We often see the timeless pairing of black and white in other rooms of the house but it is also the perfect choice for a bedroom. Whether you choose black and white stripe curtain panels, a graphic rug, abstract bedding or dramatic artwork, this classic color combination will create a stylish look that will last for years to come.

Black and white is a striking, dramatic and highly versatile choice for decorating your bedroom. From classic to funky design, black and white will take your bedroom from everyday to designer-worthy. The best thing about a black and white bedroom is its transformative nature. With the simple addition or change of an accent color, you can completely change the mood and personality of the space.

When used together, these contrasting colors will make a definitive statement in your bedroom. Browse our gallery to see black and white stylishly combined in 38 individual bedrooms.

Adding Character

bedroom black white 01 254556439
Breathe life into a boring white bedroom by introducing simple black accents. The addition of the headboard, throw and rug gives this formerly nondescript room loads of style and character.

Mix of Styles

bedroom black white 02 107892458
An exotic black-and-white feature wall adds movement to this transitional bedroom. Modern touches like the platform bed and accent chair contrast nicely with the traditional silhouette of the black floor lamp. We love the combination of styles.

Dorm Room Ideas

bedroom black white 03 331773074
Nothing is more depressing than an unadorned dorm room. You can easily transform your white space with a few well chosen black-and-white accessories. A stylish industrial task lamp and inexpensive bed-in-a-bag ensemble make this a great place to study and chill for the rest of the semester.

Updated Traditional

bedroom black white 04 340528352
This bedroom shines with a mix of graphic patterns in an uncomplicated black-and-white palette. The traditional space is updated with a few contemporary pieces and patterns without taking away from the room’s classic style. High contrast equals high impact in this cottage space.

Scandinavian Simplicity

bedroom black white 05 348147395
There’s something fascinating about the subtle use of black and white in this bedroom. The basic furnishings and simple patterns make it interesting while the straightforward Nordic design keeps it clean and unpretentious.

Drama Alert

bedroom black white 06 161121440
This black-and-white bedroom is quite theatrical. The black wall paired with oversized art, ebony floor and black bedding would normally be a big downer. However, in this space, the mood was lifted with white walls, which creates a real sense of drama.

Edited Zen

bedroom black white 07 162341003
There’s something to be said for prudent editing of a space. It’s amazing what a bedroom can do without. In this black-and-white Zen room, the headboard, accent table and black canvas create negative space in this white room. That negative space becomes the room’s key design element.

Private Retreat

bedroom black white 08 258233282
This bedroom looks like a comfortable place to get away from life’s daily stresses. The well-appointed space makes you want to linger for a while. The personal touches, clever lighting and black accents enhance the look of this chic design.

Bold Backdrop

bedroom black white 09 130658198
Working with black and white in a room gives you license to make bold design statements. This sculptural headboard wall is as graphic as it gets. It would overwhelm any other room. It is the perfect focal point combined with the bedroom’s clean lines and minimal furnishings.

Mix and Match

bedroom black white 10 133777286
Black and white really comes into its own when you introduce different shapes to the space. The plain nature of this palette lends itself to experimenting with form—like the repeated rectangles and circles in this contemporary bedroom.

Black Wall

bedroom black white 11 293940776
A black wall in a white bedroom can seem more than a little intimidating. Avoid this pitfall by mixing it with tons of white in a variety of textures. The painted brick, fluffy white bedding and tufted chair take some of the visual emphasis off the black headboard wall.

En Suite Design

bedroom black white 12 365021087
This master suite reads airy and bright. The furnishings, accessories and use of black and white are the perfect blend of design elements. However, the real showstopper in the space is the fabulous, furry black chandelier.

Create Impact

bedroom black white 13 398818294
To create a bedroom that’s both stylish and tasteful, use striking elements—like this upholstered headboard and sculptural lighting. The designer went with shiny chrome light fixtures and silk fabrics to complement the graphic black-and-white palette.

Stripe a Wall

bedroom black white 14 133281665
The handsome combination of black and white works in this modest bedroom. For a bit of added fun, the homeowner painted bold, horizontal black-and-white stripes on the wall behind the bed. A glazing technique was used to add a little glamour.

Skandi Design

bedroom black white 15 371497984
No one can breathe life into a white room like Scandinavians. This fabulous bedroom is where simplicity, minimalism and functionality intersect. The metal four-poster, white bed curtains, wall mural and black-and-white striped quilt make this space something special.

Smart Study Space

bedroom black white 16 3462589
The black used on the walls in this child’s room is actually chalkboard paint, which has a distinctive look. The matte finish dusted in chalk residue creates a totally unique effect. The chalkboard technique is a great backdrop for the black-and-white accents and touches of crimson.

Glam to the Max

bedroom black white 17 391273045
The designer worked wonders in this diminutive guest room using a glamorous black-and-white palette to replicate deco design from the 1930s. He built a custom twin bed that can be used as a chaise during the day and for sleeping at night.

Check-in Time

bedroom black white 18 309194240
This Balinese hotel teams black and white with luxurious fabrics to create an ultra-hip guest suite. While the overall design is quite tailored and crisp, the indirect lighting keeps the space feeling serene.

Fancy Furnishings

bedroom black white 19 70728013
To pull off a black-and-white formal look, one needs to keep clutter and other furnishings to an absolute minimum. The half-round French bedside table and nickel lamp are two small pieces that let the grand bed take center stage. The highly ornate, black tufted bed is accessorized with a white fur throw and leather rag rug.

Museum Elements

bedroom black white 20 98120813
This black-and-white bedroom is a veritable gallery. The homeowner wanted to play with repetition and rhythm to create a masterpiece of his own. The series of square paintings running across the back wall reinforce repetition of shape and images themselves create visual rhythm.

Historic Contrasts

bedroom black white 21 205636270
Black is expertly paired with elegant white to create a contemporary feel in this notable Boston mansion. The modern furnishings create design magic when played against the historic molding, ornate fireplace and intricate plaster detail.

Debunking Myths

bedroom black white 22 16041058
One of the biggest myths in interior design is that black walls will make a room look smaller. This bedroom proves the theory wrong. The dramatic effect of the black walls actually makes the space feel larger because it removes the angles in the room. Much like gazing at the night sky, it appear limitless.

Uniting Styles

bedroom black white 23 30417394
Modern and elegant come together in this bedroom full of contemporary touches and high contrast. A variety of unexpected design twists like the subtle black-and-white wallpaper pattern, the white leather headboard, molded plastic chairs and black cashmere bedding create a veritable collage for the senses.

Graphic Influences

bedroom black white 24 37332646
While this high-rise master suite might look simple, it feels very complex with graphic influences from floor to ceiling. The black-and-white abstract floral rug grounds the space and creates an instant focal point. The towering striped walls are another standout along with the decorative pillows and subtle bedspread design.

Trad Trends

bedroom black white 25 127837415
This bold black-and-white pinstripe wallpaper turns a normal bedroom with traditional elements into an eye-catching statement. The adjacent walls are painted in chalk white, setting off the stunning black Egyptian cotton bed linens. The overall look has a masculine, inviting feel.

Pattern Play

bedroom black white 26 164713889
Decorating with strong patterns in a room can be a little tricky because they can easily overpower the space. If you stick with a simple black-and-white color scheme the effect isn’t quite as distracting. In fact, using several black-and-white patterns in a room can be very pleasing.

Keep It Simple

bedroom black white 27 49986763
Silk bedding in white give this simple bedroom a boutique hotel feel. Subtle black accessories add visual interest and sophistication. In this case, they theory of “less is more” works when you’re trying to create a relaxing environment.

Add an Accent

bedroom black white 28 157724120
Don’t let anyone tell you accent walls are passé. In fact, they’re very trendy—like this black onyx bedroom wall. Don’t be afraid of dark color. When it’s combined with white and just the right furnishings and accessories, the look exudes contemporary confidence.

Dotted Swiss

bedroom black white 29 346003151
Nothing punctuates this bright, white Zürich bedroom like neat polka dots. The orderly black design on the duvet and shams adds an elegant feel to the bedroom with minimal furnishings.

Kid’s Room

bedroom black white 30 15207700
Black and white can be a playful combination. Believe it or not, it’s a great choice for a kid’s bedroom. It creates the ideal background for toys, books and colorful artwork. Here, the homeowner chose a mix of black-and-white bedding patterns to create a lively space for the young one.

Clean and Simple

bedroom black white 31 376920772
This modern adaptation of a four-poster bed adds a classic feel to this clean and simple bedroom. The main elements are white and wood. It’s the black bed frame, pendant lighting and accessories that really add character.

Damask Explosion

bedroom black white 32 40114147
An explosion of black-and-white damask bedding takes this bedroom from plain to perfect. The white walls and black furniture pieces allow the patterns to become focal point of the room.

Elegance Defined

bedroom black white 33 66741214
Black and white conveys a sense of elegance in a way that other colors can’t duplicate. In this extravagant bedroom, the large-scale pattern on the walls, white accents and the black velvet headboard and bench are the true definition of elegance.

Bachelor Pad

bedroom black white 34 301747064
An expanse of white paint and a wall of curtains provide the perfect setting for his white platform bed and mirrored nightstands. Black drum pendant lampshades pop against the walls. Fresh, white bed linens with black accents are just what this owner wanted to create an ultra hip, minimal bachelor pad.

Iron Accents

bedroom black white 35 87561658
Wrought iron furniture is the perfect companion for this transitional black-and-white bedroom. To keep the look of the room light and bright, the designer tried to keep contrasts as delicate as possible rather than using huge blocks of color. The pretty floral bedding adds interest without feeling too heavy.

Gloss Effects

bedroom black white 36 92558644
A coat of glossy white paint can take estate sale finds from frumpy to fabulous. In this bedroom, the homeowner took old, mismatched bedroom furniture pieces and transformed them into a trendy lacquered-look set. She reupholstered the headboard in a traditional black-and-white print that looks great with the bold wallpaper treatment.

Mixing Prints

bedroom black white 37 19238014
Mixing prints is extremely popular in the world of fashion and interior design. The look definitely takes practice to perfect, but when it works the results are fantastic. If you’re struggling with the trend, begin with black and white—it sure works in this stylish bedroom.

Artistic Inspiration

bedroom black white 38 50414842
This black-and-white bedroom resembles a modern art installation. The look is fresh and uninhibited. Artwork is paired with sculptural forms, solid colors and modern furnishings. The inspired design fits this loft-style bedroom like a glove.