There are those mornings when waking up is hard to do. However, the key to a successful morning may just be waking up in a beautiful bedroom. These bedrooms are serene retreats where one can only have sweet dreams and peaceful mornings.


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These homeowners know how to use a small touch of black-and-white to make a big impact. The boldly patterned black-and-white bedspread with matching pillows make a dramatic impact and instantly become the room’s focal point. The matching table lamps with acrylic bases provide style without much visual distraction.

Charming Cabin

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Whoa, look at this bedroom’s gabled ceiling makes for the perfect retreat. The sleigh bed, outfitted with floral bedding, looks like the ideal place to read a book or simply look out the charming windows. The flokati rug adds texture and warmth.

French Influenced

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Oui, oui. This bedroom is oozing with French influences. The ornate details on the furnishings, the abundance of gold trim and intricately patterned wood floor make this room fit for a queen.

Calming Retreat

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This bedroom has a lot of details, but all work together beautifully. Tones of gold, brown, black and gray can be found in the artwork, rug, curtains, bedding and furnishings. The use of cream for the duvet cover and sofa at the end of the bed create continuity.

Embellished Elegance

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This bedroom is a feast for the eyes. Look at the many patterns and textures featured in the bedding choices or the intricately patterned Oriental rug under the bed. The overstuffed armchair with matching ottoman is the perfect place to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the view offered by that gorgeous arched window.

Luxurious Lighting

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Whoa, check out the matching light fixtures. The fixtures make a dramatic impact and help create the room’s regal decorating scheme. Other features that aid to the scheme a success are the artwork, gold-trimmed bed and luxurious bedding.

Charming Respite

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Ahhh, this looks like the ideal place to spend a lazy day in bed. The wrought iron bed frame has timeless appeal and the white bedding maintains the classic look. The true beauty of the bed is the canopy with the linen curtains which can be untied when privacy is needed.

Contemporary Bedroom

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Several distinct decorating elements work together to make this room pop. The exposed brick wall that has been painted white plays off the wallpapered accent wall quite nicely. The lime green bedding pops against all the white and, finally, the contemporary light fixture is beautiful to look at while you’re slowly falling asleep.

Rustic and Sweet

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This bedroom is ideal for a farmhouse guest room or for a young single woman. Country touches, such as the ticking stripe pillows, oval framed mirror and vintage bench make this room a charming retreat. The chenille blanket is the quintessential country finishing touch.


This lodge-inspired bedroom is awash in beautiful details. The paneled walls, leather armchair and kilim pillows make this bedroom feel like it’s part of a hunting lodge. The matching table lamps and bedside cabinets create symmetry and continuity.

Beauty Exposed

bedroom beautiful bedrooms 11 181152779
This daring homeowner has exposed details others often leave concealed. The exposed brick wall paired with the exposed cement creates a dramatic bohemian feel. The bold blue and orange bedding continue the bohemian feel.

Simple and Refined

bedroom beautiful bedrooms 12 89021581
This master retreat is a simple, refined getaway. The walls are painted a soothing shade of gold, with subtle hints of gold, and the rattan hamper provides storage and texture. The choice to leave the home’s original pendant light fixture was a wise one, for the fixture lends elegance to the room.

Hints of Green

bedroom beautiful bedrooms 13 9006331
These homeowners use hints of green to make a dramatic impact. The green lampshades pair with the one green throw pillow while the green tipped curtains play off the green bordered rug. Other details, such as the tufted bedspring and oversized bolster pillow, make this room a serene retreat.

Bold and Brown

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The bold use of dark brown is what makes this bedroom work. The brown armchairs and brown bedding both play off the same bold dark brown tone of the accent wall. The light brown walls and carpet create a cohesive feel. Nature-influenced elements, such as the faux ivy and the floral patterned pillows, play off the many shades of brown.

Unexpected Accent Piece

This bedroom has, for the most part, a clean, modern decorating scheme. The decorative elements are minimal and basic, a white bed frame with only a headboard and one lone black bureau. It’s because of the minimal use of decorative elements that the rustic bedside table with the distressed finish stands out and commands visual attention.

Luxurious Retreat

bedroom beautiful bedrooms 16 238485904
This bedroom is a work of art. The large armoire matches the bed frame and the twin sconces lend light and style. The wallpapered accent wall is art and its colors are beautifully reflected in the bedding colors.

A Hunter’s Bedroom

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This bedroom looks like it could be the private retreat of a famed hunter. The exposed stone wall lends rustic appeal and the antler chandelier lends elegance to the rustic space. The floor rug made out of animal hide completes the hunter vibe.

Contemporary Chambers

bedroom beautiful bedrooms 18 250005544
This bedroom is replete with simple, modern decorative touches. The perfectly made bed features just enough bed and throw pillows to look like a showpiece. The exposed wooden beams highlight the coffered ceiling. The true highlight of the room is the split painting, two halves of the same painting in adjoining frames.

Romantic Retreat

bedroom beautiful bedrooms 19 245536471
Behold this romantic retreat. The layers of light, lacy window treatments let light in and charmingly complement the white fluffy bed linens. The tone on tone wallpaper makes an impact but nowhere as big an impact as the crystal chandelier.