Men deserve pretty things, too! Some of them may seem like they couldn’t care less about decor or interior design, but they will surely appreciate a well thought out design, a design that is not only visually appealing, but also takes into account their personal style and interests. We’ve collected 15 men’s bedroom ideas and decorating ideas that any man will love.

1. Different Shades of Grey

Grey is a gorgeous, sophisticated gender-neutral color. It’s cool to the eye and relaxing, perfect shade for a room that should be all about respite and slumber. But a grey motif for a woman’s bedroom will look very different from a grey motif for men’s bedroom. For men’s bedroom It will look cool, industrial looking , and extremely masculine. Make sure to choose bedroom furniture in similar shades or as close to each other as possible for a bedroom style that’s cohesive, sophisticated, and something any guy will be proud to show off. Some silver, white, and black accessories will make for great additions in this modern bedroom look.

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2. Toys for the Big Boys

Some men never outgrow their boyhood heroes and instead grow up to be serious collectors of toys and action figures. They invest a lot of time and money for their hobby and collections. It’s only fitting that it gets a special place in their bedroom. One of the most popular bedroom ideas for men is to turn a section to a shrine to their beloved collectible toys. Think glass cases, stands, and special lighting to better show off their collection. Far from being juvenile and tacky, when the interior design is done right, it’s going to look impressive, elegant, and museum worthy. It’s the perfect bachelor’s pad bedroom.

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3. Wooden Accents

Wood, specifically wooden bedroom fixtures such as panelling, flooring, and bed frame and is earthy and elegant, perfect for a masculine bedroom. Wood is best varnished or coated but in its natural shade, without any paint on top. It’s also extremely versatile and can suit any kind of of bedroom designs or themes. It will look good in a modern bedroom, a rustic country bedroom, and a minimalist bedroom.


4. Black and White Monochromatic

Stumped for men’s bedroom ideas? Go back to the classics. Black and white is always elegant, especially for a masculine bedroom. It’s also very easy to create. You won’t have trouble looking for designs, bedding, and furniture in black or white. Black and white spaces are relaxing to look at, on top of being aesthetically pleasing.

I Thought Black and White Bedrooms Were Boring But These 7 Proved Me Wrong


5. Blue Monochromatic

Blue is a traditional color for men’s bedroom. Ditch the baby blues and the robin’s egg of babyhood. This interior design is not for a nursery but for an adult men’s bedroom. We suggest opting for a striking and sophisticated cobalt or navy for the walls. Those colors are colors of luxury and masculinity. Blue is also very relaxing and a blue monochromatic bedroom will be an inviting and relaxing space to go home to. Choose among the many shades of blue to accessorize your bedroom.

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6. Wall Murals

If you don’t fancy a wallpaper for mens bedroom, consider a wall mural instead. For maximum impact, go for a large scale landscape design. We love this impressive interior design for bachelor pad bedrooms. You don’t need a bed frame with this on your wall. You can keep the rest of your furniture and bedroom accessories simple and small. Anyone will surely love waking up to a large work of art. For the artistic and the creative, your entire wall is your canvas. For those who are not, you can always commission an artist to paint a mural on your bedroom wall. The price will depend entirely on the skill level and prestige of your chosen artist.

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7. Copper Accents

Copper is warm but modern, traditional but sleek. Copper accents on men’s bedroom spells luxury and good taste. Your copper accent can be as big as a bed frame or as small as lamp. Your bedding can even have some metallic trim. There’s something about copper that’s masculine yet elegant and refined.



8. Art Everywhere

Here are some decorating ideas or bedroom design ideas for the art inclined man. Line your bedroom walls with artworks, your favorite prints, and photographs. Keep the frames sleek and simple so it doesn’t detract from what’s inside. But don’t just limit yourself to framed art. Cool sculptures will likewise look amazing in your room. Make sure the size of your art work is proportional to the size of your bedroom.



9. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete walls and flooring is stylish for any room, but especially for men’s bedroom. It’s elegant yet tough. Cool but also homey. Best of all, it is easy to clean. This is one of the most popular designs right now. You’ll see it everywhere, in homes and in commercial spaces. It looks stunning and it’s very low-maintenance.

Le béton ciré et une décoration minimaliste sont les clés de la réussite d'une chambre hispter au style industriel loft.


10. Masculine Rustic

When one hears rustic, it is easy to associate it with homey kitchens and pantries, or living rooms with lovely wreaths and scented candles, but the rustic theme also works for men’s bedroom, white a slightly different interpretation. The principles are still the same, stick to neutral bedroom colors for the walls, bedroom furniture, and bedding. Make use of wood elements. Opt for a platform bed made of pallet wood with a natural finish and choose upcycled bedroom furniture, such as crates for tables and pipes for shelves. Check out design sites for more decorating ideas and rustic bedroom design ideas.

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11. All About Entertainment

For some guys, their dream bedroom is basically a fully equipped entertainment center which includes a big screen TV right in front of their platform bed where they can watch movies or play video games, a surround sound speaker system, and ample storage and display for all their electronics. Do not DIY this if you’re not an expert on wiring and electronics, as it might become a fire hazard. It’s best to leave wiring to professionals. A plush lazy boy and a mini fridge stocked with their favorite snacks and beverages are a sweet addition to this room.

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12. Dramatic Lighting

Male bedroom ideas are not all about furniture, or bedroom colors. Think out of the box! Some men will appreciate a bit of drama in their life, especially if it is a luxury lighting fixture that will immediately elevate the look of their bedroom. This is especially important for a bachelor pad bedroom. This cool pin lights that mimic the night sky, an industrial-inspired chandelier, a sculptural lamp, or LED strips to illuminate the underside of a platform bed. How’s that for men’s bedroom ideas? This doesn’t have to be expensive to install either. Anyone handy with wires can easily DIY nice lighting.

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13. Display Your Kicks

Sneakers is a very common obsession for men. A lot of the serious sneaker collectors have expensive and rare pairs that they wouldn’t dare wear. It is enough that they own such coveted piece of art. For such a man, they need the appropriate space to store and display their collection. Their bedroom is the perfect place. In lieu of other mens bedroom accessories that will go unappreciated, show off their sneaker collection instead with custom shelves or a glass cabinet. What sneaker collector wouldn’t enjoy seeing his collection upon waking up and before going to sleep?

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14. Leather

Smooth, supple, and luxurious leather in black or brown is a mainstay in men’s bedroom. It’s also pretty versatile, style-wise. It will go well in a modern design or a traditional design. In fact, it will give the room an old world gentleman charm and a sophistication befitting James Bond himself. Opt for a great tuft leather headboard with a platform bed, a sleek bench, or a functional swivel chair. Genuine leather is not cheap, but it’s an investment worth making. Keep it clean and polish when necessary to make the most out of this luxury piece. If you’re going for synthetic leather, take extra care to prevent peeling and other possible damages.

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15. Ultra Minimalist

For bedroom ideas for men, you can’t go wrong with going minimalist. Clean, sleek, and free of clutter, it’s a modern bedroom guys will want to retire to after a tiring day. If you’re wondering how to achieve this look for a man who is not a minimalist when it comes to his possessions, the answer is storage. Smart storage, and lots of it, can help keep a room clean and hide any possible eyesores such as boxes of random stuff, an overflowing closet, or a cluttered bookcase. For the accessories, choose only what is absolutely necessary. For the bedding, choose clean lines and solid tones, skip prints and ruffles.

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There are many more possible mens bedroom ideas, but there 15 are our current favorites. You can achieve these looks easily. When considering bedroom ideas for men, don’t limit yourself by the traditional designs. Let your imagination run wild. After all, the bedroom is a place for dreams.