A double sink vanity is really something you need in your life. Bathroom vanities with double sinks offer a number of benefits – not only aesthetic, but also practical and financial in nature.

Double sinks create a highly efficient space. Consider busy mornings with you’re both trying to get ready at the same time. Two sinks gives you plenty of space without bumping into each other. You’ll also gain additional storage. Imagine having all that extra counter space and under cabinet storage.

Not only will your quality of life improve, your bank account will too. A double bathroom vanity in the master increases your home’s resale value and the odds of it selling quicker. So, with all that in mind, take a look at our 35 favorite bathroom vanities with double sinks. We guarantee you’ll find a design that’s perfect for your bathroom.

Pedestal Sinks With Storage

bathroom vanities double sinks 01 46755772
OMG. Here’s the best solution for pedestal sink storage we’ve ever seen! The homeowner installed three freestanding cabinets in between the two pedestal sinks, creating countertops for toiletries and 12 drawers for tons of storage.

Ivory and Ebony

bathroom vanities double sinks 02 64541272
Incredible mirror image double sinks grace adjacent spaces of this master bathroom. The designer created a positive-negative effect by using contrasting pieces in black and white. The physical partition gives each person their own distinct space.

Red and White Delight

bathroom vanities double sinks 03 196291301
A modern take on northern European style features a double vanity and furnishings with clean lines and lots of personality. The addition of a red block wall, quartz countertops and fiberglass accent chair turns traditional Nordic design on its ear.

Dreaming of Deco

bathroom vanities double sinks 04 293774765
Ultra fancy digs require an ultra fancy bathroom. This 1920s Parisian Art Deco design in black and white takes the cake. Two perfectly round basins are dropped into a custom created vanity topped with black granite. The space looks like it’s straight out of a vintage black-and-white movie.

Teak Double Vanity

bathroom vanities double sinks 05 152608970
This simple teak vanity was crafted out of reclaimed lumber, as was the tub wall. The exquisite white porcelain sinks create the perfect balance and coordinate beautifully with the companion tub and sparce furnishings in the space.

Seaside Palette

bathroom vanities double sinks 06 84447208
Close your eyes and imagine the sound of the waves lapping against the shoreline. Now open them. This bathroom is reminds us of a walk on the beach. The aqua glass vanity and stainless double sinks have a distinctly coastal feel when paired with beech cabinetry and sandy beige walls.

Separate But Equal

bathroom vanities double sinks 07 37850029
There will be no squabbling over who gets which end of this vanity since both sides are identical same. The great thing about this space is the degree of separation and the sense of connection. Each person feels they have their own personal space yet they can discuss the day’s plans while getting ready in the morning.

Double Sink in Tight Space

bathroom vanities double sinks 08 21933001
Bathroom vanities with double sinks aren’t just for expansive master bathrooms. Even small ones can handle two sinks. This bathroom has all the trappings of its large space counterparts. Stylish vessel sinks delineate the diminutive space as do the separate mirrors and under cabinet storage.

Modern Stair Step Design

bathroom vanities double sinks 09 408959797
A stair step waterfall vanity is a prominent design element in this bedroom/bathroom combination. Modern fixtures and basins are front and center in this serene open concept master suite. We really love this space except for one thing: The freestanding double vanity has no mirror. We just can’t handle that.

Luxurious Dual Sinks

bathroom vanities double sinks 10 43891216
Most tract home bathrooms today are boring and void of personality. This new construction stunner makes all the others seem downright shabby. Its dual vanities feature high-end custom materials and details reminiscent of a luxury hotel. Top-of-the-line sinks and fixtures make what would be another cookie cutter home, an exception to the rule.

Natural Wood Detail

bathroom vanities double sinks 11 191000039
Natural wood houses the undermount sinks in this contemporary bathroom. The wood encasements are installed in a black laminated vanity creating a contrast between organic and manmade materials. The counter-to-ceiling strips of mirror further highlight the striking design.

Tubular Vanity Design

bathroom vanities double sinks 12 241007935
One might refer to this bathroom design as “tubular, man.” The round double sinks sit atop a tube-shaped pedestals wrapped in leather. The custom design matches the freestanding tub and gives the room warm, industrial appeal.

Corner Configuration

bathroom vanities double sinks 13 123342718
The walk-in shower and tub take up space on either side of the vanity limiting the amount of room for double sinks. Wisely, the designer opted for a corner unit giving each person counter space with shared and separate storage. The integrated countertop and sink configuration looks seamless and makes cleanup quick and easy.

Split Vanities

bathroom vanities double sinks 14 45681862
Instead of having completely separate bathrooms, these homeowners decided they could coexist in the same room providing their vanities and sinks were placed on opposite walls. The wife’s side has the lion’s share of counter space with its sink and built-in dressing table. However, don’t feel too sorry for hubby. He has his own sink plus plenty of storage for toiletries, towels and the like.

Sleek and Sophisticated

bathroom vanities double sinks 15 29066245
Sleek and simple sophistication is the driving design force in this striking master bath. Dual rectangular ceramic undermount sinks look super sharp when paired with brown quartz counters and backsplash.

Uptown Chic

bathroom vanities double sinks 16 88505533
It’s no surprise that a couple of fashion industry execs reside here given the expansive dressing room. While their true love lies with apparel and accessories, they wanted the double sink vanity to garner equal attention. Rectangular vessel sinks in white echo the clean look of the quartz countertops, custom cabinets and mirrors.

Plenty of Room for Two

bathroom vanities double sinks 17 48790852
This home is shared by two lifelong friends. Their classic Hollywood Hills abode had one bathroom and no logical location for another. So, they took the second bedroom and added it to the original bathroom creating a supersized bathroom for two. The space consists of split vanities, double sinks, a freestanding tub and enclosed shower.

Masculine Master Vanity

bathroom vanities double sinks 18 34084690
A man most likely lives here. The wall-to-wall rich wood paneling might be your first guess but the double sink vanity design is another clue. Typically, men don’t need as much counter space as women and this one has very little. The integrated trough sink design seals the deal with its decidedly masculine look.

Birch and Quartz Combo

bathroom vanities double sinks 19 76105885
Popular style abounds in this concise and organized 1970s bathroom. The use of light wood tones and countertops reflects the home’s vintage and ties in with the updated tile flooring. The vanity and double sink design are original to the home and extremely desirable.

Endless Marble

bathroom vanities double sinks 20 29280802
Twin onyx sink basins punctuate a sea of swirling and undulating marble. The expansive countertop was designed by the original owner and retained by the current residents. They just couldn’t bear to disturb the room’s continuity and visual flow.

Traditional Detail

bathroom vanities double sinks 21 46754236
These double sinks are housed in vanities designed to look like old dressers or sideboards. The custom pieces are finished in an antique cream paint technique to give them a sense of history.

Double Sinks on the High Seas

bathroom vanities double sinks 22 77484547
Thinking about a cruise on the Mediterranean? This Italian yacht has everything you’ll need for a luxurious voyage. The handcrafted double vanity features matching oval sinks with 24-carat gold-plated fixtures to create a lavish bathroom retreat if you’re among the lucky few.

Perfect Symmetry

bathroom vanities double sinks 23 428700640
Double sinks in snug quarters require a lot of planning to accommodate a busy couple. This modern bathroom uses the design principle of symmetry to help create a sense of equal distribution of weight and visual order.

Don’t Take It for Granite

This immaculate master bathroom uses a combination of reflective and matte finishes to showcase the pristine drop in sinks. Shimmering chevron wall coverings contrast beautifully with the thick natural stone slab vanity countertops.

Minimal Contempo

bathroom vanities double sinks 25 356267693
Sometimes less is more when creating a double sink arrangement in a contemporary bathroom. Chunky round vessel sinks sit atop a rich wood veneer vanity. Straightforward fixtures and minimal adornment give the space a relaxing feel.

Cantilevered Sink Base

bathroom vanities double sinks 26 233604871
The designer wanted to highlight this gorgeous ebony plank flooring by installing a white floating vanity. Delicate, handcrafted porcelain bowls adorn the sleek Scandinavian piece. The straight run of the plank flooring coupled with the clean lines of the vanity play up the bathroom’s corridor design.

Classical Beauty

bathroom vanities double sinks 27 129519953
Classical touches make this Upper East Side bathroom a place you would like to stay awhile. Creamy quartz countertops and classic white cabinetry complement the dual glass basins, which look just like magical sea glass found on the beach.

Exotic Wood Sinks

bathroom vanities double sinks 28 343460336
Teak is prominently featured in this Thai-inspired vanity area. From the reclaimed wood countertop, to the artisan vessel sinks and asymmetrical mirror frames, the look is both exotic and timeless.

Cozy Dual Sinks

bathroom vanities double sinks 29 129995267
The owners of this sailboat had limited space to contend with but managed to squeeze in a bathroom with two sinks. A carpenter friend constructed the single-piece vanity and mirror surround to fit the precise dimensions of this tricky angle. We consider it a work of art.

Sculptural Basins Sans Vanity

bathroom vanities double sinks 30 131372117
Floor-height double sinks eliminate the need for a conventional vanity in this Euro-inspired bathroom. One floating shelf accommodates toiletries while the mirror lifts to reveal a spacious medicine cabinet for additional storage.

Unusual Vessels

bathroom vanities double sinks 31 370353578
This bathroom has a minimal vibe that appeals to our sense of style. The vanity topped with two tall cylindrical sinks is certainly nice to gaze upon but isn’t the height of practicality. You may want to think about substituting a shorter sink design if you plan to recreate the look.

Commercial Fixtures at Home

bathroom vanities double sinks 32 45545866
It’s always fun to think outside the box when creating a distinctive bathroom. Black-and-white ceramic tile is a whimsical element but the sinks are the real stars of this show. The homeowners opted for commercial sinks and mounted them directly to the wall. The tiled ledge serves as their vanity.

Cutting-Edge Design

bathroom vanities double sinks 33 20325937
This single base unit with a trough sink is the perfect substitute for a double vanity in a Mid-Century home. If you are looking for a retro vanity for your bathroom, this reproduction piece might just be the one. It shows great restraint while, at the same time, creating stylish flair.

His and Hers Luxury

bathroom vanities double sinks 34 233577175
Marble, gilt and crystal are the hallmarks of opulence and this bathroom has it all. Add to that a matching marble wall mounted vanity and double vessel sinks designed by a famous French sculptor and you can say you’ve seen heaven.

All the Angles

bathroom vanities double sinks 35 74355268
This bathroom covers all the angles. From its custom curved vanity lighting to its dual triangular sinks, obviously shape plays a big role in the space. Throw in a few rectangles, squares and circles and you’ve got a real lesson in geometry.