When choosing paint colors for your bathroom, consider the many shades of blue. Use navy blue’s deep richness to convey a sense of masculinity in your bathroom or use light blue to create a calm, spa-like space. Blue with undertones of green will instantly transform your bathroom into an under the sea retreat. Whatever, the shade, blue has your bathroom covered.

Natural Lightn

This blue bathroom shines due to the skylight that lets in an abundance of natural light and the undermount bright lights. The white fixtures and cabinets make the room feel spacious and the bead board front on the cabinets lends a subtle texture.

Sleek and Modernn

Wow. This homeowner knows how to create a clean, modern space. The chrome fixtures and white appliances create continuity and the wall-mounted, angled toilet and double sink could be futuristic artwork.

Wonderful Wainscotingn

Navy blue wainscoting makes this classic bathroom pop. The use of navy blue wainscoting provides a bold contrast to the white appliances and fixtures. The black-and-white tile is the ideal accompaniment to this charming, classic bathroom.

Chrome Accentsn

Light blue tiles lend an under-the-sea feel to this modern, luxurious living room. White fixtures look sleek and clean while the chrome accents, such as the towel warmer and mirror, shine.

Classic Elementsn

Light teal blue is the ideal paint color for this classic bathroom. The white wainscoting and subway tile gleam when paired with this teal blue. The honeycomb tile floor completes the classic look.

Gold Accentsn

Gold accents, such as the sink and tub faucets as well as the light fixtures, pair beautifully with the marine blue tiles. The white tiles pair nicely with the white fixtures. The real highlight of the room is the floor: the white tile center surrounded by blue tiles looks like artwork.

Majestic Bathroomn

Wow. This bathroom is an elegant piece of art. The oval shape of the room is, playfully, enhanced by the ornate tray ceiling and oval piece of marble on the floor. The gold-trimmed pendant light completes the look.

Kid-Friendly Bathroomn

What a fun bathroom. The white mirror and window frames look crisp and clean against the bright blue wall color. The pink rugs provide another fun pop of color. The wall-mounted lighting provide ample ambient light.

Community Pooln

Notice this bathroom’s community pool theme, evident in the small blue tile floor, rows of wall hooks and the vintage artwork leaning on the wainscoting’s ledge. Other vintage touches include the antique fans on the cabinet and the pedestal sink. The chandelier adds an unexpected touch of glamor.

Bath Under the Starsn

This bathroom might just be the best place to take a bath. Imagine relaxing in the vintage tub under the skylight. There are other charming touches, such as the small mosaic tile near the tub and the classic pedestal sink.

Beautiful Tiles

Different shades of blue tile make this bathroom stand out. The thin dark blue tiles act as trim for the blue and white tiles. The blocks of blue and white tiles create an interesting geometric design. Chrome accents and white fixtures balance the blue and white tiles.

Blue Beautyn

The small tiles featuring colors such as tan, gray and various shades of blue add visual interest to this bathroom. The stand-alone shower is completely tiled while the separate bathtub features a combination of the small colored tiles and large white tiles. The dark blue countertop balances the space.

Charming and Classicn

Behold the many classic elements at work in this bathroom. The white bead board and subway tile make this bathroom feel timeless. The pops of black in the honeycomb tile floor add subtle charm. The brown vanity cabinet grounds the space.

Chrome Highlights

Behold the many classic elements at work in this bathroom. The white bead board and subway tile make this bathroom feel timeless. The pops of black in the honeycomb tile floor add subtle charm. The brown vanity cabinet grounds the space.

Beautiful Bead boardn

This bathroom shows what a beautiful combination white bead board and blue painted walls make. The white vertical stripes of the bead board make the room seem taller than it is. The combination of the bead board and black-and-white tiled floor make this bathroom a classic charmer.

Tiled Beauty

This bathroom has several gorgeous classic elements at work. The white subway tile is a beautiful accompaniment to the large bathroom and the white bead board is gorgeously enhanced by the thick white moulding. Finally, the black-and-white lattice floor tile makes this bathroom stand out from the rest.

Gorgeous Gables

Ahh, what a relaxing space. The clawfoot tub looks the ideal place for a long, luxurious soak in a bubble bath while the large shower, complete with subway tile, is the perfect spot for a warm shower. The skylights lend an abundance of natural light.

Blue and Whiten

Wow. Another bathroom that proves how well blue and white complement each other. The pale blue walls make the white furnishings and moulding look crisp and clean. The use of chrome for the light fixtures and other accents make the space feel contemporary.

Country Charmern

Light blue walls make this country bathroom a real charmer. White accents, such as the medicine cabinet and vanity, make the space feel calm and serene. The white wicker baskets lend texture and charm.