While you can just pile on the Monsters U or Inc licensed items, there is more than one way to skin a cat here. As with any theme, break it down and see where you can go on your own before stocking up on the licensed gear.

I mentioned the color options up in the intro of the page. Turquoise and green are the obvious choices to start with, although you can certainly add in tons of others given the wide range of other monsters that turn up in the movie. Oh, and of course, Sulley has a bit of purple contrast in his fur.

The new movie gives us new options with the royal blue and white school colors from Monster University (Go Scarers!) and the green and gold colors from the fraternity Sulley and Mike pledge.

When I think of textures, Sulley’s fur is an obvious place to start. Something like the turquoise fuzzy pillow in the picture here would fit right in with this bedroom theme! (Found it the other day walking around Walmart, but haven’t tracked down one online as yet.) And a smooth green round pillow could look a bit like Mike. (Which I’ll include as soon as I find one! Sometimes good ideas aren’t the easiest to execute, dang it.)

With a few of the other monsters, we get scaly skins, kind of snake-like, actually, like lavender-colored Randy Boggs (in the poster here). So that’s an option to consider, although not a very kid-friendly one, usually. Beyond that, we tend to just have more furry monsters like arch-shaped purple and pink Art and smooth skinned like the orange Terri and Terry Perry.

This is where we start to part ways between the two movies, mostly just based on the setting. In the first one, we’re at Sulley and Mike’s job, a very industrial complex with a factory feel. In the new one, we’ve gone back to when they were both in school, so we’ve got a campus and all that entails.

  • Inc. – Doors, Boo’s costume, hard hats, industrial elements like gears and levers
  • University – Pennants, anything college oriented, book stacks, letter jackets, Greek symbols

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