Decorating or redecorating is one of the most exciting undertakings for anyone who is looking to turn a house into a home. Whether you are decorating a large family home for multiple people of different ages or a studio apartment for one, choosing designs, color palettes, and fixtures can be exhilarating!

One of the most important rooms in a home is the bathroom. A good bathroom will have all the necessary conveniences and will be easy on the eyes. One major component of a good bathroom design would by your choice of tile. Choosing a tile for your bathroom is a major step. A tile is not cheap and tiling bathrooms are quite difficult and must be done by professionals. You can’t paint over a tile if you get tired of the way it looks. You can’t easily remove it either. Therefore, it’s even more important to choose your tile wisely and carefully.

Some people choose to forgo tiles altogether, opting for polished concrete or large stone slabs instead. The look is on trend and beautiful in its own way, but tiled bathrooms is still preferred by most. When in doubt of your ideas, go classic. You can’t go wrong with an elegant white Carrara marble tile bathroom. But if you want to explore other options, we rounded up 17 bathroom tile ideas to help you out. We’re sure you’ll find one or two ideas you’ll love.

Mirror Bathroom Tiles

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We believe you can’t have too many mirrors, especially in a bathroom! For a look that’s both decorative and functional, opt for mirror tiles. This mirror tile comes in many different sizes. The bigger ones are great if you want to actually use the mirrors to check your reflection. The smaller ones will give your bathroom a twinkling effect. Imagine how pretty and magical this will look when you light some candles while enjoying a warm bath. If you don’t have space for a bathtub in your bathroom, a mirrored shower area will look just as nice. An all white or all black fixtures will work best with this tile work.

Mosaic Tiles


How about having a piece of art right on your bathroom wall? Mosaic tiles are beautiful when done right and gaudy when not. It can add an interesting touch to your bathroom. But don’t think a mosaic bathroom tile design is all about bursts of colors. If you prefer white and neutrals for your shower, you can still definitely do a mosaic tile installation, just opt for a monochromatic palette and keep it small. A thin column in the shower area is a good example. It’s something nice to look at while you’re in the shower.


Textured Tiles

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Add interesting dimensions to a modern bathroom with large textured tiles. There are many kinds of textured tile ideas to choose from but we’re partial to large cuts with a glossy finish. This will work best if you have a large space allotted for the bathroom. If you don’t, but you have your heart set on this style of tiles for bathrooms, then choose white or a classic neutral shade for the color and limit it to one wall. Keep the rest of the bathroom simple with a minimalist design and contemporary fixtures.

Mismatched Bathroom Tiles


Imperfections and incongruences can be points of interests For a truly unique bathroom, go for mismatched tiles. Mismatched tile bathroom walls will contrast beautifully with understated and classic Carrara-tile floor. Take this opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. You can design your own mismatched tile installation using leftover tiles from interior design projects from other bathrooms. You can also use tile from the kitchen. Different shades of marble tile will also work for this project.

Uneven Tiles

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A nice uneven tile work is not for everyone. Some people will go crazy with the lack of symmetry while some people will appreciate its haphazard charm. Be prepared to get creative if you choose this design. You might have to have the tiles cut yourself, if they don’t already come in different sizes. Home Depot and similar large stores where you can buy tiles will be more than willing to help a customer find exactly what they’re looking for. Chose this design for colored tiles. It won’t have quite the same effect with a white tile.

Herringbone Tiles

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What a beauty! A herringbone design can be done with regular tiles. It’s really just a matter of placement. And what a difference this creative arrangement makes. There’s something so mesmerizing and beautiful about this pattern. It’s a simple hack that can elevate the look of your bathroom without doing anything drastic. Make sure the contractor you will get to install this design will be very fastidious and careful. A crooked placement can ruin the beautiful symmetry and throw off the whole design. If you also need ideas for kitchen tiles, try this out.


Art Deco Tiles

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Want to feel like a million bucks while bathing? Nothing spells splendour and opulence better than Art Deco inspired design. Regardless of your redecorating budget, you can have a bathroom Jay Gatsby himself wouldn’t mind having. There are many kinds of bathroom tiles and fixtures with Art Deco elements, especially since it’s been rather popular the last several years. Aside from the Art Deco printed tile, accessorize your bathroom with equally rich-looking jazz era inspired decor.

Black and White Tiles

If you can’t decide between and all while tile and an all black tile, why not combine both? Both ideas are good on their own, but they’re better together. A classy chessboard floor tiles for the bathroom is just teeming with styling potential. Many different bathroom tile ideas will look great with this kind of flooring. For instance, it will look nice with walls of plain white tiles, Carrara marble, glossy black tiles, stone slabs, and many others. A chessboard floor is actual more common in kitchen floors than in bathrooms, but we think it looks great for a modern bathroom.

Mermaid Scales Tiles

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For fun and fitting bathroom tile ideas, go for mermaid scales tile installation. Choose beautiful shades of blue or green for this uniquely shaped bathroom tile to really get into the mermaid motif. This look is playful, dreamy, and charming. It’s perfect for a little girl’s bathroom, or even for the bathroom of a grown woman who never got over her girlhood mermaid obsession.

Ombre Tiles

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It’s pretty hard to avoid ombre nowadays. It’s one of the most popular designs and it’s everywhere, from hair to fashion and beauty. So why not your bathroom wall as well? To create this look, choose a bathroom tile that comes in a gradient of shades. Ask for customer assistance in your Home Depot for this. If you need ideas and inspiration, turn to nature. You could do a blue ombre to mimic the sea. Start with white on the top and finish with the darkest color on the bottom.

Wood-Look Tiles

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A rustic bathroom with wood elements is truly a thing of beauty. But it’s not the most practical. Not all wood will do well in the shower. Those that can tolerate water and moisture exposure will need to be chemically treated, coated, and sealed. It’s a complicated process and it can get pricey. Good thing there is such a thing as a wood look tile. They even come is sizes meant to mimic slabs of wood. Each bathroom tile has a natural wood design, but is actually made of ceramic. It’s the best of both worlds: it looks like wood but it feels like tiles.

Brick-Effect Tiles

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Bringing the outside in sure is popular. Have you ever considered an exposed brick wall for your bathroom? Undoubtedly, it’s a cool and masculine look that belongs in a stylish bachelor pad. But if you don’t feel like having actual bricks or stone in your bathroom, choose a brick effect wall tiles instead. It comes in gorgeous brick red shades but it’s made from smooth porcelain. It looks just us good and no one will be the wiser.

Pebbled Tiles

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Pebbled tiles are charming and perfect for a tropical themed bathroom, but it’s also rather practical, especially for the shower area. It looks great, but these stones also offer texture, which provides better traction. You won’t slip as easily compared a smooth bathroom tile floor. We prefer the smaller stone design that feel almost flat, rather than larger stones.



Hexagonal Tiles

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For a modern bathroom that’s sleek and stylish, ditch the usual square or rectangle tiles and go for hexagonal white tiles instead. You will find hexagonal tiles in different sizes but the bigger cut has more visual impact. Limit this to only one wall in your bathroom since it does tend to get overwhelming on the eyes. Keep the rest of the bathroom white, clean, and simple.

Subway Tiles

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If you want to infuse a hipster vibe in your bathroom interiors, subway tiles is the way to go. You’ll find this in many different shades but for the look you are going for, stick with a white or an off white shower tile. This will look especially great for a glass-enclosed shower area and backsplash. Choose classic silver or copper colored shower fixtures.


Patterned Tiles

h1nbN8ekGO6pSmrmlzsenFTGvL4NQnsqZpgVcNab69qJ4l1zfWhoever said bathrooms should be staid, white, and boring? A gorgeous, large scale Moroccan style bathroom tile installation will dazzle you every time you enter your bathroom. If you’re feeling a bit hesitant about about the size, you can definitely do something smaller, such as patterned tiles for the backsplash. It will look just as good but it won’t dominate the room. A patterned tile backsplash is not just for the bathroom. It will also look great for the kitchen.

Jewel-Toned Bathroom Tiles

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If you are into gorgeous bold colors for tiles for bathroom, but you’re not quite sold on patterns, then go for glossy jewel-toned tiles in classic rectangle or square. A beautiful cobalt, teal, or berry bathroom tile is unexpected but stylishly elegant. This will work best for a small-sized bathroom or powder room. A black and white tile floor will be the perfect complement to jewel-toned walls. It looks like a million bucks, but you can get this opulent look on the cheap if you know where to look.