Back in the day, chandeliers were reserved for grand dining halls, dramatic entries and festive ballrooms. While they were used primarily as a light source, chandeliers were also considered decoration or jewelry for the residence. Things haven’t changed much over the years with regard to chandeliers. Sure, styles and designs have evolved but they are still considered the bling in a room.

Fast forward to today. Chandeliers are statement pieces and focal points that illuminate a room with class, sophistication, drama or whimsy. They can be found in all shapes and sizes. Chandeliers span the design spectrum from classic cut crystal and hammered iron to subdued silver and modern glass creations.

You can find chandeliers for any room of the house. Hang one over your patio to add a chic vibe to outdoor gatherings. A petite and sparkling chandelier is perfect for a nursery, powder room, closet or over the tub in the master bathroom.

No single design element has more of a transformative effect on a room than a new chandelier. It can completely change the look and feel of a space with the flip of a switch. This gorgeous gallery of chandeliers will help you find just the right ones for your home.

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Fabulous designer wallpaper and a pair of vintage 1950s chairs accent the lounge space of this New York City apartment. Overhead, a Murano glass chandelier from Italy brings a touch of sophistication to this over-the-top space.

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This designer living room features an art deco daybed upholstered in plush cotton velvet, gold and white striped walls and a neutral color palette. The look is very Parisian apartment thanks to the dazzling crystal chandelier and matching sconce.

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This dining nook gets a dash of luxury with the addition of whimsical furniture and a classic chandelier. Bright red shades take this silver chandelier from ordinary to extraordinary. The owner continued the eclectic look by introducing a turquoise table and chairs. Crimson upholstery ties everything together.

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Perfect for bringing the look of a mountain lodge to your dining room, this antler chandelier is stylish and rustic in the same breath. The lights appear as lit candles flickering from within the antlers. Its graceful curves add a natural refinement to the space.

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Think beyond the dining room and entry when considering chandelier lighting. A chandelier in the bathroom, bedroom, closet or music room will inject a huge amount personality in any of these spaces, plus add a layer of light that table lamps and recessed fixtures can’t match.

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The chandelier in this space has all the charm of an antique but it is a cleverly designed custom reproduction. If you have a room renovation in the works but aren’t set on a fixture, think about your favorite locations as inspiration. The owners love visiting the French Quarter in New Orleans, so this chandelier an ideal choice.

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If you have an old chandelier that’s looking a bit dated, don’t hesitate to grab a can of spray paint and have fun! This old brass number was hanging in the dining room until the homeowner decided to paint it sunny yellow and move it to her son’s room.

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This chandelier was custom designed for this eat-in kitchen. It deftly bridges the gap between urban, industrial and modern. Each of the five bulbs are enclosed in a metal wire cage and suspended from multiple hangers. The rusty iron bronze finish works particularly well with the black cabinetry and checkerboard floor tile.

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On the terrace of this mountain retreat, a massive wrought iron and wood chandelier presides over cookouts and family get-togethers. The materials are the perfect choice for this rustic outdoor room.

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Reminiscent of a stylized arachnid, this ultra-modern chandelier lights up the dining space and complements the Saarinen tulip table and chairs. The shape of the chandelier mimics the round table, creating a cohesive mid-century look that can’t be beat.

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This custom harvest table and rustic iron chandelier have enjoyed many a Malibu sunset together over the years. The forged iron paired with rich hardwood is a timeless and luxurious combination in this casual dining space. The electric candlelight is tempered by opalized glass hurricanes, casting a glow that echoes the setting sun.

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These homeowners say you can never have too many chandeliers or styles in one space. The ornate iron chandelier over the seating area is a bit of luxury the wife loves. The contemporary chandelier over the dining table is a favorite of the husband. When they downsized they wanted to keep both. They did and installed them in the same room. It totally works.

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If possible, go bigger with a dining room chandelier. Allow for several feet of clearance from adjacent walls and furniture pieces. The general rule is to hang them between 30 and 36 inches from the tabletop. Oversized chandeliers consume a lot of visual space so it’s fine to hang them slightly higher than the standard.

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Draw attention to your luxurious bed by illuminating it with a statement chandelier. You can center it over the bed or hang it toward the headboard. Don’t hang it too low—you don’t want to bump your head or jostle it when making the bed. Hang it high enough so as not to obstruct your line of sight.

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This elegant crystal showstopper is a perfect example of repetition in design. The light fixture mimics the shape of the table as well as the tile pattern below. The shimmering crystals add an air of deco luxury and complement the glassware in the bar hutch.

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An industrial chandelier with exposed Edison bulbs is the perfect fixture for this open loft bedroom. Despite the homeowner’s initial apprehension, the funky chic fixture has become a favorite and the focal point of the room. It adds just the right amount of modern luxury to the space.

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This lucky homeowner was able to convert an unused bedroom into a luxury walk-in-closet. The center island serves as a dresser and display area for jewelry and accessories. The addition of the chandelier lights up the space and lets the world know a true diva resides here!

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A traditional chandelier looks great here even though there’s nothing formal about the space. This simple yet elegant scrolled iron chandelier makes a huge statement in this loft and enhances the room’s hip vibe. The additional of another fixture like the floor lamp provides task lighting but the chandelier take center stage.

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Here is a bathroom full of luxurious details and spa-like amenities including a whirlpool tub lit with a stunning silver chandelier. To take a relaxing soak, make sure the fixture is installed with a dimmer switch. That way you can dim the lights and tune out the world.

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This entry was in need of serious help when the homeowners purchased the place. The existing fixture in the two-story foyer was way too small. The entry needed something with a beefy diameter as well as height. They settled on a multi-level chandelier that fits the space perfectly and provide the right amount of light to greet guests.

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Try to use one type of metal throughout a space. If you have silver curtain rods and door hardware, go with a chandelier that has a similar finish. This modern chandelier features dark metal and wiring. It complements the dark metal stair railing and window frames.

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A delicate beaded crystal chandelier might be considered out of place in an outdoor space but in this secluded patio setting it actually works quite well. It combines luxury and nature with a bit of whimsy and casts a romantic glow on an evening of cocktails and intimate conversation.

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Chandeliers come in many shapes and sizes. This one happens to be a multi-pendant fixture. The owners wanted a drop-dead chandelier but couldn’t agree on the style. They compromised on this contemporary fixture that works beautifully with the furnishings. To add to the chandelier’s scale, they painted the tray insert dark brown to mimic the area rug below.

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Candelabra adorn this graceful oversized chandelier that is perfect scale for the room. From clear curved arms to the chrome frame, every last detail is pleasing to the eye and looks as though it was custom made for the space. Black silk shades top each bulb and delicate crystal drops provide even more drama in this luxurious living room.

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Don’t shy away from a big chandelier in a small room. It will totally work if you find the right one. A thin-framed metal chandelier with long, graceful arms like this one is perfect and won’t take up too much visual space.

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A chandelier that is too small can make a space feel unbalanced. In this room that’s almost the case. The addition of coordinating sconces makes up for the chandelier’s diminutive size. Use this handy tip: Add your room’s length and width together and use that number as the diameter (in inches) for your chandelier.

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A chandelier doesn’t have to match the style of your house. If you live in a traditional home, there’s no rule that says your chandelier has to be awash in crystals. Here, a Renaissance-style metal fixture is a nice choice for this bathroom vanity area. In a contemporary space, try an ornate chandelier as a fun departure.

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As you shop for chandeliers, narrow down the ones you are particularly drawn to. Look at them close up then stand back and imagine how they would look in your room. Better yet, snap a photo with your phone and use photo editing software to try them out in your room.

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The type of chandelier you choose for a room depends on the type of mood you wish to convey. Here, the homeowner wanted a simple bistro feel so they chose a round capiz shell chandelier in gold. It creates a lovely vignette with a touch of luxury and sparkle.

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When selecting a chandelier, consider what is required to clean and maintain the fixture. Some metals need polishing, they all require regular dusting and glass surfaces should be cleaned periodically with a mild solution of soap and water to keep them sparkling. And don’t forget about changing the bulbs as they burn out.

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The logical choice for this remote mountain cabin is an impressive antler chandelier. These fixtures are one-of-a kind creations that work particularly well with country, lodge and rustic interior styles. This large-diameter fixture illuminates the dining and living areas with the help of several strategically placed recessed can lights.

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A chandelier hung over a child’s play space? Why not! It’s hard to imagine what little girl wouldn’t be delighted gazing up that this luxurious lighting fixture fit for a princess. This little one will surely grow up with an appreciation of interior design.

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We absolutely adore these glamorous orb chandeliers! Austrian crystal adds a big dose of luxury to this well-appointed seating area. They create the perfect balance for this contemporary design. The fixtures manage to grab your attention without interfering with the clean lines of the space.

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Why have one magnificent chandelier when you can have a pair? This loft living space was designed to greet guests as they enter the home and as a common entertaining space. Never skimp on lighting when trying to illuminate a large space with towering ceilings. Small fixtures would get lost. These are just the right scale.

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In this classically designed kitchen, a traditional black chandelier with cloth shades is the perfect pairing against the crisp white background. Hanging above the eat-in table, it serves as mood lighting for dinner and provides task lighting for the cook.

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This chandelier was rescued at a rummage sale and now stylishly graces the home office space. A bit of cleaning, a few replacement crystals and new wiring have given this almost antique a luxurious look and new lease on life.

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The ornate chandelier and library table are the first things you see as you enter this country estate. The chandelier blends Hollywood chic and European country casting a romantic glow throughout the foyer and adjacent areas.

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This chandelier brings to mind a time when furnishings were handcrafted. The metal and wood fixture would fit well in either a rustic or urban setting. Subdued lighting is created with a series of candle bulbs that give off just the right glow for an intimate dinner party.

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Nothing kills a relaxing mood more than blinding bright bulbs. They not only interfere with quiet conversation, they also detract from picturesque views. Tone down the annoying glare by adding a dimmer to the wall switch.