An all-white color palette seems simple enough, but keeping it from looking cold and sterile takes a bit of finesse. Mixing different shades of white, adding a few neutral elements or even pops of color, and playing with different textures livens up this monotone design.

With a bit of planning and some creativity, you can craft any style that strikes your fancy, from clean modernity to an elegant escape.

Cohesive Design Choices

bathroom white bathrooms 01 148409966
The sinks, tub, toilet, and bidet share similar shapes, lending a crisp uniformity to this large, bright white bathroom. Flecks of gray in the tile and counter add a sliver of depth to prevent the room from jarring the eye.

Balance White with Texture

bathroom white bathrooms 02 338336864
All white everywhere easily looks frigid, but the mix of textures, from the fuzzy bathmat to the subway tile, adds interest without color.

Inviting Yet Crisp

bathroom white bathrooms 03 182458853
Floor to ceiling windows play up the white palette in this space, keeping it bright and inviting. The unexpected trio of vases lend a purely decorative touch to a room that typically only features functional items.

All-White Doesn’t Have to be All Modern

bathroom white bathrooms 04 172533377
All-white bathrooms often lean toward a more modern look, but marble tilework running from the floor up to the ceiling keeps the design feeling regal and traditional.

A Vintage Look for a Small Space

bathroom white bathrooms 05 306837002
White is the perfect color choice for small spaces, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Distressed bronze hardware, furniture repurposed as a sink, and a chandelier impart a whimsical air, while cleverly placed plants give a hint of color.

Clean, Bright Lines

bathroom white bathrooms 06 107189114
A modern vanity and tub complement floor to ceiling windows and a slick, glossy tile floor to create a contemporary spin on the all-white bathroom look.

Balancing White with Beige

bathroom white bathrooms 07 221766808
Textured beige tiles running three-quarters of the way up the wall don’t interfere with the monotone palette; instead, they offer a grounding design element that makes the mostly white space feel even brighter.

Bring Balance with Flooring

bathroom white bathrooms 08 339914732
A soft, super light driftwood stain on wood flooring keeps this all-white bathroom from looking too bright, while a mix of textiles (fluttery sheers and thick, plush towels) tempers any residual crispness to create a soft-focus for a color palette that all too often reads cold.

Warming Up White

bathroom white bathrooms 09 321440855
An in-floor fire pit literally and figuratively warms up the room, while ample curved edges and decadent lace curtains keep things indulgent and welcoming.

Bringing the Outside In

bathroom white bathrooms 10 144589607
Neutral dark wood floors and a dramatic stone accent wall add texture and a Zen-like quality, while the sparing use of plants incorporate a hint of color to round out the space.

All White with a Bit of Color

bathroom white bathrooms 11 305660684
Bright white gets a creative edge with ample greenery in textured basket planters and a head-turning mosaic tile tube that appears to float in the room.

Pairing White with Taupe

bathroom white bathrooms 12 301216391
Multiple wood tones and a few pops of gray-leaning taupe blend beautifully with bright white walls, a glossy white tub, and fluffy white bath mats. Sometimes, “mostly white” fits the bill best.

Pops of Blue

bathroom white bathrooms 13 225033121
Nearly every finish in this space is glossy and white, including the cabinets. A deep blue inlay in the tile adds a pop of color that reflects off the white surfaces, adding depth to the space while still maintaining a pristine overall look.

Classic and Clean

bathroom white bathrooms 14 114431551
Throw in a very sparing amount of beige and yellow elements in an otherwise white bathroom to add a touch of warmth without actually making the room feel “colorful.”

Woodwork for Days

bathroom white bathrooms 15 13386535
Stunning custom cabinetry and crown molding add complexity, while a healthy mix of natural and artificial lighting keep areas bright where needed, like over the vanity, yet allow a few shadows to creep in for a cozy element.

Accenting with Architecture

bathroom white bathrooms 16 151683029
A wrap-around built-in vanity in a rich driftwood tone brings equilibrium to the rest of this white space beautifully. Throw in a smattering of black accents, and you have a well-rounded design scheme.

White Luxury

bathroom white bathrooms 17 27582376
A custom tub surround coordinates with elegant cabinetry and lavish marble tile work, while the massive glass shower enclosure bounces light around the room.

Stun with Natural Light

bathroom white bathrooms 18 178677734
Artificial lighting is made virtually obsolete with massive windows and a bright white color palette. Textured flooring creates a beautiful foundation for the otherwise clean lines of the space.

Feels Like Floating

bathroom white bathrooms 19 173479259
A floating vanity, modern medicine cabinet, and massive window create visual interest in an otherwise sparse space. A subtle tint to the glass tub balances the feature against the picture-like view.

A Cottage Look

bathroom white bathrooms 20 36763249
Slightly warmer shades of white pair with built-ins to make this relatively small bathroom feel at once homey and light.

Mixing Whites

bathroom white bathrooms 21 33845485
An assortment of blue- and yellow-based whites is the perfect way to achieve an all-white look without starkness. Throw in polished fixtures, frameless mirrors, and espresso shades, and you have a vibrant design that doesn’t feel cluttered.

Wood as a Neutral

bathroom white bathrooms 22 152608820
When it comes to color palettes, especially the monotone all-white, wood acts as a buffer that doesn’t challenge the shades chosen; instead, it enhances them. Here, bleached floors coordinate beautifully with the all-white bathroom, while a show-stopping warm wood surround adds vibrancy.

Adding Separation Without Busy-ness

bathroom white bathrooms 23 114311047
Crisp white and off white pair up to create a clean, simple bathroom, while the space’s architecture turns the tub into a haven perfect for long soaks.

Chic Modern

bathroom white bathrooms 24 385890151
Raw wood marries bright white and vibrant greenery to create a magazine-worthy bathroom that balances today’s aesthetic with a midcentury modern feel.

Texture Abounds

bathroom white bathrooms 25 275594438
Wood paneling, painted beams, and a neutral stone tile bring this white bathroom to life. A crystal clear shower stall maintains a straight line of sight through the space, playing up the size, while massive windows keep everything bright and cheerful.