Let’s celebrate the beautiful functionality of dark colored kitchen cabinets. Dark colored kitchen cabinets don’t show stains as easily as light colored cabinets and, therefore, are much easier to keep clean.

Dark colored cabinets work in almost any kitchen, such as dark cherry for a country kitchen or black for a modern kitchen. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, it’s sometimes best to stay in the dark.

Beautiful Apartment Kitchen

This apartment’s kitchen proves that dark kitchens aren’t overwhelming. The pairing of sleek jet black cabinets with stainless steel countertops and appliances results in a kitchen that is modern and elegant. The sharp juxtaposition of the dark kitchen area to the light that abound within the abutting eating area makes this space feel like a modern art gallery.

A Cook’s Kitchen

This is truly a cook’s kitchen. Behold the four stoves, multiple burners and restaurant-size refrigerator. The copious amount of usable counter space is ideal for everything from prepping for dinner to rolling out bread dough. The large windows, unobstructed by curtains, let in ample sunlight which is gorgeously reflected in the polished concrete floors.

Upscale Touches

Upscale touches are what make this kitchen pack a design punch. Stainless steel appliances, from the ventilation hood to the stoves, look elegant when paired with the rich cocoa brown cabinets. The use of the same color tile for both the backspace and floor make the space feel larger than it is.

Elegant and Contemporary

Take in this contemporary and elegant kitchen. The combination of black cabinets and multiple stainless steel appliances lend a upscale feel which is delightfully counterbalanced by the rustic undertones of the butcher block countertops. Under-cabinet lighting keep the room from feeling too dark and cramped.

Duality at Work

This kitchen shows you how to work with dark and light cabinets. The lower cabinets, all of which are black and outfitted with modern black drawer pulls, perfectly complement the stainless steel stove. The frosted white door fronts of the upper cabinet reflect the abundance of natural light and complement the white countertop. The tile backsplash ties the look together by using colors found within the entire space.

Cozy Kitchen

This kitchen proves that a family kitchen can look like a designer showroom. The dark cabinetry coupled with dark hardwood floors look elegant when paired the granite countertops and backsplash.

Gorgeous Granite

This is a dream kitchen for someone who likes to both cook and entertain. The large kitchen island is a great place for guests to sit while the host prepares dinner and, later when the meal is done, becomes the perfect spot to lay out the goodies and guests can help themselves. Note the upscale touches such as the ornate hanging light fixtures. Goodness, even the faucets are beautiful!

Modern Details

Sleek black cabinets take center stage in this modern kitchen. The black-and-white tiled backsplash unite the black cabinetry and countertop with the stark white walls. The homeowners’ thoughtful choice of a contemporary cut-out design adds art where you would least expect it. The bold yellow Roman curtain adds color and whimsy.

Kitchen with a View

Steel gray kitchen cabinets outfitted with oversize stainless steel handles make this contemporary kitchen stand out. The dark gray is the ideal color to pair with the white countertop, which seems to effortlessly blend into the white window trim. One question, who can complain about washing the dishes when enjoying the view from this kitchen?

Kitchen Fit For a King

This apartment kitchen is a feast for the eyes. From the black cabinets with gold details to the black and gold chandelier, this kitchen screams regal. The regal touches continue with the dramatic ceiling-to-floor window treatments and the elegant marble floor.

Minimalist Kitchen with Maximum Impact

This modern kitchen has all of the must-have amenities, such as an undermount kitchen sink and flat-paneled cabinets with gleaming black finish. The same chic cabinet fronts also disguise the appliances. The real design gem is black paint that not only acts as a transition from the kitchen to the dining space, but highlights the kitchen island.

Kitchen as Art

This contemporary kitchen is full of interesting geometric details, such as the cube-shaped drawer pulls that reflect the larger cube-shaped overhead cabinets. The ventilation hood is a statement piece, especially when paired with muted yellows and golds of the backsplash.

Luxurious Family Kitchen

This family kitchen is the ideal spot to prepare anything from the Thanksgiving turkey to the tacos for Taco Tuesday. Granite countertops are one of many upscale touches in this kitchen. Other features include the double ovens, expansive refrigerator and wall-mounted microwave, all of which are in stainless steel.

Sleek Stainless Steel

Flat-panel black cabinets shine when paired with stainless steel appliances. The open shelving continues theme with a stainless steel ice bucket and glasses on prominent display. The ventilation hood, also in stainless steel, looks like a contemporary art fixture.

Modern and Sleek

Stainless steel appliances pop when paired with black flat-paneled cabinetry. The use of a simple color palette, silver, black and white, allows the kitchen to take center stage.

Shiny and Sleek

This must be the kitchen of an avant garde chef. The flat-paneled cabinetry is gleaming, sleek and ultra-modern. However, the kitchen isn’t all about appearances. The double ovens and induction cooktop are the tools of an experienced cook. The lack of countertop clutter highlights the beautiful butcher block.

Spacious and Luxurious

This family kitchen allows the cook to take care of tasks in the kitchen while still entertaining guests. Not only is there plenty of seating at the kitchen counter for guests to sit and talk, but the spacious kitchen opens onto the family room. Thoughtful uses of the color black, from the kitchen cabinetry to the family room artwork, keep the two spaces cohesive and unified.

Formal Family Kitchen

Not all family kitchens need to be casual. This formal family kitchen is a show stopper, from the leaded glass-front cabinets to the arched ceiling that highlights the arched window. The use of natural stone for the ventilation hood, backsplash and floor tiles make this an unforgettable space.

Gorgeous Galley

This galley kitchen is not the standard cramped galley kitchen. The extension of kitchen cabinetry into the adjoining dining area creates a spacious galley in which two or more home cooks could easily work together. The abundance of built-in cabinets and restaurant-style cooktop could make this kitchen every home cook’s dream kitchen.

Move-In Ready

Classic touches make this kitchen the showpiece of this move-in ready home. Dark cabinets paired with stainless steel appliances create a space that works for those with contemporary or country decor preferences. The tile backsplash beautifully incorporates the browns, tans and blacks at play in the kitchen.

Chic Commercial Kitchen

Home cooks could learn from this commercial kitchen, such as the abundance of closed cabinets and the glass backsplash that makes the kitchen feel larger than it actually is. Two ovens are even more invaluable when not placed side-by-side, but spaced apart from each other. This allows for two cooks to use both ovens, but not intrude on each other’s space. The use of stainless steel for the countertop and cabinet hardware creates stylish continuity.

Let the Sun Shine In

What a space! The skylight allows for plenty of natural light which showcases the many design elements at work in the kitchen. The classic dark cabinets complement the stainless steel refrigerator and commercial-style stove. The orange subway tile with dark grout work beautifully with the two different types of countertop.

Modern and Clean

This kitchen reflects a skillful balance of thoughtful design and unexpected whimsy. The shiny white countertops paired with the brown cabinets is a classic color combination. This combination is beautifully enhanced by the gray ceramic floor tiles. However, the stainless steel oven, backsplash and ventilation hood pop when paired with whimsical orange painted wall.

Clean and Sleek

Homeowners are wise to look to this commercial kitchen, and others, for ideas on how to best equip their own home kitchen. The use of stainless steel for the expansive countertop, cooktop and ventilation hood create a look that is cohesive and chic as well as easy to maintain. Another good tip is the open shelving devoted to cookbook storage.

Futuristic and Fun

This space defies conventional design wisdom. The dark walls paired with red-colored panels make the room feel like an ultra hip nightclub and not a kitchen. The modern mesh chairs offer seating as well as style.

Bright and Spacious

This kitchen screams for dark cabinets. The brightness from the white vaulted ceiling and expanse of floor-to-ceiling windows need to be balanced by dark cabinets and countertops. Lest the space get too dark, additional color is brought in via the orange tile backsplash.

Luxurious Touches Abound

This is kitchen is sleek, luxurious and inviting. The tile backsplash beautifully reflects the paneled black cabinetry, marble tile floor and stainless steel appliances. Gorgeous and convenient features abound, from the extendable faucet over the cooktop to the backsplash-mounted storage rail for spoons and other tools. The oversize pendant lighting add elegance and drama.

Commercial Appeal

Check out this chic commercial kitchen. This kitchen is a cook’s dream, from the copious amounts of countertop prep space to the two sinks faucets, one extendable and the other standard. The stainless steel countertops are void of any clutter or decorative items, the only items out are useful tools and ingredients. Simplicity at its best.