When you’re talking about modern dining rooms and its colors, the theme is often driven by the hot hues. But then, some of those rules were challenged by modern designers who brought an end to the myth that the dining room looks better only in yellow, red or orange. While another stunning color such as blue was brilliantly used in the modern dining room. Soothing and sophisticated, blue encourages intimate conversations and a relaxing atmosphere, making it a stunning color choice for dining rooms of any style. Gray-tone blues lend a casual air to the space, while rich navy and midnight shades create a sense of luxury. But blue can also be bold, with vibrant shades working perfectly in more modern designs and lending a sense of fun to traditional rooms. Because blue isn’t exactly a neutral, it works best as a wall color or an accent shade with other neutrals, looking especially stunning with warm woods, charcoal, and creamy white . Take a look at these cool blue dining room ideas!

Dusky Yet Bright

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This shade of blue gray kitchen idea appears in the best modern way. Grayed-out blue walls and black and gray accents get a bump of life with an oak and wrought iron dining set, while a unique array of wall art ties the color palette together.

Analogous and Modern

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Just as you might work with any other scheme, you need to give each light a defined role in the space when you work with an analogous palette. This will create a sense of balance in the dining room space and will not overpower any color. This dining space is a color theory-aficionado’s dream. Muted blue walls get a punch when their neighbors on the color wheel, green and yellow, act as accent colors. Keeping the rest of the space neutral with whites and grays saves this modern space from looking cartoonish.

Spinning Traditional

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Soft blue walls create the perfect backdrop for dark wood furniture and thick woodwork, but it’s the choice of rug color here that makes this traditional space feel a bit more contemporary. Bring modern accents and blend with classic and other formal items for a new take on tradition. By choosing a classic pattern in blue’s contrasting colors, red and yellow, the space feels bright and fun instead of stuffy.

Simple Yet Deep

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This shade of blue, a deepened sky color, rarely looks serious enough for a grown-up space. But the use of bright white chairs and dark wood keeps the room grounded, leaving a little wiggle room for fun in the form of a melon shade of green.

Aqua and White

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There may be no more favorite color combination than the blue and white mix when designing a dining room. This very uplifting modern dining room is covered in aqua and white shades. Candy-aqua walls punch up an all-white dining room to create a dreamy escape for your next dinner party.

Cottage Chic

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Cottage chic or classic style dining room is very popular these days and is appreciated by many people. To create this kind of shabby chic charm, you can merely combine items you have at home, even old, vintage finds and worn-out stuff, timeless pieces. A room full of antiques avoids looking to “grandma-esque” with a medium blue paint color and white stone floors.

Pine and Blue

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Fortunately blue is essentially neutral nowadays, so you can’t go wrong with a blue color scheme while being a cool color, particularly in your dining room. You would want to eat and relax comfortably in a blue dining room. Knotty pine furniture gets a hit of elegance with true-blue accents throughout this dining space. The lack of any other non-neutral accent shade keeps the look cohesive, allowing all design elements to cohabitate with clashing.

Shades of Blue

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It seems important to mention that blue walls can complement almost any room style. Pastel blue color makes this modern dining room so peaceful and relaxing. A pastel wall paired with a slightly brighter blue rug adds texture to this otherwise monochromatic color palette. Choosing a transitional style dining set, complete with upholstered armless chairs, and flanking the set with armoires turns the dining area into a floating oasis.

Just a Pop

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Combined with other neutral colors, Teal creates a calm, peaceful mood for a relaxing and entertaining space in the dining room. Bright teal chairs and accents make this otherwise neutral space feel special, popping against the periwinkle-veering-purple wall color.

Mixing Traditional with Transitional

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Dark wood, elegant light fixtures, and a stunning tray ceiling all scream traditional, but the sky blue upholstered dining chairs add that touch of modernity that keeps the room fun.

Navy and Beige

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Navy is black’s more unexpected yet stoic cousin, and it proves its worth in this space. Navy blue is a traditional, cool-to-neutral color that can satisfy many personalities, from moody to elegant to casually chic. Where black would create a harsh contrast with the white coffered ceiling and beige walls, navy lends an elegant flair that doesn’t jar the eye. For a traditional yet elegant look, choose navy and bright white (or beige).

Grounding Bright Blues

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White walls and bright blue painted furniture complete with true-blue tile accents can easily make a space feel a bit kitschy. But a black chandelier, beige tiles, and traditional window treatments help bring the room back down to earth.

Go Bold with Stripes

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Dining rooms, big or small can be given touches of stripes. Striped walls can be horizontal or vertical and may come in blue colors as well. Striped walls also definitely add a lot more pattern in a solid color than an accent wall and bring a hint of modern playfulness with them as well. This take-no-prisoners design features bold blue striped walls complete with the shade’s contrasting color on the color wheel: orange, represented by super warm wood. It works for several reasons: the interesting shape of the room, ample natural light, and the use of a dark wood dining set to create an anchor.

From Basic to Stunning

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This space could have been the most boring dining room in the world, but the bright blue upholstered chairs paired with warm wood add life to a beige space.

All Blue, All Day

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Outside of a smattering of white, this space plays with multiple shades of blue in various textures and prints to create contrast in a monochromatic palette.

Neutral and Blue

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A chevron print accent wall paired with a neutral wood dining set and beams make for a dramatic yet balanced look.

Modern and Bright

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The striped blue wall and white canvas act as the perfect eye-catching backdrop for a blond wood dining set with striking shell side chairs.

Driftwood and Blue

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Bleached wood floors and coordinating dining table look right at home against this beautiful muted blue wall color. The use of modern-style furniture maintains a clean line of sight throughout the room, keeping it open and bright.

Creating a Nook

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Not all homes are lucky enough to house a dedicated dining space, but the blue walls here create separation between the eating area and the rest of the kitchen.

Navy and Yellow

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Navy walls paired with gray wood and a natural jute rug pop against bright yellow seating. And when the owner tires of the bold shade, the navy wall will pair nicely with an endless array of other colors, from coral to white.


Few people know this, but in some ways, we have never heard of colors that will affect us. In addition, color psychology is a legitimate scientific field, and many academics understand the ability of color to manipulate moods and emotions. Blue is one of the colors will remain timeless for years. Blue inspired dining room is a good idea as it is associated with independence and relaxation. It is often used in restaurants on plates and dishes, especially on dessert plates as it is known as a stimulant for appetite.

Choosing a design for your dining room is a matter of taste, so go ahead and paint your dining room in that hue if you see a shade that suits you. Just remember not to go crazy and design it in extremely bright colors and always add hints of blue or white to soften their effect.