Red is the color of passion and glamour. Some might say a little goes a long way when using red in the bedroom, but we say bring it on! While red is a bold choice for a space used primarily for rest and rejuvenation, it is also the color of romance—so what better place to use red than the boudoir?

The color red can also be intense and emotional. It is known to increase energy levels and elevate blood pressure. For those very reasons, designers often shy away from using it on large expanses of walls. Don’t let that stop you, though. If red is your favorite color, there are ways to incorporate big doses of it without overdoing.

We think red a fabulous addition to a bedroom if your existing color scheme is predominately neutral or features colors that complement red tones. While using red as your main color is a fantastic idea, it takes a little finesse to make it work. Lucky for you, we have a gallery beautiful images to share that illustrate the right way to do red in the bedroom!

Rich and Exotic

bedroom red bedrooms 01 150261833
Red doesn’t necessarily have to be bright and modern. Different shades can be used with a variety of styles, making it much more versatile than you might realize. The rich red and purple hues in this exotic bedroom really stand out against the neutral walls and flooring.

Above It All

bedroom red bedrooms 02 53121022
If floor-to-ceiling red sounds like design overkill, try using large-scale red accents that don’t overpower a space but still add excitement. Here, the red bedding makes perfect sense when paired with the red ceiling detail. Not too much–just enough color.

Love to the Rescue

bedroom red bedrooms 03 377522104
Instead of just painting the headboard wall red, the owner of this Manhattan apartment played up the expansive space by hanging red wallpaper featuring black pinstripe detailing. The white upholstered bed, flooring and bedside table take some of the intense heat off the massive pop of crimson.

Classic Details

bedroom red bedrooms 04 4615729
When taking on a shade like red in the bedroom, the key is to neutralize it by bringing in classic white accents. The white pintuck comforter and bedside lamps offset the stimulating shade, creating a cozy and restful retreat.

Drama Well Played

bedroom red bedrooms 05 72479845
A red bedroom accent wall makes a dramatic visual statement in a sleek, modern space. A great way to add sophistication to a red bedroom is to incorporate touches of black and grey. A dark color is the perfect foil for energetic red.

Warm Wood Tones

bedroom red bedrooms 06 100910
In this red guest room, the owner opted for wood furniture to give the space a timeless feel. Warm wood tones play nicely with red as well as the blue-gray walls. Dark wood adds to the rich color palette where lighter wood tones would just wash out.

Pops of Red

bedroom red bedrooms 07 120195544
A white and light grey color palette is the height of elegance for a bedroom, but sometimes you just need to shake things up. Red is the perfect addition to give a subdued space a sense of fun. This bold pop of red in the bedding creates and instant focal point and really wakes up the room.

Perfect Pairing

bedroom red bedrooms 08 165453629
To give a red bedroom a modern vibe, choose black furniture and accents. The combination of red and black is sophisticated yet playful at the same time. The pairing takes us back to the 1980s—a decade that’s becoming extremely popular in the design world.

Stately Room

bedroom red bedrooms 09 68199316
One designer trick is to use intense color to highlight interesting elements in a bedroom. In this stately space, the high ceiling looks even more impressive covered in red jacquard fabric. The eye-catching treatment not only coordinates with the bedding, it literally makes the room.

Animal Magnetism

bedroom red bedrooms 10 1742654
Red is a color that can take a simple bedroom and give it a completely new personality. The zebra print bedspread against the red walls is a brilliant stroke of design in what was once a very plain-Jane space.

Tastefully Done

bedroom red bedrooms 11 266877542
Red can be one of those colors that can overwhelm a space. Often, designers take the “less is more” route when dealing with this assertive hue. In this bedroom, the red accent wall shines from behind the cabinetry and wall shelving and plays beautifully with the comforter and red accents in the room.

Wild and Crazy

bedroom red bedrooms 12 62113882
This bedroom design relies heavily on shock value. Instead of painting the walls red, the designer went for glossy red flooring and items that repeat the fire engine hue. The white walls even pick up a hint of color from the daring red floor.

Center Stage

bedroom red bedrooms 13 13313983
A luscious burgundy red was used in conjunction with sumptuous bedding and upscale elements to give this bedroom a dramatic feel. The velvet floor-to-ceiling curtains add to its theatrical appearance.

Red Gallery Wall

bedroom red bedrooms 14 13350535
Red walls work just as well in small bedrooms—maybe even better than in large spaces. In this guest room, the red wall is the perfect substitute for a headboard and is a striking backdrop for framed artwork.

Traditional Color Options

bedroom red bedrooms 15 108493154
Just like almost any other color, there are myriad shades of red from which to choose for your bedroom. If you love traditional or antique furnishings, try a number of reds before you settle. In this room, the owner went with a combination of true orange-red on the bed and deep red for accessories.

Red and White Delight

bedroom red bedrooms 16 381186004
If you have your heart set on decorating your modern bedroom with red, choose a shade that speaks to you. The cranberry chosen for the penthouse suite is sophisticated and contemporary. The space maintains its modern and bright feel with a big dose of white accents.

Down Home Feel

bedroom red bedrooms 17 269897186
This boy’s attic bedroom has a homespun, cottage feel. If you’re intimidated by red, consider a toned down version. Barn red is the perfect color for a historic home like this one. The patchwork bedding, lamp and painted furniture all feature the same shade and it works beautifully.

Colorblock Bedroom

bedroom red bedrooms 18 29461870
Bright red is ideal for a contemporary space. But if you want to incorporate other colors, considering pairing it with white, black and, in this case, deep violet. Although red is a dominant color, combining it with another strong shade results in a well-balanced look. If the two colors are similar, like red and purple—the results are stunning.

Romantic Getaway

bedroom red bedrooms 19 47914837
Everyone knows red is the color of romance. In this cozy, ultra modern bedroom, crimson red is the star of the show. To keep things from feeling too dark and closed in, the space features white walls and plenty of light.

Child’s Play

bedroom red bedrooms 20 23760647
Ideal for sleepovers or when the grandchildren come for a visit, this kid’s bedroom is fun and whimsical with its bunk beds and bold red bedding and curtains. The color scheme is a bright and cheerful alternative to traditional primary colors.