Pink was, often, the standard bathroom color for homes built or redecorated in the 1950s and 1960s. Unfortunately, as the years went by those homes were renovated and the pink bathrooms were usually the first thing to go. If your is from that era and your home has a pink bathroom, embrace its unique and vintage charms! You’ll be tickled pink.

New and Pink

This bathroom shows that pink works for new bathrooms just as well as it does for older bathrooms. The large pink tiles create visual interest on the wall when paired with the large beige tiles. Plus, the use of the pink tiles for the floor and walls creates a subtle continuity. The white shower curtain with blocks of dark pink bring in more color without being garrish.

Charming and Retro

This retro bathroom is charming and full of details. The pink subway tile is highlighted by the red tile border and the white pedestal sink lends a classic touch. The real charmer of this room is the white honeycomb tile which features black tile accents. Cute!

Pretty in Pinkn

This bathroom is certainly pretty in pink. The soft pink tiles pair nicely with the dark pink grout. The soft pink ceiling casts a pretty glow throughout the entire space. The reddish-orange tile floor is beautifully complemented by the dark pink curtains.

Wallpaper Wonder

Pink wallpaper, featuring an abstract pattern in beige, adds depth and visual interest to this bathroom. The pink floral tile beautifully separates the space between the window, mirrors and countertop. The floral stencil on the arched window lends privacy and style.

Vintage Charmer

Behold this vintage charmer which has been lovingly maintained throughout the years. The pink subway tile wall and pink patterned tile floor are gleaming as are the porcelain sinks. The real stars of the show are the original wall-mounted vanity light and glass shower doors, which feature funky flamingo stencils.

Classic Touches

This small bathroom is filled with classic charm. The pink subway tiles lend a rosy glow and the opaque glass shower door allows for light to filter in while still providing privacy. The long, deep sink is a clever solution to find a spot for the sink in a small bathroom with an awkward layout.

Blast From the Past

This bathroom is like a study in 1950s home design. The pink subway tile, floral wallpaper and frame-less mirror were popular bathroom features in the 1950s. The homeowners were wise to keep this pristine pink bathroom, it’s a decorative blast from the past.

Pink and Whiten

Check out this huge bathroom. The bathtub looks like the ideal place to take a relaxing bubble bath. The separate area for the toilet provides privacy while the large countertop and plentiful cabinet space provides tons of storage. The use of pink and white for the wallpaper, wall and floor tile ties the large space together.

Vintage Details

This vintage bathroom looks like it hasn’t been updated in decades. The pink walls, cabinet, and tub feature chrome borders and the medicine cabinet looks like a historical artifact. Check out another design feature that hasn’t been used in years, the chrome shower curtain holder which stands independent of the bathtub.

Subtle Touches of Pinkn

This modern bathroom knows how to use the classic color pink but in a new and fresh way. The soft pink walls cast a warm glow in this large space and act as a soft counterpart to the dark green marble countertop.

Dark Bronze Accentsn

Dark bronze accents really pop in this large bathroom. The dark bronze fixtures complement the soft pink tiles and the lime green flower vase adds a much needed pop of color. The dark orange tile floor balances out the space.

Pink and Blackn

This bathroom shows how to use another classic color combination: pink and black. The white grout perfectly frames the pink subway tile and ties in with the white fixtures. The thick white border and white ceiling make the room feel tall and spacious. The black tile floor lends a timeless appeal.

Sweet Confection

This cotton candy-pink bathroom is ideal for a girl of any age. Little pops of color, found on the drawer pulls, towels and artwork, complement the fun, bright stripes of the shower curtain. This bathroom is as sweet as it as colorful.

Good Use of Spacen

This bathroom may be long and narrow, but it has everything a person could need. The pink of the tiles, sink and bidet are a soft complement to the black built-in toothbrush, soap and toilet paper holders. The bathtub allows for a long soak or use the shower head attachment for a quick refreshing shower.n

Reddish Pinkn

Behold the warm glows of these reddish-pink walls. The built-in shelves, painted the same color as the walls, lends storage as well as a sense of depth. The white toilet and clawfoot tub stand out against the bold wall colors.

Pink Charmern

Large pink honeycomb floor tiles with white accent tiles make this a bathroom a real charmer. The touches of white, found in the fixtures, window frame and built-in cabinet, look crisp and clean against the the classic pink tiles. The gold-framed mirror is eye-catching.