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Cowboys abound everywhere for kids bedrooms. No problem doing up a boy’s room with cowboy gear. But your little cowgirl might have a tougher time of it.

What to do? Step one is to help your girl define just what cowgirl means to her. Is it cowboy stuff only in pink? Is it horses? Is it wild west? Each of these decisions play a role in your eventual choices.

Elements to keep in mind for any cowgirl theme would be horses, cow print, horseshoes, cowboy hats, boots, rope, fences (wood or barbed), sky, rusty metal and saddles. All gender neutral items that you can build the room with once you’ve picked your colors.

Prints to consider including would be a cow print or some sort of bandana or paisley. Also consider how you could use denim or leather in the bedding. I could so see a denim comforter, cow print bedskirt, and cow print, bandana and leather throw pillows as an option.

Lots of choices to make to get a cowgirl bedroom theme off the ground. I think we’ll be coming back to this one a few times.

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