The amount of planning for a baby can get overwhelming and fast. (There’s a reason What to Expect When You’re Expecting is such a big seller!)

Creating the perfect nursery is pretty high on the list, especially for those of us just looking for any excuse to decorate something. You browse through magazines, stores and catalogs looking at all the great baby gear and before you know it, you’ve got a long list that might not go with your short budget. (Trust me, diapers are way more important than cute pictures!) It’s a bit of a bubble-burster (yes, that’s a word!) to think you can’t do everything you want. But everything you want is often based on someone else’s idea of what a nursery should have and look like.

Instead, I’d propose three things to keep in mind when you’re planning for your new baby’s room. Three things that often get overlooked in all the excitement of having a baby and decorating a nursery.

  1. Remember the Adults – You’ll be spending almost as much time in the room as your infant, so don’t forget to do things that make it comfy for you. That means chairs that fit you, shelves where you can reach them and cushions you can adjust. Some of this will come to you as you start using the room, but it’s nice to think ahead and have it ready for you when baby comes home instead of trying to get it together during a time you’re getting no sleep and can’t think straight!
  2. Baby No More – Baby isn’t a baby for long. So organizing the room and purchasing furniture based on baby being a baby isn’t always a wise investment. A lot of cribs these days come convertible to a toddler bed or you can purchase a kit to make it so. But think for a toddler as much as you can when buying dressers and storage items.
  3. Small is Splendid – Babies are pretty small. And until they get to be a few months old, they don’t move much. All of which means you don’t need a lot of space to create a nursery. A closet space or hall alcove can work just fine for those first few months until baby is big enough to need space to crawl and toss toys.

Any other tips you would add for someone planning a nursery for the first time?

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