Whether youu2019re looking for an easy update of your bathroomu2019s accessories or choose to completely redo everything, youu2019ll first need to come up with a cohesive color palette. No matter which way you go u2013 be it bold or subtle, you need to make sure the color suits your personality and works in relation to the other rooms in your house.

As with any home color selection, itu2019s critical to determine your design style. This will also guide your choices for plumbing fixtures and lighting if you are undertaking a major redesign. Luckily, the bathroom is the best place to take chances with color. Given its small square footage, if you manage to choose the wrong wall color, itu2019s fairly easy to repaint.

To help you along, weu2019ve pulled together a gallery of dreamy bathroom hues. Whether you prefer coastal blues, cheery yellows or soothing neutrals, thereu2019s a representation of almost every color imaginable. Weu2019ve got 26 designer bathrooms in mind that will inspire and maybe even get you to rethink your current bathroomu2019s color scheme.

Seaside Blue

Blue paint is the focal point in this vintage bathroom. In a sea of white, a blast of color gives this narrow space visual depth. The homeowner chose an eggshell finish to help bounce the light around in this often-cloudy Tacoma, Washington guest bathroom.

Sophisticated Yellow

A pale yellow wall color works as a neutral background in this traditional master bathroom. Soft butter yellow brings out the warmth of the custom wood cabinetry and natural stone tiles.

Graphic Grey

The designer of this modern bath wanted to create a sense of movement without the help of paint or wallpaper. She installed blue and white tiles to form wide horizontal stripes and a checkerboard pattern. The graphic designs add life to the space without being too busy.

Vanilla Creamn

To create a soothing retreat, choose soft colors and opulent textures that blend effortlessly with other design elements in the space. In this neutral bathroom, lush fabrics combined with touches of antique white, cream, taupe and ivory gives this bathroom a luxurious and calm demeanor.

Winter Whiten

Pure as the driven snow, this white bathroom is anything but boring. The timeless neutral paint color is easily gussied up with a variety of stunning fixtures. The elegant lighting and antique reproduction faucets up the style factor in this classic bathroom.

Brilliant Rougen

A daring designer wanted to create edgy drama in this diminutive bathroom. Scarlet tiles dominate the space and look fabulous paired with creamy white and dark brown. The handsome floating vanity in a light stone finish exemplifies the less is more aesthetic of modern design.

Warm Mochan

An easy-on-the-eyes shade of rich mocha takes center stage in this traditional bathroom. Beautiful suede finish walls bring texture to the monochromatic palette. Warm custom cabinetry topped with exotic stone counters play off the roomu2019s primary color while providing a visual break from all the brown.

Royal Navy

The classic columns and recessed bathtub in this guest bathroom are a subtle hint to this Savannah homeu2019s early life as a small playhouse where touring actors performed. The navy blue walls give the space a regal pop of color and add to its historic and refined southern character.

Grassy Greenn

The homeowners wanted to give this ultra modern bathroom a distinctive personality. The easiest way to achieve that goal is through the use of color. Super smooth white flooring is just the right counterpoint for the lively grass green color on the walls.

Sunrise Citrusn

Cover the walls in an energetic shade of yellow for a bold and unexpected result. The strips of mosaic tiles in this citrusy bathroom repeat the signature hue and carry the eye around the space. The yellow vanity sink adds a whimsical touch.

Black Marblen

Similar to the allure of the little black dress, this little black marble bathroom has become everyoneu2019s favorite room of the house. Gold accents and pure white porcelain give this jewel box of a bathroom drama and sex appeal.

Raspberry Parfaitn

Pretty pink wall color provides the perfect foil for bright white accents. Wood flooring and cabinets warm things up while the expansive vanity mirror gives this smallish bathroom the illusion of more space.

Navel Orange n

Orange tile flooring and a mirror border give a big jolt of color to the kidu2019s bathroom in this Caribbean house designed by a local architect. Beautiful light wood vanities, glass block and white surfaces make this cheery space even brighter.

Perky Purple n

There are few colors that make a visual statement quite like purple. This unconventional bathroom color gives even the smallest room in the house an air of luxury and distinction. No matter the shade, purple has a majestic appeal that is irresistible.

Organic Sage n

The homeowners of this 1930s Atlanta bungalow wanted to give the main bathroom the feel of a southern sleeping porch. The rubbed bronze light fixtures, plants and soothing sage green paint color make the space seem like it would be the perfect place to snooze on balmy summer evening.

Calypso Aquan

In the guest bathroom of a seaside condo, the designer wanted virtually every square inch of the walls and floors to be covered in a striking shade of aqua. To break up the solid color, she used sea glass mosaic to front the tub and as an accent band around the room.

Copper Pennyn

The owners of this previously plain-Jane bathroom transformed it into an elegant space by painting one wall in shimmering copper and adding an antique tub as the focal point of the space. Thereu2019s nothing more glamorous than a freestanding bathtub clad in a copper leaf to add deco flair.

Sandy Beachn

Sandy gold travertine tiles line the shower walls and floor of the master bath. The subtle hint of the beach creates continuity and flow with the du00e9cor in the rest of this California coastal residence.

Black and White Combon

A bright white vanity topped with glistening black marble anchors the guest bathroom. A mix of gold, glass and silver adds additional interest while the antique Swedish clawfoot tub refinished in black and white takes the room from country to classic.

Rich Mauven

Deep mauve walls create a colorful backdrop in this small but stylish guest bathroom. Pairing old and new details gives the space a sense of history. The dresser turned vanity adds warmth and coordinates well with this exciting bathroom color.

Elegant Charcoal n

It is warmer than most greys but is less severe than black. Charcoal offers a cool and modern vibe that mixes easily with a variety of patterns, finishes and accessories. Reflective elements like the bathroomu2019s lacquer finishes and chrome details help lighten the somber tone of this dark color.

Bronze Beautyn

In powder rooms, most people tend to overlook warm, rich hues in favor of light and bright colors. Thatu2019s a shame because deep colors create beautiful contrasts and drama. In this space, rich woods and bronze come together to create a cozy and sophisticated room.

Van Dyke Brownn

This modern bathroom looks beautiful with dark brown walls to play up the bright, white mid-century tub and vessel sink. The rustic waterfall vanity is a fantastic counterpoint to all the sleek finishes in the space.

Perfect Pearn

A gorgeous grommet shower curtain is the same hue as the yummy pear colored walls and accent tile in the shower. The frosted oval window lets in just enough natural light to highlight this warm and inviting bathroom color.

Deep Pewtern

Why not introduce the coolness of pewter into your bathroomu2019s color scheme? Here, an incredible freestanding pewter tub becomes the main feature in this theatrical master bathroom. The same metallic sheen is picked in up the wallpaper pattern to reflect the soft glow of the accent lighting.