There are two main schools of thought when choosing a bedroom color: warm or cool. In art and interior design, it is said warm colors, such as red and yellow, advance, which tends to create a feeling of movement and energy. Cool colors like green and blue, on the other hand, recede, resulting in a more soothing environment.

To help you select the best bedroom color for you, it’s worth researching those that not only suit your personality, but also improve your quality of life. According to a study conducted by UK-based hotel chain Travelodge, the color you choose for your bedroom directly impacts your sleep, mood and activities.

For instance, people with blue bedrooms get the most sleep per night and wake up feeling the happiest. Romance abounds in caramel-colored bedrooms. Grey bedrooms encourage online shopping, while neutral tones promote working in bed.

Let us show how color can revive both you and your bedroom. We’ve included a gallery of perennial favorites, current trends and those you’ll see popping up in the near future.

Splash of Turquoise

bedroom best bedrooms colors 01 24341014
Energetic turquoise feels right at home in a contemporary bedroom setting. It may be bright but you can soften the look with simple designer tricks like adding texture and depth via bedding, rugs and upholstery.

Retro Look

bedroom best bedrooms colors 02 341446130
Mustard yellow has gone in and out of favor over the years. With the popularity of 60s and 70s interior design, it is back in style. Its bold nature might seem a bit much for this master bedroom but tempering it with a soft grey helps create a warm and stylish space.

Posh Purple

bedroom best bedrooms colors 03 357872309
Purple in the bedroom is a bit like pink—it can read very juvenile if not done correctly. To ensure a grown-up environment, pair purple with grey and warm wood tones. Purple also shines when combined with silver accents.

Soothing Sanctuary

bedroom best bedrooms colors 04 209404255
Transform your bedroom into a spa-like retreat by using a soothing palette of neutrals. Here, A taupe feature wall and soft white accents give the space a calming feel. The upholstered bed and luxurious bedding add to the tranquil mood.

Adding Greenery

bedroom best bedrooms colors 05 152966648
This bedroom proves you don’t need plants to create a nature-lover’s paradise. The grassy green paint color is just the right touch to give this space an organic, outdoorsy vibe. Rough-hewn floors and raw wood furniture make you feel you’re out in the country.

Orange is the New Pink

bedroom best bedrooms colors 06 14833951
Pink has been the go-to color for little girls’ bedrooms for decades. It’s still used but now we’re seeing it more as an accent color. This room relies heavily on shades of orange, giving it the same youthful vibrancy as the old standby pink.

Earthy Feel

bedroom best bedrooms colors 07 2158871
Earth tones are a popular choice for small bedrooms. These warm colors create a warm, inviting environment—a great place to curl up with a book and cup of tea. This space is as cozy as a big hug thanks to the use of sage green, burnt sienna, soft gold and warm rust.

Shocking Shade

bedroom best bedrooms colors 08 72168295
What could be more invigorating on a cold, winter morning than waking up to this bright bedroom? Modern bedrooms can handle vivid colors like this saturated saffron yellow. The homeowner wanted big impact and designer delivered with a floor-to-ceiling homage to the rising sun.

Pops of Raspberry

bedroom best bedrooms colors 09 48393316
Here’s an easy and inexpensive way to introduce color to a feminine bedroom without going overboard. The yummy raspberry red wall and bedding liven up this bland space. The addition of fun floral accents on the wall and curtains give it that “designer” touch.

Peachy Design

bedroom best bedrooms colors 10 182120444
Soft peach was on trend during the 1980s. This seaside bedroom takes that color and turns up the intensity level to create a transitional guest bedroom with zing. The saturated accent wall was the jumping off point for the coral patterned bedding and creamy accents.

Hot Cocoa

bedroom best bedrooms colors 11 362975234
Touches of cocoa in the headboard, pillows and rug create a warm and inviting sleeping space. The creamy white bedding with its brown accents act to cozy-up the room even more. Throw in cinnamon on the accent wall and curtains and you have the perfect spot to nap away the afternoon.

Midas Touch

bedroom best bedrooms colors 12 222936595
The designer of this master bedroom stunner embraces both soft gold and graphic patterns to create an elegant boudoir. The subtle gold used throughout works just like a neutral in the space. The only difference is it reads much warmer than traditional neutrals.

Beautiful Beige

bedroom best bedrooms colors 13 416881894
While beige is thought of as a traditional color, you can find it sleek modern spaces and funky bohemian bedroom thanks to its renewed reputation among designers. This warm beige paired with coordinating colors like grey and yellow make for a classic combination. Bright white trim keeps it all snappy.

Back to the Future

bedroom best bedrooms colors 14 67826911
In the master bedroom, a client’s much-loved duvet was the starting point for this combination of chocolate brown and gold. This retro color combination is coming back in a big way. It just takes the right room and accessories to pull it off.

Rose-Colored Room

bedroom best bedrooms colors 15 219440851
The bedroom of this budding young art student hints to her love of color. Normally, it’s best to keep the walls white in a girl’s bedroom to make it easier to keep up with her changing tastes. However, this creative one wanted to use rose on the walls to create a backdrop for her original paintings.

Black is Beautiful

bedroom best bedrooms colors 16 280370057
This bedroom is an example of what you can do with dark painted walls. The apartment owner wanted an unconventional look and the designer surprised her with pure black. The matte finish emphasizes the depth of color and the white and silver accents bring it to life.

Relaxing Mix

bedroom best bedrooms colors 17 303724949
The taupe walls in this delightful space work with the snowy white and grey, creating a bedroom with an incredible sense of style. The colors complement each other beautifully and maintain a relaxing vibe. We love the room’s subtle contrasts and timeless feel.

Eggplant Anyone?

bedroom best bedrooms colors 18 362976710
Aubergine is actually considered a super rich purple, but in this case it comes across as almost dark brown. It’s a color that adds an intensity that’s unequaled in the design world. The deep purple wallpaper on the headboard wall sets the tone for the space and works amazingly well with the jewel tone pillows and upholstered bench.

Red for Bed

bedroom best bedrooms colors 19 89986558
Saturated colors in a small room can detract from its limited dimensions. Sticking with a color like red will make your bedroom feel warm and cozy. It’s a color that will never goes out of style. Keep it simple by painting an accent wall. Decorate with red bedding and small accessories, keeping the rest of the space neutral.

Lavender Fields

bedroom best bedrooms colors 20 354079859
In this bedroom, the homeowner wanted to be reminded of her summers in the south of France biking through lavender fields. The color is as calming as the fragrance, so it works perfectly for a bedroom. While pastels can look a bit babyish, the choice of furnishings in this room keeps the color very classy and sophisticated.

Citrus Wow

bedroom best bedrooms colors 21 23394772
Lime green is a hot color these days. If you want to use it in your bedroom, add white to neutralize the color’s energizing effects as was done here. The lime green wainscoting effect, comforter and decorative accessories create the perfect balance with the white furnishings in the room. Or tone it down even more by introducing black and blue as accent colors.

Subtle Orange Retreat

bedroom best bedrooms colors 22 2186873
This lovely design is a great example of how to create an orange bedroom that doesn’t overwhelm. The design combines dark brown, white and a single shade of burnt orange to round out the space.

Restful Slumber

bedroom best bedrooms colors 23 106424894
The designer of the simple guest room used cheerful shades of yellow and touches of blue to work with the architecture of this 1940s California coastal cottage. In addition to looking very beachy, the color yellow (believe it or not) is one of the best colors to promote a good night’s sleep.

Classic Beauty

bedroom best bedrooms colors 24 85997482
Purple is one of the most perfect colors in the spectrum because it contains equal parts of red and blue, making it the ideal combination of warm and cool tones. It is a color that denotes wealth and stature and graces the main feature wall in this classic bedroom.

Pale Perfection

bedroom best bedrooms colors 25 358050455
White never goes out of style. This master bedroom’s delicate pale palette incorporates different textures to give the space a sense of excitement. From the frayed edge duvet, flokati rug and picture frame molding, this white bedroom is anything but bland.

Boho Basics

bedroom best bedrooms colors 26 387978022
Typically bohemian style is a mix of exotic and vintage with a hefty dose of rich color. But this bedroom is a bit different than most. The soft coral wall color manages to create a sense of drama and at the same time remains subdued by using neutral accent colors.

Navy Blue Tips

bedroom best bedrooms colors 27 396437041
Paint a single wall in a deep navy shade for color that won’t consume the entire room. Choose a soft grey, cream or white for the other walls and ceiling. Navy blue paired with grey, white and yellow creates a stylish contrast that exudes cool in a modern space.

Graphic Calm

bedroom best bedrooms colors 28 254556439
The graphic combo of black and white can work as a room’s accent colors or it can be the overall design theme. This open bedroom has a very soothing feel even with these polar opposite colors are vying for attention. The reason it’s so calming here is the preponderance of white in the space.

Monochrome Model

bedroom best bedrooms colors 29 304626107
In this Connecticut model home bedroom, the walls are painted in a sophisticated pastel blue and furnished in monochromatic tones. You can’t go wrong with tone-on-tone. The look is totally upmarket and timeless.

Silvery Nights

bedroom best bedrooms colors 30 338337014
A cool, collected mood reigns in this Chicago bedroom with its soft silvery colors and white birch floors. To give it a sophisticated feel, the designer did the curtains, walls, rug and duvet in monochrome greys. Touches of white lighten the mood and create a hotel-like feel.

A Little Shabby and Chic

bedroom best bedrooms colors 31 395245240
This shabby chic bedroom starts with a blank canvas of white walls, curtains and flooring. Pastel colors complete the look of this once wildly popular style. The color palette consists of the classics—cream, yellow, pink, green, and blue.

Serene Green

bedroom best bedrooms colors 32 337445102
Leaf green paired with white and wood tones to give this bedroom a fresh look. When small touches of yellow and blue are introduced, the room feels like spring all year-round.

Grey, Meet Orange

bedroom best bedrooms colors 33 94356844
Orange and grey make a great pairing for bedrooms. You can use grey as your base color with orange accents, like in this bedroom, or the just the opposite. Either way, the combination works well, especially in a modern or contemporary space. You can also adjust the intensity of the colors to keep it subdued or up the drama.

Updated Pink

bedroom best bedrooms colors 34 49148152
Tween girls will always love pink, but bubblegum may not be the shade they’re looking for these days. If your fashionista is shopping for a more mature version of pink, try a rich salmon hue instead. Classic furniture and sophisticated touches will prevent it from looking overly young.