Windows make or break any space. However, the importance of window treatments is often neglected and overlooked by many. Truly, window covers can be decorative, functional, and strikes a balance between both, depending on the space and amount of light that space receives. Whether it is a full drape, simply covering, classic curtain, shutters, or roman shades, we have all the window treatment ideas that are sure to enhance and offer a better view of your home.

Although typical window covers can work for any window size or design, the most unique treatments are sure to captivate. Designs that utilize common materials in a very unexpected manner can make a great impact on the overall appeal and look of any room. Regardless of whether you are designing your window for privacy, or pure embellishment, you can consider these ideas. You may be surprised at what you can do!

Window Treatment Ideas – Rooms 

Great windows are important for any home, they add character and provide the needed all-natural lighting effect. Without the right window treatment, any room or space can appear bland and incomplete.

The Living Room  

In the living room, we often entertain our guests, we want to add a window treatment here because we have big pieces of furniture we want to be protected here from the harsh sunlight. You can choose solar or cellular shades as a perfect shield from direct sunlight. You can add roman shades on your stark bay windows. Over tall windows, you can find a shade and then overlay the same with long drapes to give reach and a more polished look. You can throw in some valance for a complete look. For your living room, you can add bold colors and designs, you can always design it in such a way that you want to live on it.

The Kitchen 

Kitchens are any homemakers’ hub, it is the heart of the house. No matter how much you want to gather them in another area, let’s say the dining room or patio, your family and guests always find their way to the kitchen because that’s where the cooking and endless fun moments happen. Besides, your kitchen is somehow similar to a lab. That’s where you experiment with different dishes and prepare a hearty meal for everyone.

Since your kitchen is prone to spillage and high moisture envelops the entire space, faux wood blinds are the ideal option because they will not dim or darken the room. They allow natural light inside the kitchen and they are resilient even for hell-raising chefs. On top of that, they are easy to clean.

Moreover, you also need to cover the windows in your stoves and sinks. We suggest a cordless shade in your kitchen. This is because long and dangling cords usually get stuck in your soup or disposal, which is not an ideal sight in your kitchen.

Lastly, if your kitchen happens to face the street, you can opt for shutters because they are cordless and they add amazing curb appeal to space.

The Bathroom 

Bathrooms offer us space for personal care, privacy, and comfort. We have to keep it stylish as well. One way of doing this is by adding a window treatment. There are three factors that you should follow to install an ideal window treatment in your bathroom: durability, privacy, and light control. It would make space feel airy, cool, and bright.

The Bedroom

Bedrooms are a haven for many of us. It is where we sleep, rest, and wake up every day. On top of everything, the first thing that you should consider when installing a window treatment in your room is privacy and how much light you want inside. If you are more of a heavy sleeper who doesn’t wake up until noon, a blackout shade is a great option. But if you are the type of person who wakes up with the sun and likes brightness in your space, day/night shades will give you a double benefit: light-filtering and room darkening. You can also opt for cellular shades because they offer a naturally soothing vibe with their soft light diffusion and fabric feature. They can adjust to any season and they have different patterns that will gently wake you up and calmly make you fall asleep.

Moreover, you can also add motorizations that automatically operates according to your preference. It maintains the serenity in your room and gives you that warm and cozy feel.

The Doors

Just like windows, there are also clear glass doors that need to be properly covered. However, they might be a little complicated because they serve as a functional part of a room and installing improper window treatment could hinder its functionality.

The idea behind window treatments for doors seems intimidating to some people. But it shouldn’t be because many options suit your style. You can go for the classic vertical blinds which you can pull out like a drape at the top of your window. If you want something that has a modern style, Panel Track blinds are an excellent alternative. It comes in different fabric patterns and colors, and you can even get it in woven woods. It smoothly slides on the track, giving your window clean and efficient clothing. For large glass doors, vertical cellular shades and hanging drapery work perfectly.

To guide you on how to properly design your windows, check out the different window treatments below that you can incorporate in any room in your house today.

1. Frosted Glass

Frosted glass windows give bathroom privacy without the need to use hanging curtains. It gives the room a clean and contemporary aesthetic feel.

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2. Double Up

If you already installed blinds in your windows and you wanted to customize it, you can add matching Roman shades. You can go for any color but green hue will sit well in your bedroom, adding a fresh pop of color.

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3. Full Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Who says dramatic curtains are out? For your master bedroom, you can add a flowing floor to ceiling curtain behind your headboard to provide a sense of wholeness and depth to the room. This will also bring out a classic ambiance.

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4. The Halfsies

For a visually fascinating fashion, hang your bathroom curtains at the middle of your window. This will guarantee that you have enough privacy for your business but it is also stylish-wise. This is the best option for those who wanted to add a unique touch to their bathroom.

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5. Tall Curtains

Ever since then, tall curtains have this reputation of creating an illusion of a larger room. You can do black walls and have contrasting light-colored drapes to soften the ambiance in your own space. No matter how you do it, you can never go wrong with tall curtains.

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6. Classic Shades

You can never go wrong with the classics, just like white curtains which offer an elegant touch to any room.

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7. Tassel Details

Tassels are fun details that make a simple curtain stand out. They have different textures, colors, and patterns, which can transform any plain clothing into a chic curtain.



8. Open and Airy

For the dining area, openness is an essential consideration because it is where families usually get together. It should feel ethereal and romantic for dinner dates, and formal and air for dinner celebrations. You can use warm brown leathers and wood materials to give the space an airy and lightweight feel.

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9. Matching Wallpaper

Coordinate your wallpaper to your drapes for a seamless aesthetic. You can choose wallpapers and fabric drapes with fresh and vibrant hues to make the room feel lively. You can also add other elements such as a modern rug and side table to add a few contemporary elements in the room.


10. Printed Roman Shades

If you have a plain wall and you wanted to spice it up, patterned Roman shade is the way to go. If you are still intimidated with bold choices, you can settle for muted colors.


11. Curtains Everywhere

Hanging curtains and drapes in the canopy of your bedroom are the easiest way to achieve a comfortable space and a stylish one too. The key to this window treatment is to opt for neutral tones that are relaxing and soothing. Don’t go overboard with different patterns and shades because it might look like a hot mess. Stick to the neutrals and your fortress of comfort will do just fine.

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12. Dramatic Curtains

If you want to add a little bit of flair to your kitchen windows, why not go for flaming red drapes? It will add an elegant touch of drama that will surely complement the room. If you are worried because you have a limited kitchen space, go for a floor to ceiling curtain that is cinched right on the ground, they add depth and make space look bigger.

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13. Fancy Frames

A living room with fancy high rafters? Yes, please. Installing a frame in your windows and adding a beautiful drapery will draw attention from your guests. No worry because this bold choice won’t make the room look stuffy. Here’s a living room idea that you can try: blue and red drapes with red carpet and additional elements such as sofas and coffee table. This will tie the room together and harmoniously blend everything. The result is a formal, country, traditional, and casual abode all in one.


14. Farmhouse Shutters

Farmhouse shutters will look great if you are planning to go for that shabby chic theme in your room. Aside from the stylishness it offers, farmhouse shutters also work great in inviting natural light fixtures. This will give you a room that’s bright and inviting. If you are up for some challenging work, you can create your farmhouse shutters since it is a fun DIY project too.

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15. Beyond the Windows

Did you ever think about curtains being placed somewhere else, aside from windows? Well, we did. You can create a small comfy nook by hanging long drapes in front of a window seat reading area. It might just be your new favorite spot in your house.



16. Sheer White Curtains

If your space doesn’t have windows, create an open feel by placing sheer panels to let the light natural light flow in. You can even stretch it up to the ceiling.

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17. Rattan Blinds

Nothing screams natural light than rattan blinds. Install it in your bathroom and you will have a bright shower area with secured privacy. It is functional and stylish wrapped in one material.

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18. Colorful Trims

For those who wanted a bold color but don’t want to overdo it, choose a curtain with a neutral shade in the base and colorful trim. Or you can opt for a patterned base with neutral-toned trim. This window treatment is perfect for those who wanted to add a small detail of color to their space.

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19. Multi-Colored Curtains

To achieve a cozy and airy reading nook, try multi-colored curtains. It will give the space a mellow yet modern feel. You can also add little elements such as sheepskin throw pillows and metallic designs. And, if you wanted to prove a point, try adding a fun swing chair.

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20. Cohesive Patterns

Putting the same designs in a room surprisingly looks great. Try matching curtains, wallpaper, headboard, and bedding in your bedroom and add contrast by putting throw pillows of different styles. This is great for kid’s bedroom because it is a fun backdrop while they get a night of restful sleep or play with their toys.

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The Bottom Line

Beautiful complementing window treatments are specifically created to fit your needs, style, and window type. You also get to decide the price so it’s a personalized deal. Every window covering is precisely crafted in a work area to fit the request of the homeowner.

No matter what style of windows you have at home, this one of a kind window treatments will surely embellish all of them with style and add pizzazz to any space, plus it will complement any home.