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So I found that puzzle ottoman in that other article and started on a trail looking at options for puzzle designs. It’s a great theme idea because it can grow easily with your child and the pieces you buy can work with any other theme your child might want later. It’s a bit of a low-risk investment as far as themes go. The biggest challenge here is trying to come up with a color scheme you like that works with the pieces you find.

First thing I found was this puzzle quilt set over at Linens ‘N Things. I’m actually a smidge surprised that it’s the only puzzle piece bedding I could find. But that’s also the first thing you’re likely to want to change out in a bedroom makeover, so maybe you don’t want to start with that. Maybe this Kidkraft puzzle book shelf would be a better place for you to start. I found it for under $90 at Amazon and the primary colors would go great with a lot of children’s themes. Bonus is that it’s made of wood, so you could sand it down and paint it in different colors as needed.

Out of the tons of puzzle decor pieces I found, there are two I want to show you, mostly because they are good investment pieces due to their color schemes. Well, and they’re just really cool. The first is a puzzle piece wall clock over at Amazon. With all those bright colors, it’s sure to work with any color scheme you use and it just looks really fun. The other is one of lots of puzzle piece rugs I found. I picked this one from Rugs USA because it has all the basic colors you would be likely to use and it doesn’t have straight edges. It’s those kinds of details that add to the wow factor in any room.

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