Llama, llama, llama. Not exactly sure when it happened, but suddenly, llamas are everywhere!

The trend kind of snuck up on me – something a real llama would never be able to do – and I’m finding a lot of cute renditions out there that I’ve started collecting in the catalog. Target took the route of adding llamas as a design element/accessory to a South American-flavored theme, but there are quite a few complete bedding options now that feature nothing but llamas. And possibly some cactus.

You’ll find aqua and pink the prevalent colors here, which is the only reason I’m thinking of this as a girl bedroom theme. Kind of like with horse and pony bedding, which could be general neutral but is typically designed in pink and purple.

One thing I have noticed is a slight tendency to confuse alpacas and llamas. It’s a little bit like the interchangeable use of cheetah and leopard in describing those patterns even though they’re actually quite distinctly different. Basically, if the designer is trying to make you think the llama is fluffy, it’s actually an alpaca.

Which is one reason I’m finding the trend a little baffling. Llamas are far from cute and cuddly; in fact, they bite and spit. (Apparently, they’re used to guard llamas at times. Crazy!) So you tell me. How do you feel about the llama design trend?

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