Step inside the private sanctuary of the master bedroom. It’s a place disconnected from the outside world. The master bedroom is a sensual retreat designed to pamper and delight. Unfortunately, it is the one room that most homeowners leave until the very last to decorate. Give it the prominence it deserves. You are worth the effort.

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A luxury master bedroom can mean anything from ornate and sumptuous to sleek and minimal. However, it should have a touch of sophistication, comfortable furnishings and an unforgettable presence. A space you’ll look forward to coming home to every day.

If you think all master bedrooms are created equal, think again. Check out our gallery of the most luxurious, desirable and over-the-top designs ever imagined. Each of these master bedrooms reflects diverse personal tastes, styles and individual lifestyles. What they all share is a sense of solitude and serenity—a place to nurture the mind, body and spirit.

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Reach for sky in this midtown master bedroom. The platform bed and integrated nightstands are designed to lay low so they don’t interfere with the focal point of the room—the expansive view. The teak construction is gorgeous and certainly worth mentioning as is the solid stone accent wall and double drum pendant light.

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Consider purchasing artwork created by local artists to make your master bedroom truly personal. The low headboard lets this one-of-a-kind coastal triptic shine. This seaside condo suite reflects the homeowner’s taste with its sleek lines, minimal furnishings and wild zebra rug.

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This master works with a tried and true color palette of brown, blue and tan. The room is divided into two distinct spaces for sleeping and relaxing. The dark plank flooring grounds the space. The homeowner wanted this to be a kid-free, parent-only zone. We think the designer knocked this one out of the park!

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Nothing says luxury more than cushy, fluffy, comfortable bedding. Purchase the best, plushest comforter you can afford and add scads of overstuffed pillows. There’s just something about lots of overfilled pillows—and spring for down instead of poly fill. It will give your master bedroom a sumptuous hotel feel.

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Add a pendant light fixture or chandelier to create an instant sense of luxury in your master bedroom. The hanging fixture should be a statement piece and coordinate with the other design elements in the room. The good news is, it doesn’t have to cost fortune—many retailers have economical options that look like a million!

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Architectural details abound in this South Carolina carriage house. From the built-in window seat to exposed brick that’s well over a century old, this master bedroom exudes southern charm. Throw in a few contemporary design elements like the black bedside chandeliers, platform bed and newly reupholstered antique chair and you’ve got a truly unique and luxurious haven.

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Here’s an upscale take on dude ranch sleeping quarters. This master bedroom exudes far more elegance than any bunkhouses we’ve ever seen! The metal garden tables used for nightstands are the perfect complement to the ornately carved antique bed featring the finest of linens. The colors in the room reflect the great American West. Our favorite piece has to be the bench covered in cowhide—it gives the room a fun, cowboy feel.

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This master bedroom feels just like a luxurious hotel suite. The relaxing seating area is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine as the sun dips below the horizon. The sleeping area features a roomy king bed with super soft linen sheets and duvet cover. The tonal color palette is as comfortable as the furnishings themselves.

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The headboard, bedding, floors and ceiling are done in a creamy neutral hue to establish a serious, masculine feel that’s reinforced by dark wood paneling, furniture and accessories. Recessed lights add dimension to the luxurious master.

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Here is an extremely subdued take on traditional Moorish design. The master bedroom features a wall that divides the room and serves as the headboard. The cutout or pass-through is draped in ethereal silk in the colors of the sand. Hand hammered metal sconces flank the bed. The bed itself is impeccable in its simplicity. White bed linens create a cool respite from the desert heat. The richly colored pillows and silk bed runner provide subtle color.

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This warm, wood-paneled master bedroom is an artful blend of traditional and modern furnishings. The skillful mixing of the items creates an eclectic look that reads luxurious. The faded stripe duvet and decorative pillows give this impressive suite a cozy cabin feel.

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We have found a master bedroom for the ages! These rooms comprise a small portion of an extensive master bedroom suite. Classic and refined, the color palette doesn’t shout, it whispers, “Come in and relax. It’s the perfect afternoon for a nap.” And who could argue? Take a nap, read a book and while away the day without ever leaving the bedroom.

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Don’t be afraid of brown in the bedroom. The right shade of this rich, decadent color can work fabulously as a color for your walls, bedding or accessories. In this master bedroom, the elegant satin duvet and pillows create a beautiful ground for the crisp white sheets and tufted wingback headboard. As long as your room is bright enough, brown can actually lift the mood in a room rather than bringing it down.

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This floor plan works perfectly for the lucky owner of this master bedroom suite. The space includes a four-poster bed and side tables. The fireplace is the focal point. Custom cabinetry is in the adjacent dressing room eliminates the need for any other furniture in the sleeping quarters. Stunning confetti-colored carpet plays well with the begonia comforter and artwork. Recessed cans in the tray ceiling add plenty of general and task lighting.

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Jump into a sumptuously dressed bed, and you’ll be living in the lap of luxury. The bedding in this master bedroom is the perfect example. It is used just like a painter would add color to a canvas. The linens coordinate with the curtains and other soft furnishings in the room. It is a neutral color scheme that works beautifully in the space.

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Inspired by her client’s heritage, this designer created a Parisian artist’s loft in a downtown warehouse. This master bedroom design incorporates unfinished floor planks, exposed brick walls and support beams. A metal French canopy bed takes center stage in the space, giving the loft space a feminine feel.

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This master suite is all about the glam. The fabrics, wall color and lighting in the room were chosen to reflect and bounce light around the room. A custom bed frame features linen fabric with metallic threads. The chandelier and companion table lamps shimmer in the afternoon sun and cast a glow onto the glazed taupe wall paint.

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For a touch of drama, this homeowner used various intensities of black and gray in fabrics as well as in the rug, headboard, feature wall and accessories. Subtle differences in pattern and texture bring contemporary elements to what would be considered classic interior design.

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This master bedroom may be narrow but it packs a big design punch. The draperies and sheers are motorized allowing for room darkening at night and privacy during the day. The bed with built-in nightstands and wardrobes are the only furnishings in the space. Soft white upholstery and quilted bedding pops against the dark stained flooring. A lacy drum pedant lights the room and repeats the color of the window treatments.

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Master bedrooms with plenty of space can easily accommodate a desk or vanity area. This charming design places the desk opposite the bed and centers the TV directly above. A bedroom can easily handle practical elements while still maintaining an elegant feel.

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Use color to create consistency when using disparate types of furnishings in a master bedroom. The chocolate brown bed frame, nightstand and ceiling beams give the room a pulled together look. A neutral color palette further unites the space. The warm nutmeg wall color and abstract artwork lends a luxurious touch.

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Art deco luxury meets modern technology in this environmentally friendly master bedroom. Practical attributes like energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint blend harmoniously with luxurious furnishings like the chic upholstered headboard and blond maple nightstands. Throw in sumptuous organic bedding and you have a match made in heaven.

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Indoor-outdoor living is the main goal in this tropical retirement condo. This residence, set on a nature preserve, is designed to make the most of the natural surroundings. Oversized sliding doors span the bedroom and patio and, during the hottest months, open to cooling trade winds.

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Most luxury master bedrooms have a statement piece of some kind. A dark wood bed, ornate dresser, gorgeous silk curtains or, in this case, an oversized paneled fireplace wall complete with flat screen television. It commands attention and says someone really important lives here!

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Soft and elegant, this master bedroom has a timeless style with its comforting shades of rust, brown, taupe, sage and white. Luxury is evident in the antique four-poster bed and luscious white cotton comforter and bed curtains. Also present is an upholstered bench anchoring the foot of the bed. Simple art and antique lamps round out the decorative touches.

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One of the easiest ways to take your master bedroom from “comfortable” to downright “incredible” is to add plants. Live flowers, potted plants of all sizes, and trees will transition your space into the luxury category.

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This home situated in the Bavarian forest has gorgeous view, but none compare with those from the master bedroom. The ultra-modern space features low profile furnishings in white and ebony tones, which are purposely in stark contrast to the verdant blanket of fir and spruce trees just outside the massive window.

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What could be better than a master bedroom on a luxury yacht? Nothing we can think of! The luxurious master cabin of this Italian super yacht is nothing short of amazing. From the antique Persian rugs to the impressive wood paneling and built-ins, this bedroom is as large or even larger than most of its landlubbing counterparts.

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Bright, warm tangerine in the bed covers and accessories really pop against gray walls and white trim in this bold master bedroom. The ornately patterned wallpaper, raw wood floors and tufted velvet headboard strike just the right balance of luxury and rusticity in this apartment in the countryside.

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Gray is perfect for a classic master bedroom. This sexy space proves that neutrals don’t have to be boring. The room’s unbeatable combination of subtle variations of gray is done through a very tight palette. The room succeeds in creating a masculine library-like retreat. It is not cool, it’s cozy and envelops you in luxury and keeps things interesting. It’s an ingenius use of monochromes.

bedroom master bedrooms 31 48175255

This master bedroom is big on style and offers plenty of room for total relaxation. It features the utmost in opulence and modern convenience. From the gorgeous 150-year-old walnut flooring to the early American furnishings and exquisite bedding and textiles, this master bedroom is awash in luxurious touches.

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Our featured master suite has a mix of traditional and contemporary furnishings and takes inspiration from a Zen garden. The furniture sources are mixed—some are antique, others constructed of reclaimed wood and the rest of a local manufacturer that promotes responsible environmental practices. The flooring is a sustainable bamboo that holds up just as well as the toughest hardwoods.

bedroom master bedrooms 33 171367469

Weathered pine plank floors with a coat of white paint pay homage to coastal living in this rustic-modern beachside master. White-washed brick walls transition to walls of glass showcasing the stunning aqua sea and powdery white sand beach. Nothing else matters except the simple platform bed in this white-on-white-on-white masterpiece.

bedroom master bedrooms 34 16616497

In this beautifully decorated master bedroom, the designer chose the duvet cover, pillows, tapestry and rug with a variety of pattern and color, layering them to look as though they were collected over time from exotic locales. Set against the backdrop of the antique wooden bed, chest and nightstand, they look right at home.

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One way to create an expensive-looking master bedroom is to keep furnishings to a minimum. There’s nothing luxurious about clutter, so maintain calm with a clear floor free of books, cords and small furniture pieces. Same goes for the walls—less is more. The lighting is all the adornment needed.

bedroom master bedrooms 36 10166194

This casual yet luxurious master bedroom is worlds away—literally and figuratively. It is located on a former sugar cane plantation on an island in the Caribbean. The designer wanted the suite to reflect the area’s British Colonial roots. The dark mahogany four-poster bed, gauzy curtains and natural fiber rug all play into the illusion.

bedroom master bedrooms 37 42872323

Live like a royal in this ornately decorated master bedroom the just screams luxury. Gilt moldings, hand-carved furniture and intricate wall detail add to the room’s elaborate furnishings. Not surprisingly, the design was based on a French palace dating back to the reign of Louis XVI.

bedroom master bedrooms 38 37993828

The graphic black-and-white pillows and area rug make an extra bold statement in this tranquil white master bedroom. A luxurious white, pinch-pleated coverlet adds another layer of texture to the space that definitely leans toward modern. Horizontal wall stripes in black and gray add fun dimension to the design.

bedroom master bedrooms 39 17374660

Heirloom furniture anchors this master bedroom. The owner’s oversized armoire and side tables are definitely the stars of this room. When it came to dressing the bed, she started with solid linens to coordinate with the upholstered headboard. The subtle print of duvet cover fabric was the perfect choice to round out the buttery yellow space.

bedroom master bedrooms 40 37993819

A serene color scheme of white and black sets a restful mood in this urban loft bedroom. The paneled headboard picks up the geometry of the floor tiles. Base lighting surrounds the platform bed and integrated nightstands, eliminating the need for lamps in this master suite.

bedroom master bedrooms 41 1346188

Rich colors and plush carpet underfoot make this master bedroom the ideal place to get away and live in the lap of luxury. The bed and sofa are positioned to take advantage of an amazing mountain view just beyond a pair of French doors.

bedroom master bedrooms 42 253936117

The juxtaposition of the sleek bed against the curved, stacked stone wall gives this bedroom a rustic modern feel. The melding of the two establishes the luxe tone in the room. The space needs no pattern thanks to the organic wall texture.

bedroom master bedrooms 43 10606639

The homeowner created what he likes to call a “handsome master bedroom”. It has a distinctive gentlemanly-world traveler vibe with faded linen window panels, white walls and furniture, dark brown accents and a trio of sketches purchased while traveling through the Italian countryside. Luxury linens and a soft wool rug add to the space’s exceptional personality.

bedroom master bedrooms 44 214814698

With its tone-on-tone color scheme, white furnishings and accessories, this elegant master bedroom has a distinctly urban and masculine feel. The marble floor and headboard wall reinforce the tonal design direction. Chocolate brown bedding and an amethyst throw give the eye a place to rest in this sea of neutrals.

bedroom master bedrooms 45 272519510

The highlight of this room is the crackling fireplace and tray ceiling detail. The brilliant persimmon and white bed linens are grounded with soft neutrals throughout the bedroom. While the shocks of bright color and pattern are in direct contrast with the traditional furniture and artwork, everything works together.

bedroom master bedrooms 46 292302842

Gray and gold team up in this master suite, keeping the space restful yet current. The patterned wallpaper and curtains add a feminine touch, while the gray of the bed, bed linens and wing back chair take things in a decidedly masculine direction.

bedroom master bedrooms 47 48756067

Sumptuous fabrics in earth tones set the stage in this penthouse master suite with 180-degree views. The entire apartment is laid out to take advantage of the round building and the bedroom is no exception. The drop ceiling detail mimics the curve of the window wall. The furniture and bed are dressed in earthy velour. Plush wall-to-wall carpet continues the soft and luxurious feel.

bedroom master bedrooms 48 36642736

The master bedroom in this Tokyo penthouse is a tribute to luxury with a modern twist. The subdued space presents the perfect backdrop for urban living. Native wood and bamboo surfaces along with touches of Japanese motifs and furnishings give the room a sense of place without being too traditional.

bedroom master bedrooms 49 5551711

This light-drenched master suite with its iron canopied bed, comfy seating area and thoughtful accessories make the space a true retreat. A built-in bookcase, luxurious bed linens and mocha-latte color scheme are a deliberate reference to the homeowner’s love of coffee and literature.

bedroom master bedrooms 50 158734436

Keeping most everything white and beige gives this master bedroom a simple, versatile feel. Placing artwork in the lighted niche above the bed provides additional interest and creates a focal point in this clean, minimal bedroom.

bedroom master bedrooms 51 153408647

The master bedroom wing of this New Zealand home has an expansive balcony, massive walk-in closet, a shower that opens onto a Zen garden and a private yoga studio. The furnishings were kept deliberately modest. The designer didn’t want to compete with the breathtaking water view.

bedroom master bedrooms 52 52970614

The designer of this master bedroom relied on a gender-neutral palette of natural wood tones, deep brown and crisp whites. He grounded the space with a California king bed dressed in white with espresso accents. Mid century modern side tables and lamps further the androgynous direction of the space.

bedroom master bedrooms 53 198584417

Gold accents are echoed throughout this master bedroom by way of the Greek key pillow shams, bedside pendants and accent pieces. Even the bands of indirect ceiling lighting pick up the gold color. The white palette is the perfect foil for these tasteful touches of grandeur.

bedroom master bedrooms 54 5391442

Pale blue and chocolate brown are the perfect pairing for this updated Craftsman master. If you want to recreate this look, stay away from baby blue and opt for one that has hints of gray for more depth. The contemporary ceiling fixture and tufted headboard add a hip touch to the traditional space.

bedroom master bedrooms 55 9006352

This is the best Napa has to offer. A well-appointed master bedroom suite features a comfortable leather headboard and bedframe, reclaimed wide-plank flooring, plush bedding and indoor/outdoor living spaces to take in the rolling hills of wine country.

bedroom master bedrooms 56 157694324

The headboard in this luxury bedroom backs up to floor-to-ceiling windows providing an unobstructed panoramic view. The custom upholstered bed and frame are done in platinum leather that blends in with the silver gray oak flooring. A pair of low side tables holds matching sculptural lamps.

bedroom master bedrooms 57 5532565

An antique paneled door found in a nearby cottage inspired the designer of this master suite. He used the same type of raised panels as wainscoting around the perimeter of the room and to define the cozy, built-in window seat.

bedroom master bedrooms 58 164713880

This master bedroom is a dramatic respite from daily life. The black-and white palette looks brilliant against silver accents that emphasize geometric repetition. It is an ideal space to curl up with an old movie and imagine you’re a film noir femme fatale.