Modern Living Room Ceiling Fan Ideas keep the air circulating making sure that you’re warm in winter and cool in summer. Ceiling fans also come in a variety of styles, making sure that you’re guaranteed to find one to suit your living room.

Your living room requires three elements in order to be your go-to retreat. The first two are obvious: comfortable seating and sources of entertainment. The third element: ceiling fan.

Forever Summer

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This home’s beach-influenced style helps it feel like summer all year long. Nautical touches, such as the navy-and-white striped rug and the hurricane lamps, reinforce the beach theme. The combination of open glass doors and ceiling fan keep this room feeling cool and fresh.

Modern and Cool

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This modern living room is awash in style and natural light. White furnishings and white painted walls keep the room feeling fresh. The built-in chair with curvaceous corners is a modern masterpiece. The chrome ceiling fan keeps the cool air moving.

Classic Touches

living room ceiling fans 2 399701473

The warm brown tones of the flooring and furnishings keep this space feel like a warm space where one can relax and unwind. The large ceiling fan, the blades which complement the leather furnishings, cools the air for both the living room and adjoining dining space.

Refined Living Area

living room ceiling fans 3 148011203
This living room proves that ceiling fans work even in the most refined of living spaces. Matching chaise armchairs are the ideal place to curl up with a good book. This room also lends itself to different pursuits, such as examining your coin collection at the narrow table by the large window.

Colorful and Thoughtful

living room ceiling fans 5 3934507
This colorful living room is ripe with thoughtful details. The funky blue chairs each have their own ottomans which double as a place to rest your tray or your feet. The rug, media cabinet and artwork all share the same bright color scheme. What a treat!

Tasteful Retreat

living room ceiling fans 6 4955308
The homeowners were wise to install a ceiling fan in this two-story living room. The fan keeps cool air circulating throughout the expansive room. The armchairs lend texture to the room while the artwork is a nice pop of bright colors.

Small Spaces

living room ceiling fans 7 114975445
This living may be small in space, but it’s big in style. The two sofas match each other as well as the other furnishings. The window treatments lend a subtle hint of color and pattern. The ceiling fan is relatively standard, but complements the space.

Sunken Surprise

living room ceiling fans 8 128063720
This living room is worth a second look. At first glance it looks like a simple room with a wood stove and leather chair with matching ottoman. However, look again. The room also features a sunken sofa and ottoman beautifully positioned in front of a flat-screen television. What a place for a night of binge watching!

Going to be Beautiful

living room ceiling fans 9 1861151
This white-on-white room with symmetrical design elements will truly be stunning when fully furnished. However, it’s beautiful even when bare. The white ceiling fan blends into the ceiling which allows the marble fireplace surround to be the true star of the room.

Marvelous Lake House

living room ceiling fans 10 15785161
This lake house is the perfect retreat. The leather furnishings complement the dark tones of the maple wood floor and the white moulding and built-in cabinets pop against the sandy tan walls. The Tiffany-style lamps beautifully complement the pendant lights in the adjoining dining room which unites the two spaces.

Outdoor Living

living room ceiling fans 11 149978807
Ceiling fans even work to cool down outdoor living spaces. The two spaces, the indoor and outdoor living rooms, look like one space because the similar color scheme of the flooring and furnishings. The dark bronze ceiling fans reference the dark brown furnishings which creates a continuous look.

Room with a View

living room ceiling fans 12 150192152
Whoa, this living room is gorgeous. The sunken white sectional is elegant and the large stone fireplace is magnificent. The angled glass doors provide an ideal view of the in-ground pool.

Luxurious Possibilities

living room ceiling fans 13 13368892
This luxury home will truly be fantastic once it’s completely furnished. The detailed moulding around the windows and fireplace surround lend classic appeal. The dark browns of the ceiling fan perfectly complements the tones of the stair railing.

Light and Bright

living room ceiling fans 14 23243011
This light and bright living room looks like the perfect place to relax on a hot summer day. Settle down on the comfortable white couch, sip on a lemonade and enjoy the cool wind from the ceiling fan. Fantastic!

Charming Details

living room ceiling fans 15 1618554
This living room is awash in charming details, such as the shiplap accent wall, transom windows and wide planked wood floors. Pops of dark brown found in the picture frame, ceiling fan and leather couch add color to the serene space.

Light and Dark

living room ceiling fans 16 389851210
Check out how these homeowners use light and dark colors to create a space that is cohesive and serene. The large, dark cabinets provide storage as well as a place to hang the flat-screen television. The light-colored walls and honey blond wood floors provide a serene juxtaposition to the dark cabinetry.