The color green is often overlooked when people choose color schemes for their bathrooms. Other colors, such as blue or white, are popular and for good reason. Both work with any style and both work to create a soothing space. Guess what? The same goes for green. Try using one of the many varied shades of green and your house guests may just be green with envy.

Dark Greenn

Dark green walls make a stunning complement to the white bead board, fixtures and subway tile. The use of black tiles in the honeycomb tile floor add subtle color.

Lime Green Lookern

This lime green walls of this bathroom are eye-catching. The white moulding and fixtures look crisp and clean against the lime green. The dark brown vanity, brown tile floor and patterned shower curtain bring in additional colors as well as visual interest.

Sea Glassn

This home’s bathroom looks like a luxurious spa with its sea glass green tile walls. The unique shaped sink looks like artwork while the wood floor and ceiling make the space feel cozy. The skylight lets in an abundance of natural light.

Corner Tub

The corner bathtub of this bathroom commands your attention. The gold touches, found in the fixtures, mirror frame and the tub’s clawfoot, add a touch of glamor. The ornate purple shower curtains, with its scalloped valance, continue the glamor.

Green Tilen

The combination of small green, black and lime green tiles lend a classic, but unique feel to this bathroom. The small tiles allow the homeowners to accessorize the bathroom with a variety of colors. The pops of white, found in the moulding and artwork, lend a crispness to the space.

Terrific Tilesn

This bathroom shows how to use several different varieties of tile at once. The green marble wall tile complements the tan tiles that line the bathtub surround and a portion of the wall. Neither tile competes for visual attention with the wood-look floor tiles. Overall, this bathroom feels very influenced by nature.

Hip to be Squaren

The square shape of the fixtures lend true visual interest to this modern, sparsely decorated bathroom. The use of green tiles on both the floor and walls in conjunction with the glass shower door makes this room feel spacious.

Bamboo Beautyn

This bathroom seems to be designed to mimic the colors of the bamboo plant. The tan walls look the bamboo stalk and the green walls look like the bamboo leaves. The pops of white make the space pop. The bathtub is simple and elegant.

Vintage Beautyn

This vintage green tile bathroom is a blast from the past. The mix of lime green and bright sunshine yellow tiles make this bathroom feel like summer all year long. Other vintage touches include the wall-mounted light fixture and pedestal sink.

Tile Varietyn

These homeowners know how to use different variety of tiles. The large, light-green floor tiles balance wall tiles which feature a combination of large white tiles and narrow rectangular green tiles. The brown cabinetry lends a pop of color.

Classic and Greenn

This bathroom shows that light sage green walls complement classic touches such as white subway tile and white bead board. The white and black honeycomb tile completes the classic look.

Awesome Angles

This bathroom boasts an interesting use of a home’s awkward angles and an interesting use of unusual tiles. This bathroom works, despite its odd angles. The toilet is tucked into the corner and the glass bowl sink is easily accessible. The artistic tiles, featuring photos of flowers and artistic scribble effects, add even more visual interest.

Open and Spacious

This modern bathroom is open and spacious. The long tub looks like the ideal spot for a post workout soak while the open shower, with rainfall showerhead, is the perfect spot for a relaxing shower. The wood-look floor tile perfectly complements the white floor tiles.

Green Mosaic

The curved wall of this green mosaic tile shower surround is the coolest. Other interesting design elements at work here include the pedestal sink and glass wall that separates the tub from the reminder of the bathroom.

Spacious Stunner

This large bathroom is stunning. The tan tile walls and countertop beautifully complement the sage green wall color. The double sinks, plus the abundance of countertop and cabinet space, allow for tons of essential storage.

Bright and Airy

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Light green walls make the white wall tile of this bathroom shine and sparkle. The unique shape of the washbasin adds visual interest.

Modern and Bright

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Large green tiles, used for the walls, vanity and mirror surround, lends a sense of calm to this spacious bathroom. The chrome accents and use of white tiles for the floor and some of the walls make the space feel spa-like.

Fit for a Family

This large bathroom looks like the ideal choice to accommodate the needs of a family. The double sinks, in addition to the long countertop and abundant cabinet space, provides tons of storage. The many bright vanity lights provide ample ambient lighting and the striped shower curtain provides a subtle touch of color that unifies the entire space.

Interesting Built-Ins

This small bathroom shows how to maximize a small space. The built-in next to the tub provides storage in the cabinet as well as a place to stash your bathing supplies on top. The use of white for the bead board, moulding, door and fixtures makes the space feel bigger than it is.