Grey is the new, trendy neutral and is the perfect fit for a bedroom. Depending on its undertones, this unassuming color can appear warm or cool, creating a relaxed foundation for virtually any decorating style.

A mere five years ago, grey bedrooms were not even on the mainstream design radar. Neutrals consisted of taupe, beige, tan and off-white. Fast forward a couple of years and grey has taken over as the go-to neutral for walls, bedding, flooring and window treatments.

The newer shades of grey add a sense of class to bedrooms that plain old charcoal grey just couldn’t achieve. Not only has grey matured into a major design force on its own, the color is versatile enough to easily play well with almost every color in the spectrum. That alone makes grey the new favorite among interior designers and retailers.

In this incredible gallery you’ll see grey popping up in bedrooms that range from glam to eclectic. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect shade of grey to create a bedroom you’ll love for years to come.

Grey Mix

bedroom grey bedrooms 01 411278314
When cool grey meets graphic black and white, the result is a bedroom that is both eye-catching and fun. It doesn’t take a lot of black and white to make an impact. In this bedroom a few curated pieces like the pillow shams, rugs and accent table add just enough interest to light up the dark.

Cozy Warmth

bedroom grey bedrooms 02 235921531
We all know earth tones are great for creating a warm and comfy bedroom, but grey has entered the arena and is becoming the go-to color for creating soothing retreats. In this bedroom several shades of grey make the space feel welcoming, private and serene.

Nature Calls

bedroom grey bedrooms 03 10755124
This bedroom has views to a gorgeous garden, so the designer decided to go with a simple grey and white floral palette to emphasize the room’s relationship with nature. Just like nature, there’s a balance between the warm and cool tones inside the bedroom. The soft grey and white create a pleasing space that plays off the garden views beyond.

Deep and Dramatic

bedroom grey bedrooms 04 38130052
Grey is a dark and a very dramatic choice for this high-rise bedroom suite. To keep things from feeling gloomy, it helps to have a large window in the room to let the sun pour in. Add white bed linens to also help brighten the space—they’ll look clean and crisp against the dark bedding and furniture.

Nordic Grey

bedroom grey bedrooms 05 265943168
It all depends on the intensity of the grey as to whether your bedroom looks subtle and sophisticated or bright and cheerful. Because grey can read so many different ways, some people use it as an accent in a white bedroom, like this one. The Scandinavian-inspired space reads clean and simple with just the right touch of grey.

Patterns Galore

bedroom grey bedrooms 06 211603432
This room shows you how to have fun with grey. Loads of patterns show off the mischievous side of this typically serious color. The charcoal grey pattern on the walls and curtains and the soft grey on the bed create a nice contrast, visual interest and a whole lot of whimsy.

Contemporary Elegance

bedroom grey bedrooms 07 142024900
A sleek grey bedroom does not have to be boring. This room’s marbled wall color and area rug get warmed up by the use of rich wood tones. White bedding and flooring round out this pleasingly contemporary palette.

Split Personality

bedroom grey bedrooms 08 326935724
The designer decorated this lake house in modern traditional style. In the formal master bedroom, dove grey linen graces the bed, while graphite silk drapery panels frame the windows. The clean lines of the furniture, the variegated shag rug and funky lamps take this moody grey space from traditional to trendy.

Gender-Neutral Retreat

bedroom grey bedrooms 09 338337014
This bedroom is proof that grey is probably one of the most versatile colors around. It features a soothing palette of tone-on-tone grey. The design succeeds in creating a masculine and feminine blend that suits both homeowners.

Chic Details

bedroom grey bedrooms 10 338337092
If you love a neutral color palette, consider easy peasy grey for your bedroom. Grey is perfect for creating a chic new look in a boring and drab space. This predominately grey palette is highlighted by a cool, graphic wallpaper pattern, chrome pendants and white trim.

Color Pairings

bedroom grey bedrooms 11 353213684
Grey is featured virtually everywhere in design these days, but the grey you choose for your own bedroom relies on the other colors you’ll be using in the space. In this modern LA condo, a steely grey works perfectly with the deep shades of blue in the rug. The neutral grey background allows the blue to pop.

Dark and Cozy

bedroom grey bedrooms 12 373776259
Wallpaper feature walls look fantastic in bedrooms, especially on the wall behind the bed. The birch tree pattern against the dark grey gives the space a delicate and tranquil feel. The look continues with iron grey paint and bedding with white accents. Wrap the entire room in dark grey—why fight it?

Tween Times

bedroom grey bedrooms 13 316632236
Choosing colors for a teenage boy isn’t the easiest of tasks. Neither is designing a room that will take him through high school and beyond. Blue is too predictable, while grey adds a masculine feel that works for any age.

Grey Gallery

bedroom grey bedrooms 14 407371549
In this sleek, grey bedroom the owner’s preference was to display gallery-quality art on the soft pewter headboard wall. Cool grey is a great backdrop for everything from bold abstracts to traditional compositions, allowing this artwork to direct the room’s design and color palette.

Silvery Dreams

bedroom grey bedrooms 15 398818294
A cool sophistication permeates this small bedroom, with its silvery color palette and dark accents. To enhance the silver effect, the designer chose shimmery grey charmeuse curtains and an icy slate satin matelasse quilt and headboard.

Classic Good Looks

bedroom grey bedrooms 16 314420174
Grey and white makes a clean, classic and peaceful combination for a master bedroom. Although, if not executed carefully, it can end up being a bit tedious. This spacious room shows the right way to keep with subtle palette on track. Pattern and texture are key: The white textured headboard wall and the graphic area rug carry the monochrome color scheme through the space.

Easy Design

bedroom grey bedrooms 17 376346536
Sometimes, creating the perfect bedroom design is as easy as selecting the perfect paint color. In this home, the owner achieved her calming, minimal space with walls covered in grey cloud. Simple furnishings and touches of grey bedding complete the space.

Dark and Handsome

bedroom grey bedrooms 18 280370042
Dark grey walls are the ticket to instant elegance for your bedroom. This one definitely has an edge with its fireplace and gorgeous wood floors, but any room will benefit from a coat of dark grey with a hint of sheen. It’s the perfect contrast for a room with white trim and accessories. You can also offset the dark hue with sparkling fixtures like the sconces and chandelier.

Work/Sleep Space

bedroom grey bedrooms 19 319586522
Grey takes this combination dual purpose space to the next level by showcasing the room’s artistic shelving and modern furniture pieces. A medium grey like this won’t compete with the other subtle colors in the space, but provides enough emphasis to make the wall system pop.

Glamour Shot

bedroom grey bedrooms 20 259650731
Grey plays several roles in this glamorous bedroom, from the deep masculine charcoal accent walls and bedspread to the shimmering effect of the reflective silver wall and ceiling treatment. This grey room exemplifies elegance and seduction at the same time.

Color Boost

bedroom grey bedrooms 21 411313582
To add excitement a grey room, throw in a touch or two of vivacious red. A couple of pillows and accent chairs are plenty to up the fun quotient in this teen’s eclectic bedroom.

Tonal Luxury

bedroom grey bedrooms 22 316558694
This luxurious bedroom is a work of monochromatic perfection. When you decorate with shades of a single color, it is crucial to add loads of texture, which this bedroom has in spades. Wood, glass, metal and sumptuous fabrics add character and personality keeping it out of the doldrums.

Formal Features

bedroom grey bedrooms 23 337119620
The curving lines of classic furnishings are tastefully highlighted by the room’s Coventry grey walls. More than a half dozen related hues fill in the space from bedding to the drapery panels. A range of grey creates the formal feel for this grand bedroom.

Quirky, Stylish Bedroom

bedroom grey bedrooms 24 370340261
Multiple shades of warm grey mix beautifully with cream, white and taupe to create a space that makes one feel right at home. This world traveler wanted a peaceful and welcoming space. The monochromatic neutrals are the perfect choice to achieve that end.

Light and Bright

bedroom grey bedrooms 25 55597804
Prevent a light grey space from feeling to cold and barren by playing up elements like texture and pattern. Tonal bedrooms require more visual interest to develop character. In this bedroom, both texture and pattern were realized by introducing the shaggy rug and installing unfinished shiplap wall paneling.

The Great Outdoors

bedroom grey bedrooms 26 142032244
Part of this grey bedroom’s color palette is the verdant view from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The two colors together convey a sense of health and well being, making grey the ideal choice for the bedroom. If you don’t have the real deal right outside, incorporate touches of green inside your space to create the same tranquil effect.

Creating Mood

bedroom grey bedrooms 27 408900043
Grey can affect your mood and energy level. It is a soothing, tranquil color, making it a great choice for the bedroom. For those with hectic lives and work schedules, it’s doubly important to create a relaxing atmosphere to nourish your soul at the end of each day.

Strong Elements

bedroom grey bedrooms 28 359051792
In a guest bedroom with a number of strong architectural elements, it is best to keep the palette limited to textured neutrals as in this grey bedroom. Normally a combination of a tray ceiling, crown molding and wall detail would overwhelm a tiny space, but the muted grey colors and textures work to counteract those hard lines.