The 2013 summer movie season is over – at the theaters at least. But summer movies targeted to kids are typically where we find not only what’s going to be hot for Christmas, but also new bedding and kids room decor ideas.

What always surprises me is how often the most popular movies have absolutely nothing you can use to decorate with beyond the odd movie poster. Take Despicable Me 2 for example. Top grossing, highly popular. And the only thing you can find is a few wall decals over at RoomMates. (Nothing against them – they’re adorable. But still.)

Same goes for the sequel to Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and the third Iron Man movie. I was so hoping we’d get some new bedding with this one, but we’re stuck with getting-hard-to-find designs from the first two. (There were some new wall decal designs, though.) This wasn’t the case with the new Superman movie, thank goodness. We finally got some bedding out that wasn’t costing a bundle just from the scarcity of it.

Fortunately, we can always count on Disney, right? The release of Monsters University totally overshadowed Planes, but we did get bedding and decor from each. And there’s still the possibility we’ll see items from Frozen once that releases later this year. Not from Disney, but Turbo, which did better than expected at the box office, has a few bedding items out, although I’m still waiting to see some decor pop up.

The other big movie kids were waiting for was the second Smurfs, and while there are a few duvet covers out with images from the new CGI drawings, a lot of what I can find (in furniture at least) is taken from the original cartoons we remember from the 80s. Not quite the same thing.

Here’s the list of what I have so far and keep updated so you can find the latest thing:

  • Turbo – bedding
  • Monsters University – bedding, decor, wall decals
  • Disney Planes – bedding, decor
  • Smurfs – bedding, furniture, wall decals
  • Iron Man – bedding, decor, wall decals
  • Superman – bedding, blankets, decor, wall decals

So, what movie were you hoping to get to decorate with?

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