If the kitchen is referred to as the most populated space in the house, or the place where everyone gathers, the bathroom is the most used private space in every home. While one may share a bathroom with a spouse or sibling, it is ideally used in private.  Time alone in the bathroom is considered true personal time and is when an individual relaxes, decompresses, and is left to be with his thoughts.

Besides its functional purpose, bathrooms are also a great space to add your personal touches and preferences. If things are looking monotonous and boring, you can always touch it up with a fresh coat of paint. Painting a bathroom is a good DIY project and does not have to be expensive. If you’re doing a home makeover, you can also start working on the bathroom first and move on to other parts of the house slowly until you’re confident enough to tackle the larger rooms in  the house.

If you’re wondering what is the best paint for bathrooms, we’d like to offer some suggestions that can work whatever season and regardless of how small or large your bathrooms are.  Here are some paint colors you can play with.


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Teal is a vivid and bright color that immediately adds personality to any bathroom. It gives a relaxed and laid back vibe because it is reminiscent of the ocean and the sky. This color is great for modern bathroom designs and work really well for solid-colored backsplashes and tiles pop. You can apply the color on the walls and ceiling and decorate with an aquatic or nautical theme for some fun.

Bold Black

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Black is a dramatic color for bathrooms and it is also very masculine.  When combined with silver fixtures and accents it makes for a very elegant and sophisticated modern bathroom. Black walls and ceilings can also be paired with grey or black tiles.


epoxy bathroom paint metallic paint in bathroom gold shower wall epoxy oyster epoxy paint bathroom sink

Why be content with semi gloss paint when you can have metallic colors for your bathroom? This metallic offers a cool and modern feel to the space. The metallic sheen can constrast nicely with cool tone colors. For example, tiles and backsplashes in shades of blue and white, and silver fixtures. You can tie the look together with a floating countertop or bathroom sink and vanity.


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Magenta is not a common paint for bathroom, but it can certainly make a difference in a girl’s bathroom or powder room. If you want to make the room feel feminine but fierce, magenta walls and ceilings can do the trick. You can decorate it with softer pinks and other pastel colors to balance the color combination. The trick to painting bathrooms is to always balance them with the fixtures used. For bold paint colors counteract them with pale pink or peach toilets, bath tubs and sinks.

Textured Blue


One of the best ways to add personality and character to bathroom walls is to paint them with textured paint finish. This means that the walls already have several coatings of plain paint color underneath. The final coat will be of a different texture and pattern to create a 3D appearance. This is better than adding wallpaper because paint for bathroom are more water and moisture resistant. Whereas wallpaper eventually crack and peel off over time.

Geometric Prints


If you want to add more challenge to your DIY project, try layering paint colors to create interesting geometric patterns.  What’s even more challenging is to use different paint colors to create the shapes. They do not have to be perfect, in fact you can ask your kids (if you already have them) to help along. It will create a great conversation piece and will also be a memorable experience for you. Don’t forget to take videos while repainting the bathroom walls for documentation!

Dandelion Yellow

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Some painted bathrooms end up looking clinical and boring, so why not veer away from that and try a pretty shade of yellow paint color. You can use this on the bathroom ceiling and the doors to make the small space stand out. For contrast, apply white paint on the bathroom walls. If you want the best results, apply an initial coat of white paint as your base before you add brighter colors to your bathrooms.

Hot, Hot Red

high gloss acrylic wall panels in a red color high gloss bathroom paint 2 1203 x 805

Red is also not a common color for bathrooms, but you can use it as an interior paint color or as an interesting color for your tiles or flooring. Do-it-yourselfers will be surprised to see that there varying shades of red paint can make a bathroom more interesting and personal.  You can use a different type of paint for the ceiling and the walls. For example, have one in semi gloss, and one in matte or a more subdued hue. This will work well with all-white ceramic fixtures.

Sage Green

Soothing shades of green work well in the kitchen, but it also evokes a relaxing mood or ambience in bathrooms. Find a type of paint that is available in different gradients and paint the bathrooms with several shades of green. You can try a lighter shade at the walls or ceilings and darker ones on the floor or the wall accents.


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You can prevent having a monochromatic bathroom by paint the walls orange. How light or how dark depends on the available paint color, but you can have this specially prepared for you at any reputable supply store. You can even choose one that’s mildew resistant or odor free if you have kids or adults living with you who are sensitive to paint smells. Use bright bathroom paint on doors, cabinets, and near the vanity. Add small potted plants or succulents to complete the garden look and feel of these paint colors.

At the end of the day, you will still decide what theme or bathroom painting color scheme will work best for you. For the busy homeowners, you can order the best paint online. You can find a wide selection of bathroom paints which are available in different gradients and sizes – so you don’t have to buy a while lot of paint colors for such a small space.

Don’t hesitate to ask your vendor or supplier about the type of paint they carry in their stores.