If pink interiors make you think of Barbie’s Dream House, think again. With the right treatment, pink can be elegant and sophisticated instead of cloying and juvenile. Use plush, rich textures like suede and velvet on couches and pillows. Add industrial-inspired accessories in gold and copper to balance out the femininity of the color. One great addition to a pink room is a large area rug in a neutral color like grey or cream.

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14. Tropical Dream

Nature is the best source for inspiration and ideas. Living rooms design should be warm and inviting all year round. Imagine going home to a gorgeous tropical-inspired interiors right smack in the middle of winter. The trick is to use a lot of natural hues and materials like wicker, rattan, and bamboo. Potted plants and green accessories will top off the look perfectly. Sheer white curtains and woven rugs are great additions for this theme.

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15. Mid-Century

Mid-century inspired furniture and aesthetic is certainly enjoying a resurgence. If you’re lucky enough to find authentic mid-century furniture, even just one or two keys pieces, you can design your entire living room around it. If not, you can still achieve this look with replicas of the more iconic pieces or store bought furniture with the same motif. Check out interior design books and blogs for more inspiration and ideas on how to get this look for your living room.

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The living room is one of the most important rooms in any home. It’s where families and friends get together to make memories that will last a lifetime. Whatever design you fancy, whatevor color you choose for your walls, choose with love and care. For a room that’s worth remembering, make it personal and comforting. Never sacrifice comfort for style.