I was tracking down bird bedding sets the other day. It’s always interesting just how much unrelated stuff comes up when you are trying to be very specific about what you want. (Which is why I have a job here, BTW.)

But, that’s also how you make serendipitous finds, like artist Andi Bird. Her artwork has been taken by DENY Designs and used on home decor items, including duvet covers. She has a definite quirk to her style, which makes these just perfect for a teen’s bedroom.

For the most part, they haren’t gender specific, but they are very sensibility specific. Meaning you need a teen with a taste for the slightly different and whimsical for sure. I mean, come on! One of the designs is called “Misfits” for goodness sake. (It’s the colorful one in the picture at the top, BTW.) One of my other favorites is a colorful version of Keep Calm And Carry On, a trendy design concept right now.

I picked out three others of hers to highlight here that would be great options for a teen bedroom. The “Waz Up?” uses some of the same misfits from that design, only in black on a kind of pale green-gray background. Ride A Bike is shown in white below, but also comes with an aqua background. The various colors of the bikes give you a lot of room to play in the rest of the bedroom. Finally, Alligator Love, which I picked just because, well, alligators are very underrepresented in the bedding realm, and it’s really a cool design.

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