While a red and black bedroom might sound like a Gothic nightmare, there are so many wonderful incarnations of this bold color combination that you’ll fall in love with this dreamy duo just like we did! Put red and black together and it could create a totally contemporary bedroom for a teen. On the other hand, pair a black toile print with pops of red, and you have the makings of a romantic boudoir.

Red and black are both powerful colors, so using them in a bedroom can be a challenge. Large doses of black can come across of imposing and depressing. Using dynamic red with a heavy hand can defeat the purpose of a restful room. When taken in smaller doses as secondary or accent colors, red and black can add a sense of sophistication and drama to your sleeping quarters.

Your bedroom is a space where you spend a great deal of time. It is your sanctuary and the colors you choose should be a reflection of your personality. If you are looking for a color scheme that is slightly out of the ordinary and a bit on the mysterious side, consider red and black as the perfect antidote for a neutral, bland bedroom. So, if you’re smitten with the pairing of these two colors, you are in for a real treat. We have a veritable smorgasbord of black and red bedrooms to tickle your fancy!

This quirky bedroom flaunts convention and takes lots of design risks. These homeowners embraced the red and black color scheme wholeheartedly by painting one entire wall red and another black. The extreme wall colors are tempered by bright natural light streaming in through the wall of windows. What could have been an unfortunate design choice turned into a brilliantly beautiful focal point.

Here’s how to experiment with red and black in the bedroom. Weave red elements into a space with white walls and furniture. Add red touches via decorative accessories, pillows and pieces of bedding. Ground the black accents in the room by installing a gray carpet—it will physically warm up the space and provide another layer of color and texture.

Create a red and black look that is sleek and dramatic with a high-impact ceiling effect and sculptural lighting. In this bedroom, the designer went with an edgy Asian feel incorporating natural elements along with punches of red and black. The soft wall color and white sheepskin area rug provide a neutral setting for the graphic elements.

The combination red and black modular furniture adds visual interest and energy to this bedroom. If you can’t find pieces in these colors, check out discount and thrift stores as well as yard sales to create your own red and black furniture. A light sanding and spray paint will give you a similar look for less.

How do you create a red and black environment if you are starting with a black and white bedroom? It’s easy! Black and white are considered neutral colors and are readily accepting of red. Use as little or as much red as you can handle—just remember it’s a bold color that can energize a room. Using red and black with white keeps things light and casual.

A red wall definitely makes a statement and immediately catches the eye. Its warmth enhances the bedroom, but its liveliness probably needs a little toning down if you are after a good night’s sleep. Bring in a black bed and accent chair and neutral flooring to counteract the vivid hue.

How do you choose decorative accent pillows for a red and black bedroom? There are a couple different schools of thought. It’s kind of like, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” You can start with red and black throw pillows like these and let them serve as design inspiration for the rest of the room. Or, you can leave the pillows until last using the other elements of the room as inspiration.

Pairing red and black together will give you optimum visual contrast in a bedroom. Red lamps perched on black nightstands or red pillows nestled on an all-black bed will appear much more vivid. Off white walls and natural wood flooring keep the room from feeling too weighed down,

Black paint can be just the right addition to a bedroom—even for a teenager. Follow the lead of this homeowner and use chalkboard paint on the upper half of the wall. The black wall, when combined with red and white graphic prints, furniture and fun accessories, gives the room a bright and modern look.

A mix of graphic patterns with a simple red and black palette gives this traditional space an updated edge. The headboard screen and artwork impart a bit of Asian flair to a simple cottage bedroom.

Although we hear this a lot in interior design speak, it’s really the case as far as this color combination is concerned. Red really pops when used with black! To reinforce this color scheme in the bedroom, look for a combination of red and black solids and patterns on soft goods like area rugs, curtains and pillows.

When decorating a child’s bedroom with red and black, take them with you when you go shopping so they can participate in the design process. Though you may not realize it, even young ones have a developing sense of style. They don’t need to be in on the furniture choices, but giving them a say in bedding will make everyone happy.

This bedroom is a very loose yet effective interpretation of the red and black color palette. The simple and sleek furniture is actually in a dark chocolate finish rather than black and the only red in the space is the artwork above the headboard.

In a richly-hued room like this one, you can actually get a “cooling” effect from black. The deep red walls in this bedroom are extremely spicy—something was needed to turn down the heat. The designer chose a black headboard and bed frame, black vertical wall stripes and hints of black in the bedding to tame the red.

As with color, you can experiment with different fabrics to play up your red and black bedroom. Here we’ve combined a sumptuous ink black velour headboard and duvet cover with luminous red quilted pillows in Shantung silk. The two textural fabrics complement each other just as the red complements the black.

Bring a timeless look to your red and black bedroom with a classic menswear twist. The charcoal gray flannel upholstered headboard is reminiscent of a business suit. The ivory cashmere blanket could be interpreted as a sweater vest. White cotton bedding is the Oxford shirt and the red bedside vases represent a dapper bowtie. The look is crisp, sophisticated and refined.

Decorating with a strong pattern can be tricky in a red and black bedroom because it can be too distracting. Stick with an uncomplicated comforter pattern like this tree branch design and keep the other fabrics solid.

The combination of red and black works well as an accent or can be used as an overall design theme of a bedroom. This open and airy modern bedroom is very relaxing, but has graphic impact that draws you in. The striped headboard effect and black-and-white photography adds excitement without overpowering the space.

In this red and black bedroom, the designer maintains her clients’ request for privacy with a combination of gorgeous silk curtains and dove gray sheers. The white walls and dark espresso accents add sharp contrast. The look is elegant, clean and unfussy.

This fresh, feminine contemporary bedroom has been achieved by using red and black to their best advantage. The red bedding takes precedence over everything else in the space. The painted wall niches are an unusual touch that emphasizes the flirty color scheme.

Red and black is a modern, stylish and sophisticated color combination when offset with gray of silver. In this guest bedroom, the upholstered gray wall behind the beds and the semi-gloss black walls create a space that feels very hip and futuristic.

Don’t forget to consider your flooring choices when designing a red and black bedroom. If you have pets or kids you might opt for a darker gray carpet to conceal dirt and stains—it also creates a pleasing background for red and black. If your floors are hard surface tile or wood, soften the look with an area rug in a bold red and black geometric that ties in with the other room elements.

Please the winter sports enthusiast in the family with a rustic bedroom decked out in a red and black color scheme. Choose cozy wool and flannel fabrics with a snowflake motif. Add other accessories that reflect a love for activities such as sledding, ice skating and snowshoeing.

A wall of bamboo shades and Shoji screen ceiling effect lend warmth and textural interest to this red and black bedroom. The space also feels as if it has elements of the California Craftsman movement, which was heavily influenced by Asian design.

Even if you have a limited budget, you can put together a chic red and black bedroom. Use existing white walls as your background. Find a thrift store headboard and spray paint it black. Dress the bed with a fluffy tone-on-tone white stripe duvet. Use plain white pillowcases instead of shams. Add pops of color with red throw pillows from a big box discounter and place an inexpensive black throw along the foot of the bed for emphasis.

This bedroom proves there are different shades of black. The black used on the feature wall is a velvety black with just a hint of red, which gives it a magical quality. Choose a paint finish with a low luster like satin or eggshell. The effect makes it the perfect backdrop for the white leather headboard.

If you don’t like the feel of bright red with black, soften the intensity by using rose or marsala instead. It is not as jarring and has more of a feminine quality than fire engine red. Scared to paint or paper the walls in red and black? Try temporary wall decals—they’re fun and when you tire of them, they come right off with no damage left behind.

In a shared child’s room it is wise to increase usable space by choosing bunk beds. These were hand-me-downs from grandma and were definitely showed their age. A coat of white paint gave them an updated look that works perfectly in the red-and-black themed bedroom.

Use white mats and black frames to highlight red wall art. This graphic punch was easy to accomplish with a trio of craft store frames, white butcher paper as matting and red construction paper as the “art” itself. The cost-effective treatment creates a striking red and black accent wall behind the bed.

For an utterly contemporary or urban vibe, go all the way with your bedroom walls in midnight black or deep charcoal gray. If you’re afraid of the dark, paint one accent wall and make the others a light gray.

Here’s a modern neutral room with colorful accents. The classic red and black bedroom palette is achieved with lacquered red nightstands and a black platform bed—they give the peaceful space a touch of joie de vivre and contemporary character.

A coat of glossy red or black paint can take an otherwise boring furniture piece to sexy new heights. This bed frame and nightstand set was originally a light oak stain. The piece was treated to a super high gloss black finish in an auto body shop. It looks incredible against the red feature wall!

Red and black is a great color combination when you want to inject personality into any space, particularly a bedroom. Here, smudged gray and black canvases in a variety of sizes obscure the headboard wall. This is a genius way to give the illusion of wall color without painting the wall itself. Two red pillows give the room a sense of drama.

To keep your red and black color scheme upbeat, pick a couple of colors to balance the intensity. Shades of white, tan or light gray work well with red. A charcoal or dark blue could be a good companion for black. Or you can mix it up for a look that’s classically casual.

A stage-like platform adds modern luxury to this red and black bedroom. The layered paint treatment on the headboard wall and accents of red and black contribute to its stylish design. Not surprisingly, this color combination is used most frequently in modern and contemporary spaces.

An upholstered headboard in gray velvet coupled with black and white patterned bed linens add elegance to this bedroom. A single red rose pillow and subtle lighting add to the romantic ambience in the space.

The intensity of a red and black bedroom can be soothed with the addition of light companion colors. In this room, white is introduced in the bedding and molding. Painting the walls a soft, butter yellow helps to quiet the “noisy” colors in the space.

This transitional bedroom gets very little natural light during the day, making white the ideal backdrop to showcase various shades of red and black. Crisp white walls create the perfect contrast for this color scheme that suits bedrooms of a single style or combination of styles.

A white room with hints of red and black is a bright and cheerful place to spend time. It is perfect for a diva of any age. Paint your walls white and keep the main furniture pieces white as well. Create movement and interest by adding in splashes of red and black through accessories, bedding and flooring.

Rock the Casbah—or at least rock your bedroom with red and black Moroccan touches. In this space, it is represented in the stylized Arabesque cutout on the headboard wall. The space feels modern with a traditional twist—however, the neutral flooring and bright red splashes take the space into edgier territory.

It is true that dark and saturated colors can cause spaces to close in, so think about room size when introducing colors like red and black. If you’re one who wouldn’t consider putting red or black on the walls, go with light gray and use punches of red and black in artwork, furniture and accessories. The large print above the headboard does the trick in this small bedroom.