If you’ve been saving up for a bathroom renovation, you have a lot of decisions to make, namely which type of shower door to install. One of the most popular choices of homeowners is the frameless glass shower door. This minimal design will add a modern, spa-like touch to any bathroom.

You can find off-the-shelf frameless models, but if your shower is an irregular size or odd configuration, a custom model will provide the flexibility you need to accommodate the space. Frameless shower doors are also more attractive, less bulky and easier to clean than the metal frame variety.

Now that we’ve sold you on frameless shower doors, it’s time to check out these amazing examples and decide which one you love the most!

Step Right In

bathroom frameless shower doors 01 109770068
This shower door opens from the end with a slight step up and over the curb. Natural colors and neutral limestone keep the palette light and bright. The shower is positioned at the end of the space allowing for plenty of room for a larger shower. The homeowners chose special glass with a subtle tint to give the room a hint of color.

Spacious Look

bathroom frameless shower doors 02 290482964
Custom mosaic tile on the shower’s back wall draws your eye in as soon as you enter the bathroom. Enclosed by a frameless glass door, this moderately sized but functional shower seems plenty big.


bathroom frameless shower doors 03 28190248
It’s the details that make this shower a conversation piece. The intricately designed tile pattern creates a visually stunning mosaic on the floor, walls and beyond. To keep the space from looking too dizzying, the homeowners opted for tiles of the same color. The frameless shower door and walls allow you to experience the full effect.

Light and Airy Feel

bathroom frameless shower doors 04 99749672
When it comes to frameless showers, never design a curb on an angle. This applies to virtually any standard or custom angle door openings. A frameless shower door can swing freely in and out only if you create a perfect 90-degree angle at the junction of the wall and door.

Tub To Shower Conversion

bathroom frameless shower doors 05 119648008
This clear, frameless shower door gives the occupants an open view of the space that used to be the tub. It also allows both artificial and natural light to illuminate the shower preventing it from feeling cave-like. In a smaller space like this, it is best to use the same tile from the floor onto the shower walls to create continuity and give it a larger presence.

Shower and Tub Design

bathroom frameless shower doors 06 90278770
The tile in this bathroom is repeated on the shower wall and ceiling. The frameless glass enclosure is outfitted with wall-mounted showerheads and integrated bench seating that blends seamlessly into the tub design.

Shower With Partial Wall

bathroom frameless shower doors 07 374490067
A partial wall in this shower offers a sense of enclosure, while the frameless glass walls and door give the shower a light and airy feel. Tumbled marble tile on the walls and a mosaic grid pattern on the floor provide contrast while using the same material.

Frosted Shower Glass

Frosted glass is both functional and stylish in a frameless shower. A frosted finish provides privacy without blocking natural light. The shower’s curb mimics the wood base molding in the rest of the space.

Etched Glass Detail

bathroom frameless shower doors 09 367452134
Frosted glass doors are beautiful but can give the shower a closed off feeling. Etched glass panels enhance the open design and provide a decorative touch. The homeowners chose an grid pattern on the frameless wall panel and door of their shower to create visual interest and to prevent accidents.

Double Glass Enclosures

bathroom frameless shower doors 10 28534645
This remodeled bathroom has an odd configuration, but the designer worked around the unconventional layout by creating symmetrical frameless glass enclosures that flank the vanity; one for the shower and one for the water closet. This way, no plumbing modifications were required.

Shower With a View

bathroom frameless shower doors 11 127879550
In this bathroom, the frameless shower is located near exterior French doors. Since there are no window coverings in the room, the owners decided to use a piece of technology to provide privacy. The glass walls and door of the shower are filled with a material that creates a frosted effect with the flip of a switch.

Shower-Steam Combo

bathroom frameless shower doors 12 48175303
The walls and doors of this shower extend all the way to the ceiling, allowing the space to function as a therapeutic steam shower. The frameless enclosure doesn’t interfere with the room’s design keeping it open and unobstructed.

Contemporary Styling

bathroom frameless shower doors 13 95352790
After creating a resort-quality master bedroom, the homeowners knew the en suite bathroom was not far behind in the renovation plan. They chose a frameless look to take full advantage of the striking tile work. Striated field wall tile contrasts the river rock mosaic.

Virtually Invisible

bathroom frameless shower doors 14 201154928
In this virtually invisible shower, frameless wall panels and doors are ideal for showcasing unusual tile and adding a sense of space to an otherwise cramped bath. They also enhance contemporary design elements like this floating vanity and porcelain vessel sinks.

Indoor-Outdoor Frameless Shower

bathroom frameless shower doors 15 285387362
While this shower may look like it is outdoors, it’s actually part of an open concept bedroom with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall adjacent to a private courtyard. Since privacy is not an issue, the homeowners decided they wanted to take advantage of the view while showering in the frameless enclosure.

Shower Without a Door

bathroom frameless shower doors 16 124349797
This stunning shower has a few standout features including the obvious lack of a door. The frameless shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom by a single glass panel. The shower maintains it seamless appearance with its curb-less design.

Beautiful and Safe

bathroom frameless shower doors 17 187899806
Subtle design elements make this frameless shower so special. Its pale green spa glass creates a soothing environment for bathers. The textured ramp from the shower door to the tub area prevents falls on slick floors.