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If your child has a favorite color, it makes it so much easier to start decorating their room. Especially if that color is pink or blue. Just about every theme has some kind of stuff in those colors.

But I get asked about orange a bit. Your choices seem to be a bit narrower with a color like that. (Which I don’t get since it’s such a fun, happy color.) I got to thinking about orange bedroom ideas and just where to start in trying to create one.

An obvious one is sports bedding. From Tennessee, Clemson or Texas, there are quite a few choices at the college level. Add in the Tigers, Giants, Bengals and more at the professional level and you’ve got a few options. Unless that’s not your child’s team. Sports bedding is an easy route, but also harder since we’re loyal to specific teams.

So let’s think a bit. You could go with a fairly generic theme and just look for orange bedding with in that. I’m thinking polka dots, stripes, plaids. Heck, even something like cars or birds can be done in orange.

Then there are the things that are actually orange. Let’s say – fire, basketballs, tigers, giraffes, sunsets. Use any of those elements as your main one and now you could have a fireman room or basketball room or jungle room or beach room.

Brainstorm your own list and see what kinds of great ideas you can come up with!

(FYI – the huge orange thing in the picture is the Fatboy Junior bean bag chair in orange. Totally fun for any room.)

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